Leonid Ivashov: Eurasian alliance: prepyadstviya, prospects

The construction of such a continental civilization model will create a certain stability of the world order the twenty-first century

Now it is all to say, that excellent plans and aspirations of the majestic powers and regional entities have failed. Hope that everyone lived the first decade of this century the world's population, have been in vain. The world, as to the first and second world wars, frozen in a state of uncertainty, fear and depression.

U.S. plans were not realized in building a unipolar world. The EU has vanished hopes that the "soft" America in the face of Barack Obama will give Europe the opportunity to free themselves from the tutelage of Washington and get off at the first role in world politics. China has no more desire or even the ability to comply with the calls of Deng Xiaoping: "Hide our capabilities" and "To wait comfort case." It seems that this "event" occurs and the Celestial Empire takes the call of the United States, including in the sphere of military force. China's growing military presence in the Asia-Pacific region, China has imposed together with the Russian veto in the UN Security Council a draft resolution on Syria. In response to the South American military intervention in Pakistan is not without pressure Beijing blocked south supply route group of U.S. troops and their allies in Afghanistan. However, our home was saved by the Yankees, allowing the transit of goods through its countryside.

"It is not those that were before"

At the end of the twentieth century, Washington has maintained any illusions on the sole global governance. But now the U.S. government as the most highest rank loses all control over the global processes, and the South American elite cautiously states on how the survival of society. It is curious in such a situation to follow the evolution of the geopolitical views planner Zbigniew Brzezinski. This, he painted in the "Grand Chessboard", in other works and speeches "charm" and the inevitability of world order under the auspices of the United States. In fact, the case produced Brzezinski's geopolitical planning world under America's interests, precisely, the American elite. Let us remember his passages with respect to the Russian Federation, such as the future world order will be built on the ruins of, at the expense of the Russian Federation and against Russia. Increased attention, Mr. Brzezinski gave Eurasia, as it is an apologist for the thesis J. Mackinder: world domination can only be in the event of advantages on this continent, which is not feasible without the domination of Russia.

"America — writes Brzezinski, — an interest to preserve and strengthen the existing pluralism on the map of Eurasia, preventing the emergence of an aggressive coalition, much less the country, able to challenge." For Brzezinski, of course, that "in the medium term, said to give way to the emergence of more and more principled and strategically compatible partners that running America could assist in the development of trans-Eurasian security system." What kind of aggressive U.S. coalition and the sort of power that can throw a challenge it is, I think, is clear: Our homeland and China first.

But here is what is broadcasting the same Brzezinski, October 14, 2011 in Normandy, at the presentation of his award A. de Tocqueville: "The current United States and the Western world is totally not what they were before. The Western world at the present time is in decline due to the lack of will to unity. "

Why our home?

Regarding the will for unity as the main prerequisites decline of the West is debatable, but the decline of the U.S. and the West — it is like that. Through the words of Brzezinski says the project geopolitics of the West — not a statement of decline, but refreshed geopolitical project of the American and European elites, first of cash. The West — it is not a single entity, it is two different civilizational fact, in a state of geopolitical confrontation.

How is the formation of a Latin American civilization? Does not leaning towards an alliance with the United States. In the southern part of the South American continent is now expanding its presence China. Vorachivaetsya in our home region.

Africa is also very concerned about Washington activity of Gaddafi, who was trying to consolidate the African Alliance (AU) and the South American dollar to press the introduction of the gold dinar in terms of natural resources. After a massive speaker comes to the mainland China.

Remains constant in the geopolitics of U.S. attention to the Eurasian continent, to the Russian Federation first. Previously for world domination at the moment for the survival and conservation status of the world's dominant power. Brzezinski's own recent statements geopolitical issues majestic mystery: the rescue of the West (as it was more than once in history) impossible without the participation of Russia. And second Zbigniew lurking: the world tends to bipolar axis West — East. Characterized by the phrase: the power of the East constantly grows against the decline of the West.

And our homeland of West needs to confrontation East. Not the case in England Premier David Cameron spoke about the idea of a unified Europe — countries stretching from the Atlantic to the Urals. We can assume the statement of Vladimir Putin on the need of creation of the Eurasian Union has made us think more Washington. And of course, the East and the West is concerned that: who of them is our homeland? While the main interests of today's Russian regime, especially big business and the federal executive branch, seen in the West. But what are the prospects of Western-oriented Russian politics? My belief — it is far not the best.

It goes a little unreasonable

The West is not far away but aims as cool during the war. Read three keenly competing among themselves powers: the United States, in alliance with Britain, Canada and Mexico, the alliance of Western European countries, led by Germany (conditionally EU), the financial and patrimonial society. Dominates while controlled by monetary homes America. But already observed (not yet clear) the weakening of the British-American relationship and rapprochement with the Jewish capital of London and the State of Israel. All three "ally" has global plans: Britain does not leave a dream to return a dominant position in the world through the creation of the shadow of a global empire, the Rothschilds are already having a dominant effect on the world economy and politics, in Tel Aviv is not lost, but on the contrary — is strengthened in the faith "everlasting kingdom of Israel." In addition, the Rothschilds are hard at work in China, promoting a bunch of pounds — yuan instead of bucks.

In addition, Western society has seriously slowed down the development. And not only in the economy, and in the fields of culture, morality, science, education, etc. It is quite another is in the East. Because trying to "integrate" into society with no clear prospect of very little unreasonable.

And in the end, the classics of geopolitics and of history itself say that the insertion into an alien civilization, much less on the criteria of equality, is not realistic. Perhaps only the total absorption of a weak civilization stronger. In this case, a change in the identity of mandatory absorbed.

Perineum result

Thus, we generalize the findings of the geopolitical situation in the world today:

  • The first decade of the new century was a decade of unrealistic expectations majestic p
    owers and U.S. custody, which has not qualified for the first role;
  • China challenged the U.S. losing control of the global processes, and the elite of the United States says about the task of survival of South American society;
  • Our homeland is needed for West confrontation East;
  • with an overall weakening of the country to the forefront of the global monetary oligarchy comes to the creation of a planetary space controlled by means of a world government;
  • national country steadily losing control of their destination, the financial oligarchy, with an emphasis on private clubs, gains power in the West, and distributes it to the East;
  • reviving civilization of the East, and Western nations are beginning to struggle against money capital;
  • transnational society with tools and network management dictates the will of States and world civilizations, finintern more than two hundred years has an impact on the formation of the historical processes and holds now under his control more than 70 percent of foreign exchange resources of the world, more than 80 percent of the leading media and shadowy military and special forces , the global drug mafia, NATO, OSCE, PACE, etc.;
  • Cash oligarchy embodies the confused world order strategy, focusing on the tools, the Federal Reserve, a group of Rothschild, Rockefeller, the Vatican makes financial colonization of the world's population, covering up its rhetoric about democracy, etc., subordinating all aspects of being an integral aspect of the movement of capital and profits .

On the global map of the world are now appearing three leading geopolitical center of North America, Europe and China. Any of these centers formed his financial and economic system, and expanding the zone has a dominant influence, based on the massive forces capable of operating in at least some of the planet, the oceans, into space. Between the above centers of power is relentless struggle for control of the main areas of the world, strategic communications and global resources.

The growing confrontation

Cool war by the U.S. and world financial capital was transformed into a new kind of war — the geopolitical. Its purpose — to damage the national state system of the world and establish a new world order. The content of the recent wars are operations:

  • Information for the psychological strain of consciousness and national and cultural identity of the population;
  • financial and economic in order to undermine the economy, the organization's financial and economic crises and establish control over the economy and
  • policy of the target country;
  • provoking a dead-end path of development and degradation;
  • with the task of democratic regime change, progress to university authorities and the formation of a class of greedy, poor talent of people and the creation of a network of agents;
  • strategic military and special graduating from the destruction of the country and the establishment of full control.

The relevant features of these operations — they may be taking advantage of third countries and international organizations in the areas of other countries under the specious slogans, on behalf of the international community and domestic opposition, under a humanitarian guise. The main object of attack, usually serve as power elites, a successful substitution for which their agents peaceful means can not lure the military means.

The state of post-Soviet cultural and civilizational space indicates in what we are becoming, choosing the Western vector "development", acquiring Western "values." Look pretty Russian news reports and follow the mandatory acts of institutions in relation to the period of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union. All post-Soviet society is the complete opposite generated by centuries of cultural and historical tradition. Especially since the West (Europe and America) since the second half of the nineteenth century consistently treats Russia as an aggressive country either as an object of control, dismemberment, destruction. Other happened only a small period of years majestically Russian war. And up to now are the geopolitics of the West towards Russia has not changed either at the Grand Prix. Change strategy and strategy, but the goals are the same. And show us that sometimes the U.S. presidential candidates, Kissinger, Brzezinski, etc. What and presents daily real politics of Washington.

The pro-Western (pro-American or pro-EU), the vector of 'development' is detrimental to Eurasia. We all stop being themselves and turn into a kind of clone of alien values. And this is only the ethnographic material for other "cultural-historical types" on Danilevsky, manure and fertilizer by Spengler. In addition, both the U.S. and Europe are losing the cultural and civilizational characteristics, ethnic, religious, and national and state the reasons are replaced by economic and political geography of rationalism and universal standards of living.

Geopolitical analysis of world trends leads to the subsequent conclusions: the world is in a state of transit, but in the coming decades, a new technological breakthrough is possible (in accordance with the law of transformation of quantity into quality), which is the former global financial system and the global financial architecture to ensure fail. Means we should expect the birth of fierce battles in the modern world monetary system. Past were fixed (FRS) or born (Bretton Woods) during the first and second world wars. An important aim of the war was to undermine the cool of the monetary system of the USSR and the MCC.

So, the beginning of the twenty-first century shows the growth of the confrontation on the same geopolitical axes: east — west, north — south, but in a new capacity and a larger scale.

Prerequisites failures

Yet in the middle of the nineteenth century, an outstanding Russian scholar V. Lamanskii argued that there is actually Europe, Asia is actually, there's the Middle World — Our homeland, then was continued in Eurasia. Nineteenth century gave birth to the idea of the Russian elite pan-Slavic unity. First, the twentieth century there was a massive scientific current Eurasians (PN Savitsky, NS Troubetzkoy, GV Vernadsky, LNGumilev).

But in the CIS, we have two "unfinished" civilizational fact, one in a collapsed in 1917 the Russian empire, the other in the form of the Soviet Union. Held ethno-cultural civilization (cultural-historical type by Danilevsky) are not easy to break. Need a stern examination of historical structures, before proceeding to the formation of the latest model of civilization, including the Eurasian Union.

In our opinion, trouble civilizational project and in the first, and in the 2nd case related to the departure of a number of fundamental values fundamentally paradigms Russian-Eurasian tradition for centuries taken shape in Eurasia. Another prerequisite, perhaps, are the sample type, in this case from time to time by force, in the normal range Eurasian peoples of other cultural-historical types or "borderline" types (border countries), thus creating internal spiritual and cultural contradictions. By the way, success in the development of states and civilizations of the East is based on the fact that they kept their basic values and culture, cleverly put it on their modern technology. All nations have not preserved (or not having) own deep roots in the history of dissolved or in other civilizations.

The grand prize

Segodnyaschy situation in Eurasia very difficult: all CIS countries tend to be similar to the West, not bothering to understand the nature and prospects of Western civiliz
ation. After all, the basis of the well-being of the West is obvious and hidden, but the ruthless exploitation of other peoples before — colonization that remained on the bayonets, and at the moment — neo-colonization, based on the dollar and financial support. When it does not work — the action takes NATO.

Eurasian place now torn by more powerful players — civilizations and transnational structures. However, any economic projects, usually accompanied by not only the political demands, but first (often unobtrusive) blurring of state and the promotion of values alien. Coupled with the economic, military and political cooperation is pereidentifikatsiya peoples. Easier — fitting to fit your interests. For all the apparent global struggle for resources and terrain main area of confrontation — the spiritual and civilizational. Suppressing or scour the spiritual core of the people, the very people simply can acquire, to colonize, to kill. Or organize a "color revolution", which is the world experience. Chance of surviving, and even more to remain independent in fact is not present at the 1st post-Soviet countries, including Russia. Individual countries cease to be global and regional players, they become objects of geopolitical wars, and power elites — servants favorites, no matter how many billion were in their own pockets.

Eurasia now — the global grand prize winner or several global players if they can agree among themselves. The main object of Eurasia — Our homeland while still similar to the subject of the global game. From a geopolitical position, it is not only the center of the Eurasian continent, and the world. Six of the eight global civilizations in contact with its destination. Such a privilege is not present at one of the world civilization. There is a long historical experience of peaceful unification in the framework of the project of civilization and one of the country 2-hundreds of peoples, nations and nationalities (second only to India). While there is the CIS single scale of values and traditions that are stored in the memory of a common struggle against external enemies and with great victories, live cultural proximity, not forgotten the Russian language. Not etched in mind the experience of socialist experience, having acquired experience of capitalism in its worst form. Plus, the Eurasian space is not limited by natural resources, or land that apply to life and development.

A tasty morsel

If we talk about the scale of resources, they not only did not decrease, and may be structurally Age. Is it about the Arctic zone, where the role of the cerebral owner resources (petroleum, bio, communication) claim our homeland. But here the question arises: is it capable with its lively decreasing population swallow this "piece of the global pie"? Naturally, there is no need to share. But with whom? In the Kremlin, this issue seems to be resolved in favor of the West. And as the leading Western partner shows "Exxon mobill", in other words America.

Is such a decision from a geopolitical point of view? I believe this is a wrong move. Arctic, more precisely, its resources and communication skills intensely interested in China, India gets accustomed to them. In addition, China is deeply concerned about the prospect of hydrocarbon imports from Iran and the Near East. United States there is massive play against Beijing and the EU. Plus keep an eye under the Strait of Malacca, that in time, suspend critical movement of hydrocarbons in the Chinese economy. Order to force Celestial stared at the Russian emptying spaces and raw materials.

We get the resulting number of severe threats: the United States, Europe and Canada are ready to take away from the Russian Federation (not to recognize its claim) Arctic (then Caspian) resources, China — Siberian and Central Asian. Satisfied if similar developments Russia and the CIS? I suppose not. Is there a way out of this geo-political impasse? Yes, of course. You only need to refer to the geopolitical reason well and to reason in general.

Member of the Academy of Geopolitical problems, Ph.D. I. Ostretsov writes: "Intelligence, endowed with the qualities of the mind is capable of doing the construction, the possibility of which in terms of a purely stochastic process is actually equal to zero. Only reason, once emerged, can not be lost due to the fact that it is able to improve the shape of their own existence. So makarom completely necessary condition for the development is to improve the mental part of humanity. "

For most of the Russian Federation it is a civilizational project of restoration and transformation of nature that are not based on the nude pragmatism, and reasonable basis and geopolitical potential of the Fatherland. In the unlikely event we, our motherland will become third-Asian state (by Brzezinski) or get out of the general historical process. About our partners in the CIS and read not: their historical fate as sad.

The contours of the future

Eurasian alliance proposed by Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev and prolonged Vladimir Putin, has become a project not pragmatists from business and government, but a product of the mind and the mind of the whole Eurasian space. In our view, the contours of his might look followed properly.

Our home runs three parallel processes. First — a project of its own regeneration and development, based on the reduction of conventional moral values, the application of promising models of nation-state (sovereign) of the construction, the breakthrough technology of the future, mastering new knowledge.

The CIS in one project started in the economy (EAEC), forming a vertically integrated multinational structure in the leading industries, manufacturing and single customs space. Immediately restores common places of culture, science, education, innovation, and sports. On the basis of the CSTO is developing a single point of defense and security. A basic foundation of this project is to restore a classic for our peoples' civilization values, "as opposed to the Western" civilization of interest, benefit, profit. "

Along with the processes inside the post-Soviet space is initiated by the development of the SCO and its role in the design of India, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Mongolia. In fact, the case is the formation of the continental alliance of civilizations and states with good models from the West: the economy (large vertically integrated production, the domestic market, a private financial settlement system preferences Innovative production and research, etc.), moral values ( the meaning of life, the philosophy of man and society, moral values in cyberspace, humanistic harmonic affairs between nations), security systems (based on the principle of balance of forces, protect the interests of the state and all-Union).

In the framework of the SCO Development Russian side with the CIS offers China, India, and other interested members of the joint development of Arctic resources and the Northern Sea Route. And why not offer the role of the Arctic project in Germany? The construction of such a continental civilization model will create a certain stability of the world order the twenty-first century, will allow to avoid the recent world war, save Russia and the CIS as a distinctive Eurasian civilization.

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