Leonid Ivashov: Obama is doing the will of the present rulers of America — money oligarchy

From a certain modicum of conviction can be said that Obama America wanted to change to the best. He wanted to make the government on behalf of the "United States" more independent of monetary dictatorship. He wanted to start a little bit of his own hand, because he has given certain promises to change the power policy, the policy of expansion of the United States. I think he sincerely lusted this, but what we litsezreem, — a continuation of George W. Bush. Here and in the continuation of the war in Afghanistan, and so on. It says that Obama is doing the will of the present rulers of America, in other words, monetary oligarchy, etc..

Acquired an advance in the form of the Nobel Peace Prize Obama is not justified

For me, quite unusual was the fact that in the context of events in North Africa in virtually all the states have been massive demonstrations under the main slogan "Down with the dictatorship of the oligarchy." I think this is serious, and it is indirect support Obama. It all started in Wisconsin, where unions, teachers, doctors have come out with a demand to raise wages. But then, the demonstrations shifted, and the slogans have changed. Interjected some powerful force, although he could be a spontaneous process.

The Obama administration suspects that it's organized labor unions and is currently preparing anti-union laws in order to diminish their role. It seems to me that behind this limited powers, who consider America the occupied state. In this case, the occupied oligarchs. They act and against the uncontrolled and illegal immigration, but is unlikely to go the teacher to organize action against the oligarchical dictatorship, the same thing — most doctor or a bureaucrat little rank. This forces harsh.

If you sum up the work of the Nobel Prize Emperor Obama, this advance which Tipo he was given for strengthening international peace, for the configuration of power politics, the United States, was not justified. It is no coincidence now demanding the return of the Nobel Prize. That's how you can evaluate the performance of Obama.

There is no "reset", of course, did not work

To "reset" the Americans have won something, but Congress is credited Obama did not deliver. Obama was obliged to make concessions to allocate an additional 10 billion-ki on the development of the strategic components of nuclear military capability. There were heated debates, and in fact the case, Obama made concessions. Why? Since that project START, which the administration has determined was the dictator of the United States and Russian negotiators have survived and catch the Yankees is that they have nowhere to retreat. They need to be in any more or less than the applicable form of the contract to sign, otherwise Obama's foreign policy in general no trump would not be.

Our delegation at the talks worked well. But at the last moment on Fri inconsistent on the exchange of telemetric data Medvedev headed for agreement with Obama. That was our assignment! And With years of success delegation, and Obama it was a defeat. Hyped process information support, but Congress gave Obama not only Republicans, and of their own congressmen.

There is no "reset", of course, did not work. South American elite pinned its hopes that Russia will deliver even more to his knees — and then you can applaud. Here breakthroughs indicated. Not marked breakthroughs in US-Chinese border. Americans tried to sign an agreement on the division of responsibilities in the world of the XXI century, but the Chinese did not go to the signing, limiting the declarative statements. China, with its own hand has shown that he is not our native land, became the legal successor of the USSR: the building of socialism and the military power of developing and expanding its impact on a significant part of the global society.

Hard to say whether Obama will win the next election. Now he loses his voice, and no new ones acquired. But we do not know who will be the Republicans, as is a powerful figure and that this figure will be offered. Will it catch the candidate of the Republican mood most of the Yankees? The question of the dictatorship of the oligarchy, for sure, could be a litmus test.

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