Lev Sapieha returns to Lepel

In the city of Lepel (Vitebsk region) soon will be a monument to Lev Sapieha, famous politicians, diplomats and guardian of Art, one of the most influential public figures in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Name Lev Sapieha most directly linked to the history of Lepel, which was first mentioned in 1439 as the village and the estate on the island of Lepel lake.

In 1563 the settlement was a town (now the village of Old Lepel). And in 1586 Lev Sapieha founded three kilometers away in the village of White Township or New White Lepel Lepel which you transferred the shopping center, and built the castle, the church and the church. Thus began the history of modern Lepel, home to about 18 thousands of people.

Every year on September 11 in Lepel celebrate the city, and in This year, this date is timed opening of the monument to Leo Sapieha, which will be installed at the entrance to the city park.

By the way, the future monument — it's not the only assessment of the memory of Lev Sapieha in Vitebsk region. In 2005, at the initiative Public Association "Lev Sapieha Foundation" was a memorable character in the village Ostrovno Beshenkovichi area. On a large piece of gray-brown granite located plaque with the inscription: "Here, in the town Ostrovno 4.IV.1557 born Lev Sapieha — a prominent public figure and statesman of the Grand Duchy Lithuanian. "

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