Leonid Ivashov: Obama needs to elections by November this year, the report of the victory in Syria

The fact that Kofi Annan has left a few weeks before the end of the official's own term in office, then the failure of his mission.

Our homeland and China, indeed, occupied a defensive position

Maybe he really wanted to move the process of external military intervention and civilian war in Syria, the track of political settlement. But now the last UN secretary-general, probably, found that the main provisions of the Charter of the international security everywhere infringed, first, the West, the Arab monarchies, and realized the futility of his own role. This, apparently, prompted him to leave. Plus, he understands that a massive attack on the Syrian regime will lead to his downfall or displacement by force, and he just does not want to participate in this not particularly good business, an armed aggression against independent state. Because in order to keep your name in the future, it does not tarnish future events, he resigned from his post early.

With the representative of white houses, who accused Annan's inaction in the care of the Russian Federation and China on the Syrian settlement, agree only in that part which relates to inactivity. Our homeland and China blocked the UN Security Council resolution, but they are permanent members of the Council were to seek the convening of the Council and in the workshops of the body to raise for consideration the question of violation of the UN Charter, namely, Fri 7 of Article 2, which prohibits any kind intervention in the internal affairs of a sovereign country. Here our homeland and China, indeed, seems to be on the defensive, silent, allowing officials to the United States and other countries claim to intervene to allocate funds for the insurgents, to supply instrument and spice CIA — coordinate the actions of insurgents.

Annan appointed the U.S. to screen

In fact, the case, in Syria there was a substitution of political protest mercenaries, rebels, including the "Al Qaeda" and other terrorist organizations. The political opposition has been shifted along the same by force. Now it does not say with whom. There are bandits who were armed. What kind of opposition, if it has its own army with languid arms, constantly fueled by ammunition and other technical equipment, etc.? So for all this, unfortunately, our homeland and China turned a blind eye.

Annan recommended the United States. They needed the screen: like, just beyond the ocean and Europe are trying to resolve the political method of armed civilian process. Annan was appointed to the screen. Under its cover, in fact the case, there was the creation of an illegal armed group. Because it served as a simulation of the negotiation process. New here did not work. In the same way it was in Yugoslavia when the output is already on the NATO operation groups have aircraft loaded with ammunition, were flying in the direction of Yugoslavia. I'm talking about the year 1999. While the Rambouillet seek out a political solution, "eight" turns as "six" and Milosevic accepts any messengers at the same time is planning military operations. And no talks and promises are not slowed down or for a day or an hour military operation. So it is here.

Critical situation in Syria

Kofi Annan has inspired hope and Syrian control, and world public opinion, and at this time the area of Turkey, Qatar and other countries were preparing militants to set up camps, preparing weapons. Process training and technical equipment took place, regardless of the activity Annan, for all sorts of arrangements and so on.

I do not know whether the new special envoy, as the situation in Syria is critical. Annan urged to end military action. Bashar al-Assad gave the order to the security forces and the armed forces to end military action, and so called "opposition", armed groups, in contrast, used a short break to prepare for the attacks, to organize their own forces and began to storm. At that time, Washington is accused only in the address of the regime. Every effort is made to keep this operation, planned and organized in Washington, DC With years of success. At the moment, has openly taken the most impudent act, since Obama needs to elections by November this year, the report of the victory, throw the overthrow of the Assad regime in the treasury of their own make it.

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