Letters from outer space come at midnight




Crop circles — space earthlings messages from distant brothers on reason

Natalia Leskov

Neither locals nor the researchers from Moscow can not explain the appearance of the mysterious circles in wheat fields in New Jersey.
Photo by Vadim Chernobrov

Last summer, in the Krasnodar region were reported sightings of mysterious "figures" in a wheat field. Perhaps the only serious researchers of this phenomenon have become members of the expedition "Kosmopoisk."

"We came to the village of the Sign, located near the airport of the city of Krasnodar, the night after the appearance of pictograms — the head of the expedition Vadim Chernobrov. — Local residents greeted us at first wary. Grandmother went out into the field, where we encamped with magnetometers and other equipment, and asked: "Scientists from Moscow, eh? And what you've been traveling? Maybe it's dangerous — there are, and we do not know … "But gradually they changed the temper justice with mercy."

According Chernobrov, the opinions of people who came and come take a look at the miracle, sharply diverged. Usually two options. Some believe that the circles on the field — it tricks pranksters, others believe that a UFO landed here. And not one, but three: the pictures here so much, and they vary in size and shape. Among those who are fond of such artifacts, hypotheses, as the most mundane and polubredovyh much more. Maybe it's "antics" of magnetic storms and energy vortices caused by geophysical anomalies home planet, "gaps" in space and time, which makes the transition to the other, "parallel" worlds, or maybe ears trodden paths of cows, goats or hedgehogs …

"Unfortunately, none of these guesses does not explain the phenomenon, — the Chernobrov. — Although at first I was inclined to think that we fall for someone, "duck": the biggest and located close to the highway circle, indeed, for our arrival was badly trampled and looked like a work of tractors and human feet. There have already visited dozens of curious. However, after a couple of days when we have studied in detail the area and got to the more remote icons, it became obvious that this is not fake. We are dealing with the large and complex in shape in our country icons whose nature — one of the most interesting mysteries of modern science. "

It turns out that a specialist to distinguish the fake from the "real" figure is not too difficult. Signs — set, and here are some of them. In order to form such patterns, need great pressure. Whether it is a tractor or other equipment, the stems will certainly break down and die. In our case, the ears are bent, but continue to grow. No damage to the protective plenochka even on spikes covering future grains from rain and sun. This indicates that the origin of the thumbnail is not associated with the mechanical action, and has some other origin. But which one?

"According to many accounts, the circles appear in a very short time — a few minutes or even seconds, so the assumption is that the pitch of the night shuruyut tractor or run hedgehogs, managing a couple of seconds to perform such hard work — looks ridiculous — Chernobrov sure. — Nevedomye drawings appeared in the Sign at the time of the astronomical midnight — about 01.30 local time. It turns out that this is not an accident. Crop circles — whether it's England, America, the Netherlands and Russia — always arise when the day-star of the least covers this area. Apparently, the sun in some way interferes with the mysterious "painter".

And another oddity: the icon, if we study them from a height, for example, from a helicopter or an airplane, do not look like a normal flat image, and the projection of three-dimensional image on the Earth's surface. There is an effect in physics called refraction. The shape of these figures slightly distorted, stretched, and if they occur in the area is, for example, power lines — picture greatly changes the shape or even split into several others. Wires as if prevent proper reflection of the picture. It also suggests that the phenomenon is "cosmic" origin. But what?

All of the locals interviewed search engines as one, say: the night a loud thunderous blows from the window were visible flashes, flashes of lightning. Many people believe that at midnight storm raged over the field. However, so do not believe everything. Praskovja Kobylova says that he heard the approaching storm, ran out into the yard to remove the rope underwear, and was surprised to find that the sky was clear and starry. Same said several other women. Their words are confirmed by meteorologists. According to the Acting Gidrometeobyuro Krasnodar Territory Lydia Kushnir, any thunderstorm that night was not over Krasnodar, the weather was clear and windless.

We Chernobrov has its own version. Over the years a searchers were able to map the appearance of pictograms. It has been very interesting: the form is a grid, which is at the intersection, and new drawings. In Russia it's Krasnodar region, Bryansk, Voronezh, Kursk region. Thus, it is possible to predict, and the possible emergence of new patterns. If the guess is correct, then the following "canvases" will appear on the River Ouse in the Republic of Komi.

Interestingly, the "rays" of the grid are not parallel: on the territory of Russia, they differ broad lines, and closer to England, in the town of Stonehenge, converge at one point. Accident? Albion, as you know — the undisputed leader among the countries that have such artistry. Here they found more than 2.5 thousand. In Russia — 71, that too much. Our country is in this kind of list — in third place behind the Netherlands.

"I do not know what it is — recognized Chernobrov. — I can only guess. If you put together all the information on icons, it turns out that it is — the result of exposure to certain terrestrial surface of certain electromagnetic fields coming from space. What? For what purpose? Maybe it is — a kind of message to us from the distant fellow human beings? While the answer to this question is no. "


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