Lenin was not a moneymaker, no despot. He was an intelligent and educated man, dignified worker, dedicated his own business, which he considered fair

Lenin was not a moneymaker, no tyrant.  He was an intelligent and educated man, a great worker, devoted to his work, which he considered fairNow — the anniversary day or the birth of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin — a person, who is considered by millions of people around the world one of the most majestic of politicians past centuries.

After perestroika ceases anti-Soviet hysteria. From the minds of Russian people equally incomprehensible washed baseless fabrications about Lenin made in the 1980s around the recognizable circles with only one purpose — for the destruction of the Soviet Union.

Lenin was an intelligent, strong, versatile person in a situation and overcomplicated smogshim fit to enter into a huge game to become a serious political player and return to the crumbling, crumbling anarchy in the country — because he is aware of in those criteria.

Scientist Sergei G. Kara-Murza so evaluates the historical figure of Lenin:

"When Lenin died, Yesenin wrote:" The one who helped us out, no more. " Now we need to figure it out — not in order to understand our emotions, "like — not like", but for the sake of knowledge.

Russian revolution — the main event of the twentieth century. She — the starter of the world revolution "peasant" states that changed the world order is all. China, India, Latin America — her kids. She — the end of modernity, beyond this threshold, things did not go because it is written in the Enlightenment project. On the world stage came pre-industrial civilization is going to bypass Western capitalism. This — the civilization of farmers and ethnic groups who rejected the rule of civilian society and civilian nations.

We, our homeland, and now live in this revolution. The collapse of the Russian system in its first release — its episode now — just the beginning of this episode. If we want to survive as a people and as a country, need to know and be aware of this revolution. Lenin — its product and its creator, its theorist and designer. He — the key to the knowledge and awareness. Our failure that Lenin and his associates do not have the time to clearly outline the business and even more so to realize it, they followed the implicit knowledge.

Einstein in physics, "first found, later sought." They are, and finding there was no time. We need to reconstruct the course of their thoughts and deeds. This opportunity we have received only at the moment when snikla Russian ideology, which turned "to the utility business," Lenin in the icon, and when exhausted the anti-Soviet dark myth of Lenin. Junior to cool and certain knowledge, they rake the ruins and build on the ashes — and the main impacts is yet to come.

Here are the conditions for the reasonable judgment:

— Separate their moral assessment of the facts. Let's say you think the sacred property of the landowners on the ground, but necessary recognize that virtually all farmers (85% of the population) considered it illegal.

— The policy must be assessed in real coordinates, do not associate with the saints, and with those who at that time embodied the other projects. For Lenin, we have such a number of Kerensky (pro-Western liberals), Denikin ("white"), Savinkov (SRs), Makhno (anarchists) and Trotsky (communists cosmopolitan). Monarchists by the end of 1917 have already left the arena, even Stolypin was history. To dream of a "good king" — child's play. All burning figures "presented" their projects, people have tried them on a tooth, but not studied in the offices. Deny Lenin? Tell me, who would you be and why.

— No need to dig into the details. It is necessary to compare the two main projects, the two vectors of the Russian Federation were asking different (and divergent!) Civilization path. One project meant to build in Russia a Western-style country with a market economy. It embodied the first Kerensky and later Denikin and Kolchak. This February, the "white". Another project — a Russian, he embodied Lenin. It — October, "red".

These projects Our homeland is not compared in theory, not from books, but from experience. From February to October 1917 — the criteria for the peaceful coexistence of the Provisional Government and the Soviets. Kerensky lost outright. Under pressure and with the participation of the West Block of the Cadets and the Social Revolutionaries tried to regain power by the military, the comparison of projects going on in the form of civilian war. It is followed by the whole of our homeland, and military competition white also lost outright.

It is necessary to listen to the views Protz, for which, as a people, this choice was a matter of life and death. Quite principal, which project we now enjoy more. In principle, not now, then.

About values we do not agree, no one is hungry fed. Even if at this point wanted to live differently in the market, to spit in the past unwise if we are to get on the same land.

On Lenin's personality should not be read. Behind him is not seen vices that will clarify his thoughts and deeds. He was not covetous, nor despot. He was an intelligent and educated man, dignified worker, dedicated his own business, which he considered fair. Many now consider it unfair deal. Let it be so. But Lenin did his job professionally, with great success — so let's take it in this particular example.

Lenin came into the world elite of the Social Democrats, in the "politburo" second party in the two-party system of the coming world government. He brilliantly performed the last testament of Marx — mentally defeated populists with their doctrine of revolution, "not according to Marx," and of "non-capitalist road." But by understanding the meaning of the Revolution of 1905, Lenin made a specific shift in both planes split of — he rose to the ranks of the common people against the estate of the elite and the camp of the native soil against Westerners. For some it is hated, and others — to love. As for the character, then Sergei Yesenin, a poet is not acquired, about Lenin wrote: "Slightly stiff and gently sweet." And in another place: "A shy, normal and sweet, He's like a sphinx in front of me."

At some time in Russia began to believe Volkogonov more than Yesenin, but it takes time. Means we will talk about the cases. It is necessary to listen to the media of artistic feeling. There were those who could not tolerate Lenin as Bunin. There were those who accepted it as a deliverance — Block, Yesenin, Sholokhov. It is necessary to think about the motives of those and others.

And who considers himself a Westerner, let him read Lenin's contemporaries who followed his personal project — Bertrand Russell and Gandhi, Gramsci and Keynes. In the 20s Keynes worked in Moscow and said that our homeland was then the main laboratory of life. She is like no one was near and to the ground and the sky. And Lenin "put together that in mind Europeans have long placed in different corners of the soul — religion and business." In the sense that joined the purely earthly tasks with the highest standards.

All of this — the lesson of history, his need to master regardless of the current position of each. But this is the first approximation. We need to realize that after all such a valuable Lenin did, for which he was respected by many worthy and intelligent people in t
he world and loved the majority of the people of. And he did not, because of what the anti-Soviet forces in 70 years won the day. Talking tough. Segodnyaschy Leninist campaign negligent and caused great harm to all. It was not a reasonable criticism, and all the complex prepyadstviya so belittled that we have lost the habit to ask questions even to discover.

Recall the situation. Since the late nineteenth century, the Russian Federation had to immediately catch up with capitalism and get away from it. She is very opened to the West, and he lusted not and could not "accept" it. In Russia formed a peripheral capitalism, and it was a "historical trap" — the depletion of the loss of their own civilizational identity. There are sinful circles who could not break — even reasonable measures of the government exacerbated the situation. Revolution loomed as a way out through the disaster. There have been several projects, all of them have tried our homeland: Stolypin, the Liberals, the Social Revolutionaries, the Social Democrats and the Bolsheviks. Each project is reflected in the other, enriching the knowledge of any trouble. Lenin was a good project. This choice is nurtured all people, all the opponents and enemies. In this jerk was made many discoveries of universal values. Now our society is spiritually sick — elite born stately affairs planetary scale, these cases of their own people trying to belittle and insult.

The database project was a Russian peasant communal communism ("Tolstoy — the mirror of the Russian Revolution"). Marx believed his obscurantist, he proceeded from the fact that the peasantry should disappear, creating a rural bourgeoisie and the proletariat. In this Stolypin believed and with the Cadets, first by Lenin. His feat is that he has overcome the pressure of Marxism, for all these reasons it found that the prophet was not a rogue, what much, and the leader of the masses.

Aspirations of the Russian peasants and workers, Lenin gave tongue, clothed them in a strong theory. Reversal of the crisis do not come out and joined the community Communism Leninism with the standards of the Enlightenment, which allowed the Russian Federation does not close in the community, and to make industry and science — bypassing the cauldron of capitalism. It was a pioneering project, and he realized — for a whole historical period. And the victory, and the Cosmos, and the one in store cultural strength on which we are living through today's crisis — the results of the project. Lenin — the thinker, the designer of the future and a virtuoso politician. Every plan he has anything to learn, he was the creator, engineer, master.

He created a strong mental constructions and therefore was free from doctrinaire. He took the key, powerful processes and phenomena, weighed their true weights. By analyzing the models in mind, he promptly "lost" a huge number of possible situations that could accurately find the brink of a possible and acceptable. He did not fall in love with their ideas and bringing reality to scan to find all the sheltered resources. Because major decisions and Lenin were not trivial at first provoked the resistance of the party top, but found support from below.

Lenin knew how to work with uncertainty, dissected it, weighed the risk. In the methodology of science are the works of Lenin as a canon of scientific texts from which banished all "idols". A glance at the text of today's politicians, starting with Gorbachev in their swarming all "idols" — a market square and the theater. Our national misfortune that have become unbearable even so much Lenin-Politics, as Lenin mindset and worldview. This type of thinking we need a highly, but if spilled around hate, it appears.

Visions of Lenin realized with high accuracy (in contrast to Marx). Reading his work materials, you come to the conclusion that it is not in a particularly strong intuition, but in the way of work and the type of mental models. It is thought in terms of the formation of post-classical science, beheld the society as a non-equilibrium system, the transitions "order-chaos", was keenly aware of the threshold phenomena and cooperative effects. On the basis of a realistic assessment of the dynamics of the real, he is "designed" in the future, and moments of acute impermanence pushing action at the right corridor. In mastering these mental arsenal while he was ahead almost a century. In this respect, Stalin was his student.

Lenin put forward and developed dozens of part of the basic concepts, which sets the strategy of the Russian Revolution and the first step of construction, and the world national liberation movement and the left. Here we note only that Russian history has left in the shadows.

1. Lenin headed for "the rights of Russian self-determination" in the revolution, in other words on the autonomy of the fundamental dogmas of Marxism. It has provided support or neutrality of the global social democracy. He overcame civilizational dichotomy of, combining "Westerners and Slavophiles" in the Russian project. At half a century has been neutralized russophobia West.

2. Creating the Comintern, Lenin raised the problem of "incommensurability RF and the West, "the problem of mutual" translation "of these concepts of social science 2-civilizations. She remained undeveloped, but as we did not have enough in the 80-90s at least its main provisions? Well, at the moment not enough.

3. Lenin raised and, in general, successfully solved the problem of leaving the Revolution (its curb). It is even more difficult than to start a revolution. Plainclothes war was stopped abruptly, its transition to the "molecular" form would be ruined Russia. That's why Yesenin said that Lenin was "saved us." Systems thinking and a sense of the dynamics of nonlinear processes given by Lenin's political technologies.

4. Lenin proposed method of "rebuild" the Russian people after the disaster, and then re-assemble the land of "Empire" on the basis of the latest — as the USSR. This method was so basic and innovative, resulting in today's professionals Ethnology in admiration, because the experience of the twentieth century showed what power has the rebellious ethnic nationalism. What was not done to Lenin, to say no to the balance, this is the puzzles for us. Lenin foresaw (as later Stalin), that with the development of Russian society it will revive social estates ("bureaucracy") and Class claims will create a threat to the elite system. And so it happened. Any thoughts on how this can be counteracted by Lenin put forward (and Stalin). Do not push them, and to this day, and the threat of the Russian Federation from the "elite" grows.

Lenin iterative stability outlook of workers and the rationality of the public consciousness, its determinate social relations. He did not give adequate importance to the cultural crisis that had to accompany industrialization and spirited lifestyle shift the majority of the population. This crisis has wiped out one communal peasant communism, which countersigned ideological matrix Russian system. Required a change of language and logic of legitimation of social order of the USSR, but the task was not even put in a project of Lenin, it is not ready, neither the government nor the public. Because of the crisis 70-80-ies of the USSR did not survive.

After all, Lenin, allowing urgent puzzle assembly of the USSR, did not consider the processes in the public consciousness of the peoples of the Soviet Union, which contributed to the nationalization of ethnic groups. During the period of Stalinism arose with all this problem resolved extreme methods, and from the late 50's control over their development was lost. This concept for a multi-ethnic country discrepancy in the project Lenin w
as not even named, hopes were pinned on a consolidating force social relations. These tasks fell on the shoulders of the current generations. ".

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