Legends and legends around the Russian atomic bomb

Legends and myths about the Soviet atomic bomb65 years ago July 24, 1945, during the Potsdam Conference between U.S. President Harry Truman and Joseph Stalin's favorite Russian held laconic conversation, which cost the lives of 400 tyscham Japanese. In general, it may be that only one of the legends in the abundance proliferated around the Soviet atomic project

"Mr. generalissimo — the president said then. — I wanted to say to you that we have made a new weapon of unusual destructive force … "uttered — and stood waiting for the reaction of Stalin. Reaction, and it is particularly struck by Truman, was not followed. No! Russian Chief politely nodded and left the courtroom-track.

Nuclear espionage

President U.S. first loaf that Stalin did not realize exactly what he uttered — says Stanislav Pestov, writer, historian of science. — It was also different. On Advances in the development of the U.S. atomic bomb (and we are in communication 2-favorites was specific about it) Stalin was aware of no worse than Truman. Physicist Klaus Fuchs, he offered his services to Russian intelligence, said in advance of the date and test and clear type of bomb — plutonium. This man, apart from the fact that our country has promoted healthy, there was only a professional scientist. In the "Manhattan Project", for example, he solved a very important task — how to ensure symmetrical compression of a plutonium core surrounded by blast it with a conventional explosive. Russian Scout Fuchs found this method.

In general, over the "borrowing" secrets "Manhattan Project" worked, for sure, the largest in the history of espionage network — over hundreds of agents only on the ground of the United States! The secrecy that accompanied the work of nuclear scientists who collected the Soviet atomic bomb on the South American drawings, only contributed to the following myth-making.

Legends and myths about the Soviet atomic bombThere are, for example, such a legend: Stalin vyznat of successful tests in New Mexico almost before Truman, and therefore could not deny to herself in pleasure slightly to make fun of President of the United States. This, of course, brute force! Exploration, of course, kept up to date Russian favorite Yankee success. But
particularly intrigued by a nuclear weapon to a certain point, he did not show. Turning point, perhaps, was the bombing of Hiroshima, but more on this later. A July 24, 1945 On the first information about the successful explosion of the world's first nuclear device was still Truman. Almost a couple of minutes to the historic conversation with Stalin, he was told: "Mr. president, telegram arrived from the States. Here is the text: "Navigator headed for the New World." This code phrase meant that the tests were successful and that the power explosion was close to the calculated value — 15-20 kilotons!

Doomed samurai

There is another tale about what happened on that day at the Potsdam Conference. Frame after talking with Truman Stalin rushed to call Kurchatov, to hasten the creation of
"Products". I believe such has never been. In 1-x, Stalin did not trust phones (including
Government Communications), especially when calling from abroad. In-2, after a number of days, he still returned to Moscow and was able to personally talk to the "father" of Russian atomic bomb.

There is another unsubstantiated myth about the events of those days. It lies in the fact that Truman's humanly hurt "zero response" Stalin in his message on nuclear tests. Then to justify "this damn Uncle Joe" (the so-called Stalin's favorites zaglazno United States and England) the seriousness of the U.S. goals, Truman authorized the atomic bombing of the Land of the Rising Sun. It turns out that beautiful composure led to Generalissimo
catastrophe of Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

Believed to have Stalin face worse, 400 thousand Japanese it still would not have helped out. The Yankees have been extremely test an atomic weapon is not a polygon, and in actual combat criteria. Japan at the time was the only candidate for the role of the victim of this experience — Germany has surrendered, and before the start of a real confrontation with the Soviet Union was still a couple of years. At first, the Americans want to bombard the ancient capital of Kyoto Japan, but prevented nepogoditsa. The first goal, so Makarov,
Hiroshima was. Tests did not stop even in the presence of the suburbs of the camp for American prisoners of war.

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