Leonid Ivashov: Revolution in Russia is inevitable

The turmoil in the Middle East is completely natural. The reason is that Arabic the world behind the global trends in the socio-political structure. Now some countries are no longer able to resist the international oligarchy and transnational society. Because they connect voedinyzhdy within ethno-cultural civilizations, as, for example, Europe, Latin America, China or India. But the Islamic world is divided, and its Arab core and much less — 21 government, which in fact does not shrouded in a single political, social and economic space. Every Arab government is using its economic model, but the overall situation is catastrophic. The total GDP of the Arab world is approximately equal to the GDP of Spain, not far the richest country in Europe. Arab countries once a year to invest in your own area of about 10-12 billion dollars. And outside, and the first in the Western countries, is derived resources for one and a half trillion dollars. In other words, Arabic the world is converted to serve the region. And if they had previously served as the West, but now also East.

Social niches are clogged. Thirty-and forty-year reign of the same people making a pyramid on top of which the coming relatives, far below them, after relatives of relatives and so on. At Gaddafi eight sons and each has its own such a pyramid. If you do not get in this clan or clan Mubarak, before you have no prospects. Add to this the backwardness in education, culture and science — for example, scientists one million the inhabitants of the Arab world three times less than in the West and the East. Because such a strategic gap asks revolutionary intervention to provide momentum for integration and the development of the Arab world.

In Russia, the situation is much more difficult. The revolution is inevitable here. It will attempt to find their future and the course of development, which will save Russia as a government, while the Russian and other indigenous peoples — as a national social formation. At today's exchange rate regime and the Russian Federation has no future. Looming tragedy — the split and disintegrate, and the Russian world from the historical arena. This specific data — now when you look even municipal statistics, the hair rise up on end. Approximately 100 million Russian, with all this zapivoh 23 million, 6 million drug addicts, AIDS patients 6000000, 4000000 prostitutes. We have the highest percentage of disadvantaged families, to a thousand marriages 640 divorces.

Revolutionary changes are simply necessary. Only God forbid, that were peaceful manner.

The fact that at the moment is in the Middle East, gives reason to read about our degradation. Yes, Mubarak, Gaddafi and others were stealing, amassing wealth for himself, but that of the global plunder, as is the RF, had no history of a 1st country. Two oligarchic clan privatizers resources and bureaucrats suck all of the people and the country. Real incomes in January compared with January last year fell by 47%. Oil rises — we have more expensive gasoline. Oil is cheaper — gasoline is still more expensive. Prices for food and rest constantly grow.

A handful of peremptory officials and oligarchs close well aware that to avoid the revolution will fail. Because hurry to suck everything and tie zabugornye own business structure. So that later, when they will begin otymat assets, to call for the protection of NATO.

Now almost all of Europe is dependent on Libyan oil. They behold the, for whom it will be a victory because Gadhafi and shall be removed from flirting with renewed vigor. All the more so as the United Kingdom, and France long years supported the Libyan opposition. At the same time, they seek out not only the ability to save, and to strengthen its position in the Middle East. RF's own Middle East geopolitical project does not exist. We behave very inconsistently — sign military agreements with Israel, to impose sanctions against Iran, to provoke the Islamic world. Medvedev says Gaddafi offender for what he was shooting at their own people. At the same time, Yeltsin fires at its own people and its own parliament, put the monuments. This all points to the prostitution of today's cynical power.

Showdown in Russia will certainly begin, with all this, they will, unfortunately, even more bitter — all the same, country multinational. In the Middle East, occupying the proper name of Arab presidents, but we have other nations. And if anti-Semitism in the Arab East is aimed at the border of the country, in the address of Israel or the United States, the Russian anti-Semitism turned inward.

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