Leonid Ivashov: NATO — are predators who constantly hunt of human sacrifice

Leonid Ivashov: "NATO - are predators who always want human sacrifices"Laurent Fabius (Minister of Foreign Affairs of France. — Comm. KM.RU) should pay attention to the story. The fact that France had created together with its NATO allies with Libya — it is murder. Killed Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya … This is a predator who constantly hunt of human victims, because they have set their sights at the moment is on Syria and Iran, etc. And the fact that France does not agree with the position of the Russian Federation — is natural, as they try to establish their aggressors standards for the world's population, and those who oppose it are declared enemies. I think it's great that the French official says Russia is in fact the case, his opponent. Maybe, we have to sober up some senior government bureaucrats.

Already bursting at the seams operation to destroy the Syrian country

Unfortunately, the action plans will be developed for the operation, which conspired to Washington, and produces NATO. But what happened a few days back in Beijing, at the summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, pointed out that China and our homeland, India, and other countries of the SCO is not simply condemn and oppose vigorously. Because already bursting at the seams operation to destroy the Syrian country, and they panic beginning to find new enemies and new methods of loosening and the overthrow of the Syrian regime a measured. Again, they panic and Moscow needs firmness and determination. You need to spit in the direction of the U.S. State Department. Try us in something incriminating, sanctions threaten our companies, and we just need to spit on it and end the conversation with them.

Meanwhile, Assad is behaving because both should behave. In this he is supported by the majority of the people. There is an obvious external interference in domestic operations in Syria. I was a witness to, when Bashar Assad offered a large reform project, and the ambassadors of France and the United States rushed to the city of Homs and began to publicly urge the opposition not to make contact, do not open a discussion draft, etc.

I would after such statements limited the political and diplomatic activities with France

In June last year, I just was sitting at Bashar al-Assad. We were sitting, talking, and his report that the ambassadors France and the United States, against all international norms, the Geneva Conventions, rushed back without anyone's permission, and it was there for the public advocate, campaigning not to compromise and find stability. That's it! The obvious intervention. Here is a group of special services detained militants, and the French salting is carried with the words that the French soldiers were detained. How they got there? .. Next: at present France and Europe as a whole is isolated on the support of the opposition more millions of euros. What does this mean? It is simply intervention with a view to maintaining and developing civilian war.

Stand whether the Assad regime? I think so, if the Shanghai Cooperation Organization is currently working intensively and run across in a diplomatic offensive. No need to justify what we are doing something wrong, and necessary convene the UN Security Council to pursue the question of the violation of international peace by the United States, France and other NATO member states, that is, to force them to make excuses. Now they blame for all those who do not want war, and say that he was right, and they need to denounce and expose to the public land specifically as aggressors, as those who violate Getting tired of the United Nations. They do everything to blow up one more government and the arc impermanence gained global nature. They need to be in this incriminating.

Currently, after such statements, I would limit the political and diplomatic activities with France. Return them to "Mistral" and they let him return for this money, etc.

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