Life is a song Karelian witch

In the taiga and incredibly remote parts of Karelia, sometimes you can hear some strange stories. They tell us not only individuals, but even entire villages. Are still alive, some witnesses of those events, constantly telling them to their next of kin …

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A few kilometers from Petrozavodsk stretched Suysar not a rich village. In her twenty years ago lived a very powerful sorceress, which is known and respected throughout the district. At the time, she was spirited already in old age, out of the room almost did not go, but in my house regularly hosted visitors. She was able to know everything about everything. Piercing eyes, filled with steel shine, penetrate into the deepest corners of the fragile human soul, revealing the innermost.

Witch has incredible power not only over nature, but also the animal world. People are told that in a year of fierce winter descended unexpectedly into the village scary bear. Residents hid in huts, and the witch came close to a roaring beast, ordered him to go into the woods and never come back to the village. What is surprising, but a huge bear growled once forgiven, and fled into the forest. And the old woman to the ground and worshiped the gods of the unknown forces and returned to his home.

Help the witch was always unselfish. His life, it is often compared with a song that everyone can hear. One day, a resident of the village lost a cow. Woman ran to a witch in tears, begging to help. The old woman came out of the hut and walked out of the village, where there was a long silence. After that, with a low bow and a prayer addressed to the forest with a request to give the animal. It was not long, and he heard a bell ring. Cow returned to their owners.

Sage died quietly, even unnoticed, but before his death, she managed to pass on their knowledge and skills in families.

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