Latvia: Hello, we are looking for the occupants …

Latvia: "Hello, we are looking for the occupants ..."
Riga. Workers celebrate the Soviet annexation of Latvia

July 1, 2012 in the Latvian capital Riga the next "cultural campaign" of local fans standards the Third Reich. In the streets of the town, which is part of the EU Member States, marched young people and the elderly activists of nationalist movements in Latvia. Marsh people, many of whom were convicted by a fascist form with distinctive attributes of German troops, was timed to coincide with the anniversary of the entry into the Nazi army in Riga. The reason for such "holiday" Latvian activist neo-Nazi movement Uldis Freimanis referred to the fact that Hitler's troops entered the Riga Russian atrocities suspended mode. Frejmanis and his comrade in the movement for the revival of the memory of the "glorious days" of Riga under the boot of the Wehrmacht Igor Shishkin, not without pleasure photo showed a smiling and satisfied residents of Riga, who met the "liberation" Hitler's army. But these deeply believed in the bright prospects of life under the "warm" wing fascism gentlemen, for some reason did not dare, to arrange a photo exhibition and other, no matter what the photo shows numerous rallies in support of the motion and the entry Latvia the Soviet Union. "Lost" Frejmanis associates show passers photo Riga Ghetto and Latvian concentration camp pictures eviction from the "liberated country" s 10-thousand people whose nationality does not fit into the framework of zeal to the standards of Nazism.

It would seem that the time has come not to give their attention to all these silly neo-Nazi marches in the Baltic cities, raise your right hand and relieved her to give up on all of these "Frejmanisa" and "shishkinsov." But if you do it at the moment, we can assume that we ourselves indulge it, so to speak, people in their irresistible desire to alter history and trample gryazyuka in historical memory.

Do not forget that now reside in Latvia still until a sufficient number of those who in the phrase "Hitler's liberation of Riga from Russian occupation" in the soul of all the bubbles. And specifically for the sake of these people, and you can not let the Latvian Nazi latest generation rewrite history by yourself comfortable shape.

But before the rewriting of history in the same Latvia hunters in bulk. Not so long ago the need for this kind of work expressed the main official Latvian historian Inesis Feldmanis. This sovereign encourages the Latvian authorities to the fact that they had a more "hard historical policy" against Russia. Say, you need more and more of these Russian slip documents about the "occupation" Latvia in 1940, and later achieved recognition of such fact and of the official Moscow. Of course, the sovereign Feddmanisa inspired the "achievements" of the neighbors, the Lithuanians, who put in the Russian Federation account for 90 billion dollars, which required to have a compensatory nature over the years Russian "occupation" of Lithuania. Plucking the historical Latvian determination Feldmanis stated that insists that, as part of a joint Russian-Latvian commission facts "occupation" of Latvia since the beginning of the 40s have been recognized, and our homeland would be on a silver, of course, laid out a lump sum platter with nine zeros in Baksova equivalent for all those years when the Russian Alliance "choked" is not developed to the extent of Latvia in their own "chains."

In general, all this with the promise of endless raising of the "occupation" Topics in Latvia has a very prosaic goal which in the common sounds like "cut the dough."

At the same account inside the Latvia is very noteworthy performances, which we can not tell. One of these beliefs is the world Latvian journalist Dainis Lemeshonoksa, which published an article, "Why we love the occupation?"

The journalist said that the Latvian authorities today are very comfortable to use "occupation" historical reasons, because they cover the fact that at the time Latvia has had no resistance at its entry into the Soviet Union. Lemeshonoks sure "innocent occupation" Latvians can now justify the Latvian authorities of those times when the occurrence took place in the country of the USSR.

Alignment is very exciting, because, in fact, endless words about the "Soviet occupiers" historically not supported by any document. In all the papers signed by top managers Latvia Since then, who behaved according to the laws of the Latvian genre — was indisputably the condition of one of the parties — with flowers, banners and grins met the news of the entry of Latvia into the Russian Union. Later, there were Hitler's troops, and met them in the same heat, with the same colors and the same parties satisfied.

Preserving the national tradition, the Latvian authorities now have met with delight those who will want striding along the areas of Riga in hobnailed boots under bravura marches. NATO has met, and not just met, but also the joy went to do joint operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, taking part in the winding up of innocent people. Boss said — we did, we're such obliging … It let some Finns are at war, defending independence, and we follow the path of historical compliancy with these accusations of "invaders."

And tomorrow, because it may take NATO will any, sorry, Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg and the Latvian historical tradition give the order to meet it with bread and salt, crying in his latex vest on NATO's already oppression. Well, let them, even if they themselves Latvian presidents with a twinkle in the eyes of the signed documents on joining the union.

Neuzh then so is this Baltic state temper — dampness in the air, the moisture in the showers, the dampness in the minds of …
Let's go back, but the words of "love of Latvians to the occupation," Dainis Lemeshonoksa. It gives a very soft-spoken example of how the sample now look to make "innocent occupational background" events of 1940. The journalist says that the Latvian authorities of those years, he reminded the lady is very lightweight behavior, which itself sat down through the open door of the car to an unknown man made use of the proposed cocktails playfully lifted up her skirt and jump into his lap, and then suddenly, with a huge hangover "unexpectedly" Statement realized that the stranger did it, "raped", and besides, this was yelling quite loudly, showing smeared lipstick and rumpled blouse.

According to Lemeshonoksa can add that this girl is not only reminiscent of the Latvian authorities to benchmark the beginning of the '40s, and the authorities of Latvia today. All the same, flirting, all the same voluptuous embrace political and intoxicating drinks, and later possible new clique of "brazen and besprintsipialnom rape" in the shadow of a waving flag of NATO.

In general, the Latvian love to provocations with the following sobs — it turns out, the historical background of the existence of the whole Baltic countries. If the independent development does not work, you need to find someone who will perform the role a
t first "big Papic," and then on this "Papic" will be and the statement where you want to roll — perhaps also "alimony" will award …

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