Leonid Ivashov: Russia should attack, assault, even more so when the next — and China and India

Of praise for Russian foreign policy, control of which is the head of the country that we are finally talking the language of the Charter of the United Nations, oppose military intervention and say that the choice of power remains with the Syrian people, which is actually speaking, Putin and allocated.

Specifically, the West is the culprit of what happened with Syria and Libya

Moreover, Putin is right in saying that now is just the replacement of one government to another forcible method, and insists on what the West led by the United States, will lead to an endless escalation of war. After all, Bashar Assad's quite a lot of followers, they now make up the majority of the population. Because if now forcible method comes another force — the force of contact with the bayonets on the Bucks — in other words, a large civilian version of the war in the long term. Far not all come to terms with the advent of modern power, how much more will put up with that of forced substitution. And that Putin is right. I'll say it again: thank God, we begin to appeal to the United Nations rate, but so far in such a defensive way. For now, the Russian Federation necessary attack, assault, even more so when the next — and China and India and many countries of the world.

So Makarov, has confirmed significant external intervention, with military intervention. There is also evidence that the West and several Arab states heavily arming the rebels, collect them all over the region and send them there. Because you need for the UN Security Council to raise the question of intervention in the internal affairs of a sovereign country, to condemn it. It is necessary to promote the resolution. It is, of course, does not take place, but, nevertheless, one should try to promote it, open a discussion intervention of several Western and Arab countries particularly in internal affairs, and it is — a violation of the second article of the UN Charter. And in general is just rhetoric deployed in the direction that the West is provoking war, destroying entire countries, etc. That is, the need to carry out a good argument in this propaganda plan that specifically West is the culprit of what happened with Syria and Libya. Putin is afraid of, but he's not telling you who organize this chaos, this war on civilian clothes, and how. Who? Need a source.

At the negotiating table can take the part of the opposition, which did not invite armed intervention

When our minister of foreign affairs and president of the rumor of equal responsibility, that, that opposition and the power of the negotiating table, then I do not agree. Where the opposition has a whole army? They are as much as 30 years hiding under the pillows machines? Further information should be used, especially by our media, that currently 1.5 million people to protest in Spain. Then the question is: if you are arming the Syrian opposition, we — the Spanish arm? .. Necessary more intense offensive conduct. This is my world.

At the negotiating table can take the part of the opposition, which did not invite armed intervention, which is not in favor of armed violence that is happening in the country. There's a lot of constructive people. They need to be to isolate those who do not hand in the blood, ie, the political opposition. With them, of course, you can sit down at the negotiating table, but should be the mediators. And what must be agreed? It is necessary to agree on the process of democratization, which Hafez al-Assad was launched. Need to follow this method: please parliamentary elections, the new government, the presidential election — and decide there. But that did not want to because they know that Bashar Assad has great chances to remain president. Because they do not go for it. Need to make, that the process ran in the political and democratic channels — that and offered Assad.

The balance of Syrian society and religious society and scarecrows West

Earlier, Syria was pretty solid secular state, the government was put on the balance of political and religious forces. Look, even when Hafez Assad, and later when Bashar Assad Alawites occupy the highest positions, but after the power unit was sent to Mustafa Tlass, he is 30 years old was the minister of defense. And the Kurds were in government. One of the last of Ministers of Education — Syrian salting in Russia Hasan Richet, a great man and scholar. He — Orthodox man, his wife and the Orthodox.

The balance of Syrian society and religious society and scarecrows West. Syria is the one example where different religions coexist, different inner-flow. Because Bashar al-Assad, when the action has only just begun, offered great program from the democratization of the country. I participated in the discussion, read with the very Bashar Assad. All great offers: media law on political parties, elections … What was missing? Discuss, take. And the president is willing to go to the polls. But when he started this process, the South American and French ambassadors rushed in Homs, spitting in public, not only for being tired, and on diplomatic etiquette, began to urge the opposition not to go on any dialogue with Bashar al-Assad is not going to discuss the projects, only off! This — the South American methodology developed at the Institute of Einstein Gene Sharp. It's all spelled out. When something happens, you open the brochure and find the source.

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