Lavrov discussed the situation around Syria with Arab League Secretary General

Lavrov discussed the situation around Syria with Arab League Secretary GeneralOn Monday the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov during a telephone conversation with Secretary General of the Arab League (League of Arab States) Nabil Al-Arabi again pointed out that the need to avoid trying to impose on the Syrian people deal with domestic problems. The information was located on the ministry's website in Mon

In Syria more than 10 months last anti-government protests. Russia and China had blocked another UN Security Council draft resolution on the situation in Syria, submitted by the February 4. Russian Federation often opposed outside intervention in resolving the Syrian situation.

"Foreign Minister stressed that the need to adhere to the impartial and equilibrium approaches and avoid trial Syrians impose solutions from outside the internal problems of the country," — said in a statement.

The web site says that, Al-Arabi and Lavrov discussed thoroughly the current Syrian situation.

"In talking more attention paid to finding ways to end the violence and overcome conflict with the activation potential of the UN Security Council. The two sides expressed their general outlook in favor of resuming the work of the League in Syria, and continuing efforts to promote the beginning of a dialogue ", — the report says.

On Tuesday Lavrov is scheduled to visit Misha Fradkov, the head of the Russian intelligence services outside of Damascus.

In late 2011, Russia in the UN Security Council had before it a draft resolution, which reflected the basic principles of merit in the world Syria, namely the call for the opposition and the government to engage in dialogue and to renounce violence, and the inadmissibility of military interference in Syrian internal affairs from the outside.

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