Leonid Ivashov: It may well be that Syria will go the same way as with Yugoslavia

Situation in Syria is the only individual link in a longish chain of actions aimed at destabilizing the situation in the Middle East Bolshennom.

Under Obama Americans changed over its own geopolitical stratagems

During the presidency of Barack Obama Americans changed over its own geopolitical stratagems. His Republican predecessor George W. Bush embraced the foreign policy concept of the "fourth Rome" when in nepokorlivye troops entered the country to keep the situation under control in them. But Democrats, led by Obama, had concluded that the United States has neither the power nor the means in order to contain the huge contingents. Then they filed on the table "geopolitical dish", prepared by Zbigniew Brzezinski, which provides for the creation of a situation of chaos and focus on increasing the role of Islamic design groups. The confrontation inside every Muslim country between constructive and moderate Islamists and secular authorities, much less will always create tensions and hinder the development of these countries. A means there will always be a need for "aid" from the U.S. in the form of a credit stranglehold.

These states simply manage. In a situation of permanent chaos and confrontation inside of these states or our homeland nor China will be able to establish full control here. That is, the Yankees always will have the opportunity to fish in troubled waters. Syria has also tried to implement Libyan scenario, but our homeland and China have allowed the UN Security Council to adopt a resolution that Americans would be able to explain such a Makarov to bring their troops. Then there was the adjustment of the plans for the operation. U.S. staged Syria strict economic blockade and political isolation. In the end, the country launched outside mercenaries to carry out massive attacks.

While hard to say, "sag" or not Moscow

This was done in the hope that Bashar Assad will not stand the pressure and resigns himself, or else it was assumed that Syria will explode from the inside, why in the country organized a massive resonance attacks, responsibility for which rests with the management of today, that under the sauce to start an external intervention. As it was in his time in Yugoslavia, when the West orchestrated genocide against the Albanians, which Tipo took place in the Kosovo village of Rachik. And after the breakup of Yugoslavia-independent international commission to substantiate that there was nothing, and the corpses were brought to the village almost from all over Kosovo. But it was already made. Completely possible that Syria will go the same way. Unless, of course, be in time, because America itself is already "bursting at the seams."

As for Moscow's position, I still hard to say, "sag" it or not. It all depends on how and what levers compromising a pressure against the South American side of our control. I will, and that, and the other abound. This is also in line with the stratagems U.S. — under the guise of promoting democracy to bring to power certain political forces and personalities, to give them the opportunity to have stolen and commit unlawful acts against its own people. And then at the right moment to invite the right person for the audience and hint that can be asked about the investigation of his corruption. They say, "we know in which banks do you hide your billion, so choose: either you weaken the position of their own country by Syria and Iran, and at the moment will get an international scandal, the exposure, and so forth."

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