Leonid Ivashov: Allied ties with NATO did not give us anything, apart from the direct harm security

As it became clear the U.S. administration plans to extend the act's own missile defense system. Her new elements can be deployed in the Middle East and the Pacific.

First South American missile defense system aimed against Russia and China

Of course, that South American missile defense counsels against those states that possess nuclear missile weapon. Since our home is the main rival of the United States in this matter, and China is the second place, it is easy to conclude that the first South American missile defense system aimed against Russia and China. When our politicians they say only on the development of the U.S. missile defense elements euro and ignore U.S. deployment of its own terrestrial systems (as the marine component) in other regions of the world, this indicates either a complete misunderstanding of the problems that makes this system, or some kind of conspiracy. Yankees profitable, so we clashed with Europe. As a result, they present us with the Europeans in the debate about the placement of parts of its own missile defense system in a number of European countries, which in turn leads to the burdening of Russian-European relations.

When you look at the composition of groups of anti-missile ship, you realize that they are stronger and more maneuverable than the same European elements. But apparently, this is part of a coherent game, which was manifested in the overheard conversation Medvedev and Obama. Of course, if our management were really concerned about this discrepancy, the first partner with whom necessary read on the subject, would be China. This should end in consultation, negotiation and signing of certain agreements, much less that Beijing is ready to conclude an agreement to overcome the U.S. missile defense system. Certainly, this step would be sobered by Washington, and the first of President Barack Obama and the Pentagon's management, as well as the U.S. response would have received clearance military alliance 2-missile and nuclear powers.

The negotiations on the fate of missile defense should lead not only with snow-white house, and with NATO

In addition, negotiations on the fate of the U.S. missile defense must be conducted not only with snow-white house, and with the same NATO. You need to put a condition: "If we are cooperating with you, then we have a concern about your deployment of a missile defense system, because we see it as a threat own national security." Because if NATO will develop and strengthen this danger, we will reduce the level of relations with the Alliance, right up to a complete rupture. All the more so that the allied due to NATO do not give us anything, apart from the direct harm our security. Necessary Coming to lead an active against this system, why should establish joint capacity to China to neutralize and weaken the system.

Some analysts believe that the deployment of U.S. missile defense units in the Near East explained by the fact that the move will give certain guarantees to Arab countries that are in need of a weapon of deterrence against Iran. In my opinion, it is — just a stupid excuse and preparing an attack on Iran. Again, no one has proved, including the South American intelligence that Tehran is working or how much more closer to the creation of nuclear bombs and the means of their delivery. And politicians in large offices portray what they behold the things which are not military intelligence sees. Just goes accordingly preparation of public opinion.

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