Leonid Ivashov: The geopolitical situation in North Africa

The dramatic action in North Africa set for analysts and spices from geopolitics huge number of problems for careful analysis and research. Some, at first, liberal type theories, concepts and designs are suddenly fell, while others have found no complete scientific — a reasoned basis. But the actions of the Arab world is closely intertwined with the development of the world situation.

What is happening in the world today, it is hard designate a single classical phrase. Very complex and varied activities taking place, it is not are obvious prospects of the world's population, and of trends appear the vague enough in its own abundance and contradictory.

On the one hand clearly manifest themselves laws, the laws of classical geopolitics and subjects, theories and concepts which define the international situation and the history of the twentieth century. But on the other hand, there were also gained political power, the subjects of global processes that are not described traditional geopolitics. This is, first, multinational global company trying to subjugate the peoples, nations, world and local civilization and imposing public land their awareness of the world order, the meaning of life, the development goals. They unleash the specific processes of globalization in their own interests, forcing them to serve not only the people, and the nature, near space, the ocean depths, congestion and regaining the mind of the public lands. These forms the new world order for themselves, their world power, under its own interests and profits. Goal: to create a planetary space, controlled by global monetary elite.

Formula proclaimed global power: control of the main areas of the world, strategic communications, important resources of the planet. Strategy for Action — a clash of civilizations, military force, and information and psychological oppression of dissent, capacity building of absolute military advantages, financial and criminal control of the ruling elites of all countries in the world. The main tools of the new world order are the means: South American dollar, first. The situation, concomitant to the goal — the global systemic crisis, the world's chaos. Controlled by the world's media are the tools of misinformation and gone public opinion on the wrong target. Global opposition is now unfolding between 3-leading centers of power: the Western civilization — the growing power of civilizations of the East — transnational society, the most massive and the more brutal the subject of global processes. At first, the twenty-first century became clearly manifest in the laws of development of human society, predicted more of early geopolitics. Thus, the social organization is developing in the direction from ethnic groups, nations and peoples, decorated municipal limits, to ethno-cultural civilizations. A more relevant example — integrating Europe. Using the most advanced human technology, the Europeans are not without problems and challenges, form a common cultural and civilizational place — the European community. The same thing is happening in China, India and Latin America. It seems that running a similar one in the Islamic world. Immediately loses its position of head of the subject of global processes government. It is subjected to massive attack transnational monetary society, crises, defamation, including such networked societies as "Wikileaks".

The world economy is in the process of creation of huge economic zones, "tied", first, to their social organization as the main consumer and investor. In science and technology, where the tone is set by the Americans, are developing programs from the fifth technological structure, and the United States forms the platform for the sixth technological level (nanotechnology, eugenics, and other forms of life, universal analyzers, protection tool). In the United States and are made of more than 30 scientific and futuristic malls, which are collected the best brains from around the world. South Korea 43% of its gross national income contributes as an investment in Innovative projects.

But one of the problems in the implementation of these global patterns, there is the problem of the formation of the respective archetype of man. West imposed image of the man of the future, can not be projected on the human society is now emerging: the archetype of human forms, not only no similar nedavneshnih Protz on their own, but together with the instincts of the animal world, carries within it the principles of life that are contrary to the laws of nature.

Man marginal type, thoughtless, struck unnatural instincts, formed to replace a man of understanding. And, of course, there is a need in a new archetype of man, which combines in itself properties of the highest spirituality, morality, justice, known the mind, based on an awareness of the real and metaphysical worlds.

Unfortunately, now the management of nations and peoples, civilizations and historical processes of the elite come with a limited way of thinking, the lowest non-human instincts are not able not only to manage complex systems, and do not understand the meaning of this administration, not owning ways geopolitical analysis and strategic planning. But they are just pawns in the great game of global forces. They lead to an imaginary power to make the illusion of democracy, order and taking care of their own peoples. Real global power, imposing public land development vector of global processes, it becomes a network of shady mafia-like structures, such as an international financial oligarchy, the drug mafia (with a one-year drug trafficking 1 trillion. Dollars), commercial and intermediary TNC underground structures traffickers product (toddlers , confused, seized the victim of human organs), traders instrument, private military companies, a network of Masonic lodges, and so was the situation when all the world's people live in a state of excitement (and panic), do not own a certain behold the future, do not feel safe. And with all this, do not behold the (very few exceptions) the obvious enemy of its own. And all of these phenomena in terms of the peoples of the world rightly connected with the civilization of the West. European geopolitics researcher Ramon J. writes: "The colossal mess all mixed in the geopolitical balance of power after the" cold war. " Everyone looks for meaning, everyone wants to realize what was happening "(Ramona I. Geopolitics of chaos. Pere. French. M., TEIS, 2001. P. 12). Russian researchers Y. Drozdov and A. Markin in the not so long ago published the book "From the" Cold War "to" reset "(Wiley, Artstil-printing, 2010, p.78) makes the following conclusion:" The powerful transnational oligarchic clans have led to the future of the world's population, and academic circles in the West even gave him for more uveritelnosti scientific and theoretical form. "

Human and natural potentials of the above forces are not used to the benefit of the entire population of the earth, and to rule the world crazy anti-social caste people. In order to establish world domination fully used the power of America, Western Europe, finds global functions, NATO, secretly created new types of weapons of mass destruction, such as climate, psychotronic, genetic.

The spiritual side of life is equally out of the range of Western man, aggressively implemented universal global religion, where the concept of God is replaced by faith in man — a guru of "God's chosen" people, the crucifixion of Christ — the Holocaust, the Church — sects, the Bible — instruction on Scientology, the New — Age and other Catholic Church, like all Western Christianity, is experiencing a severe moral and ethical crisis. The spiritual side of life of the Western world is ra
pidly degraded. But, coupled with the fact last test specifically impose Western style of life to all people of the earth.

International organizations, and, at first, the UN artificially discredited approved for failing to solve the world's problems. And all this is happening against the background of growing social inequality on the one hand, a growing number of super-rich people, on the other — a quarter of the population of the planet lives in poverty. The gap is constantly increasing, which forms the global field of social tension.
The population of the earth, through the creation of a situation of chaos, insurmountable suffering, feelings of hopelessness that leads to the idea of the development of the single world power with a global dictatorial features. Now this shadow force claims to be the head of the subject of global historical processes. Country, and even the unions of countries oppose the shadow monster can not, and their ruling elites (because of the challenges of inadequacy and low moral and business properties) are easy prey for the global network of financial capital, criminal structures and ideology of the new world order. Countries lose subjectivity in global processes, and their role is reduced, the government is unable to maintain social justice in the society. In IV century St. Augustine argued that a government without justice, there is a gang of robbers. Continue to play a role of unions, and they become unbalanced. On the role of the head of the subject in the world politics and economy heavily pushed the global financial oligarchy, which forms a single global space means open world market, a universal system of liberal values and universal religion. In response to a similar global a challenge to the role of other actors of global processes are put forward ethno world civilizations, which have preserved the collectivist principles of life and spiritual values. Practically speaking, the process of revival of civilization, and their access to the global position of favorites, as early as 1871 wrote our outstanding geopolitics NY Danilevsky. Specifically, the civilization of education will be the base of geopolitical systems of this century. Now, as before, is read by the opposition 2-civilizational global projects — the West and the East. With all this wind project, named alongside professionals in the Global criminal project contains a number of personal projects at the global level: the Anglo-Saxon (Protestant), Roman-Germanic (Catholic), financial-Zionist (Jewish). With all of this Western civilization, both of the matrix, the Romano-Germanic and Anglo-Saxon affected liberalism, mercantilism, and in a state of intense competition is likely to lose by mid-century leading position in the global processes. Parasite on the body of the world's population global financial oligarchy (third matrix, line up "Eternal Kingdom of Israel") also weaken along with the Bucks and the West. Will dominate the East, which has preserved its cultural and civilizational traditions, current energy and historical perspective. In the eastern part of the project already designated: China, as a favorite political economy, India is the most powerful traditional and spiritual potential of the future. As the trend can be noted revival of the old civilization began in Latin America in symbiosis with the protest Catholicism. The World of Islam, preserving their tradition and religion, could not connect them to the needs of modernization of the economy and social life.

What we see now in the Middle East, there is just a manifestation of global processes and trends. Arabic the world was in the midst of a global clash of the leading global forces in a battle which formed the geopolitical structure of the twenty-first century.

What is today's Arabic world? First, it is the historic core of Islamic civilization, which owns also the world's largest supplies of hydrocarbons, without which in the coming century any economy in the world is waiting for a tragedy, and the countries and peoples — a variant of Afghanistan. Nuclear power, especially after the Japanese disaster is unlikely to receive a massive development. Well proven supplies of uranium -235, which operate nuclear power plants on the planet is not left with very many to talk about the broad prospects of nuclear energy and uranium — 238 for these purposes is not mastered. Variations on the theme of "new types of energy sources" until just wonderful tale. In fact, the case, the Arabs kept in his pocket the keys to the economy of the XXI century, but realize this potential can not: they do not have their own pan-Arab project, and the imperative of the elite do not serve the public interest, in addition, the region has no catchy political leader of any as a municipal leader, either in the face of the country. Opponents of the Arabs — the United States and international of money — these are. So Arabic world — very nice "object" for the global money elite, builds and implements (so far successfully) global projects global monetary hegemony. These projects prochityvetsya concept: who is in control of the world's supplies of oil and gas that holds the key to peace. To implement the project the financial oligarchy has at its disposal under the name of the U.S. government, NATO, the 14 thousand banks, 16 global financial centers and a network of global media and special structures, the archetype of man, the meaning of life which are the means and power. For the calculation of these performers global projects, the customer has a machine that prints money, with very fake, because the owners of the printing press (U.S. Federal Reserve) does not accept any liability for their products. But those who come true global counterfeiters products in the form of dollar (first the U.S. government, Middle Eastern regimes), meet the real assets, their total submission and implementation of policies in the interests of their own money "sponsor." Because, no matter what promised Mr. Obama to the voters, it will do what he would order the Federal Reserve and K. The political regimes in the Arab States instituted this system as an object — the donor. The Arab world realizes the hydrocarbons zabugornom countries for dollars, and then these same bucks invested in the western (South American) economy.

On the other hand, the Arab East does not fit into the world of the twenty-first century, the century of global ethno-cultural civilizations. Yet, specifically they, not the country, throw a challenge (not yet weak) transnational society, the government "money bags". The core of the Arab Islamic world strategically lags behind all the other civilizations in their own development. Hurry, do not develop, but degraded. How, by the way, and our homeland. Over the past two decades, most of the Arab states is seriously lagging behind not only from the Western states, and the eastern. In-1's, in the Islamic world is not read by the tendency to association in the geopolitical ethno-cultural education (Islamic civilization) and socio-political design (caliphate). In-2, a long stay in power of certain clans, whether in the form of selected presidents or kings inherited, preserves all the important social niches for its people and deprives the public of growth prospects and development of a large part of the population. B-3, charged by the power and real sverhobogaschenie conquer clans are not interested in financing the development of education, culture, science, industry, concentrating efforts on maintaining only the minimum social baskets and police regime to suppress dissent (Russian oligarchy imperative, it seems, copies Middle Eastern version). Fourth, the ruling class for safety and hiding from the people of personal wealth brings them out of the country to the West, in turn, becomes a Western intelligence services under the control of the same currency and oligarchy must play by its rules, as part of her own projects. Again
the same, just like in Russia.

Because of the above mentioned circumstances GDP nearly 21 Arab countries exceeds the GDP of Spain, vnutriarabskie investment from oil and gas account for 10 to 15 billion. dollars a year, the yearly capital flight from the states of the Arab League is in the 10's a huge amount of time. The number of scientists per 1 million. people., in the Arab world is 3 times lower than in the West and the East. 40% of young people old 12 — 17 years do not attend schkolu. The unemployment rate among young people is the same as in our North Caucasus. The conclusion forced upon specific: Arab East had to be undermined in search of its future.

By way of conclusion we can say: the origins of what is happening in North Africa are rooted in the political situation in the Arab world. Another thing, who contributed to the freezing of Arabistan. After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the defeat of Iraq, virtually all modes (except Syria and Libya) have become westernized, most of them — U.S. allies. Their dead end supports and encourages the development of Western society. To say that the intelligence services of the West blinked a revolutionary situation in the Middle East, do not dare. This is only in modern RF razvedstruktury destroyed "as unnecessary." In the United States, Britain, China, and of all countries of the world, intelligence is enhanced, evolving with each passing year. Western intelligence services, enhanced predictive research centers (only in the United States of more than 10), of course, counted all the possible options. Could be mistaken only in the terms and details. And once knew, and is getting ready. Let me give a couple of examples for clarity. In Washington, under the auspices of the Vice — President of the United States every year, a series of workshops with the young "revolutionaries" of countries where America is preparing a "color revolution". Since 2008, noted verbovanie youth from 6 Arab States (most were members of the 17 states). Around this time vebu and in print in Arabic in the Middle East has spread Manuals J. Sharpe, Manager Institute. A. Einstein, "From Dictatorship to Democracy." This brochure provides 198 tips to overthrow regimes peacefully. When the action started in Egypt, I looked into it and saw the surprise, as there are clear opposition: only one slogan at all, it teaches Sharpe Mubarak, leave. Of course, not everyone can predict. The Egyptians did not take the South American home preparation in the face of the Nobel Prize M. El Baradei. Therefore had to resort to the old reception and transfer power priklnnym U.S. military.

But to claim that everything goes to South American scenario, I do not presume. Moreover, there are signs of rise of anti-Americanism in the Arab world, as among the "revolutionaries", and in the camp of the ruling regimes, which in the example of Ben Ali (Tunisia) and Hosni Mubarak (Egypt), make sure that South American allies immediately pass them, and accounts and assets assigned. It is not the case, the leaders of PAH support sanctions against Libya, now oppose military aggression United States and NATO. The reason, of course, is not that the favorite Arab suddenly intently read the article. 2, Section 7. Of the UN Charter, which clearly spelled out: "This wearied in no way prevents the UN to intervene in matters which are essentially within the domestic jurisdiction of any state though." The frightened people's protest Arab favorites suddenly felt that with the first NATO "tomahawks" the vast majority of Arabs are in solidarity with the Libyan administration, stigmatized the Yankees and their accomplices, stoned the UN Secretary General, declared their readiness to support Libya in its struggle with the West. In the pro-Western Arab control more feasibly shook the thrones and presidential suite. That began to work backwards.

About Libya special conversation. Rich in hydrocarbons country, 90% of which is desert terrain, population — 6, 4 million people (general) literacy, social stratification is low, exports twice as much as imports, virtually no poverty and unemployment. But-independent of outer and inner politics of Gaddafi, his independence in the Arab world, the proclamation of the socialist path of development of the country, causing discontent among the Arab regimes limited, and in the West. Especially in the United States, for which the Libyan favorite after Saddam Hussein, was a major discrepancy for the Yankees because of his own disobedience and political unpredictability. In addition, it did not spoil the U.S. with oil, giving preference to Europeans (U.S. imported only 6% of Libyan oil). This behavior Gaddafi in the criteria of a revolutionary situation in North Africa, the growth of anti-American sentiment in the case of the overthrow of the monarchical regimes in the region, could reincarnate Libyan favorite in the favorite revolutionary Arab masses. Because it is necessary to remove from the political arena, but to remove without causing a new surge of anti-Western (anti-American) sentiment in the Islamic world. Americans, with their standardized thinking, resorted to a previously well-tested scheme: to carry out awareness — psychological operation to demonize Gaddafi and his regime's power, (as previously Slobodan Milosevic, Saddam Hussein), "to show" concern over the violation of "rights man, "and make it" compassion "for the UN Security Council debate, pushing it all the resolution, which they, the U.S., explain on their own. And further, forcing the military to face the harsh martyrdom, kill the country with the "Tomahawk" and some of their own "allies" in NATO. Little focus on the "allies". French President Nicolas Sarkozy — losing credibility among the people caught in the privacy policy, managing the country to raise the retirement age, which reduced wages and benefits to ordinary citizens, but to stuff the banking sector 10s billion euros to save money oligarchs from losses and expenses. His hope for re-election or to avoid litigation — only to America and financiers.

Silvio Berlusconi, the Prime — Minister of Italy. Is under investigation for several items, including the corruption of the young. Again the only hope for Washington.

Britain. Name Tony Blair — Bush's lap dog, as a sign of subordination to London to Washington, and moved to the newcomer to the Government of Albion. Here's a group effort and money. And Gaddafi has already won over her political victory. Plus, in accordance with the UN Charter, the Libyan administration has received a legal right to personal and collective defense against an aggressor. Moreover, the act Libyans and volunteers from other states are not only on the ground of their own country, but everywhere against objects and combatants states — the aggressors. And it will not be terrorist acts and sabotage legitimate military actions in the interests of defense.

As for the prospects of war. Yes, the Libyan army is inferior to the enemy in his own modern weapons systems. And the team alliance grouping, using a first strike 110 cruise missiles struck just only 12 objects. And, if received accurate information, in serious disputes contributed to the NATO operation a total of 400 missiles. Gaddafi sent troops to a specific contact with the rebels and armed supporters from among its own civilian population than did very difficult to NATO pilots exploration and choice of targets. When the experimental use of anti-aircraft missile systems Libyan army is able to cause some damage to enemy aircraft. 1st South American downed F 15 seems to run into an ambush Libyan air defenses. On the ground offensive alliance is unlikely to go, do not go, and the troops of the Arab countries. In-1's, it is strictly forbidden to UN Security Council resolution number 1973, "the UN Security Council with all this eliminates at least some kind of fo
reign occupation of at least some of the areas of Libya." In-2, a ground invasion will certainly be accompanied by a loss bolshennymi invading troops. So, Gaddafi can stand completely, then it is converted into a favorite Arab state resistance. Will (if not already started) era sunset western dominance in the Arab (and Muslim) world. Arab oil unfold from the west to the east. With all the ensuing consequences. Of course, more than the United States suffer from war Evropa.M. Gaddafi is unlikely to deliver hydrocarbons aggressor countries. Italy, which consumes a third of Libya's oil, instead of a receive hundreds of thousands of refugees. Because Europeans have traded with Gaddafi's criteria for its "peaceful" stepping down favorite Jamahiriya. Last not mind if his son would inherit his post.

A few words about the position of Russia. Specifically, the position in the event, as politicians in Russian elite is not mandatory. Summative Evaluation: Our homeland again left to fool. Not daring to defy Washington, Moscow "not read" Getting tired of the United Nations (referred to Art. 2), and was involved in the discussion in the UN Security Council the internal difficulties of the Libyan Jamahiriya. Our homeland by abstaining from voting in the UN Security Council authorized the anger against the Arab world. Moreover, against the background of nedavneshnego festive opening of a monument to Yeltsin, not only threw a (quite legitimately) troops on the oppression of the Chechen armed rebellion, and shot the (absolutely criminal), the Parliament, the President of the Russian Federation said Gaddafi, obliged to put down an armed rebellion in their own country, the offender and the Russian representative in the UN Security Council opens the floodgates for the NATO aggression. After a few days suddenly from Moscow diplomatic cry fool, we do not have this in mind, once again trusted the Yankees, and they are … as in the case of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Iraq and Afghanistan. In the world over that "politics" has long laugh. And soon, nicknamed "lap dog …." and stick to ….

Revolutionary Arab East is likely to unfold Chinese socialism, but not of, because it is run by the same hated America.

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