Light aircraft (whether or rebirth)

Light aircraft (whether or rebirth)

At the moment, they say a lot about the revival of Russian aviation. The fact that the last case moved forward. The fact that in a short time light aircraft will be the same commonplace in our lives as well as passenger cars. But do not hurry the action. There still is a lot of ambiguities.

Nedavneshnee past Russian light aviation.

Many aviation enthusiasts still remember the time when the small aircraft used in this country only for pilot training and for training athletes. Well, in civilian aviation, they took quite insignificance fraction of the total number of aerial vehicles, only in limited quantities for the transport of people and goods into inaccessible areas, or where the use of conventional aircraft would be impractical. Another sector of the economy where commonly used light aircraft — is agriculture, as a means of pollination. And as the other purposes of using these machines our government just does not beheld, respectively, and their creation as the number of non-priority case. It was decided, probably somewhere out there, on top of that to perform all the tasks will be fully enough 2-3 models. So it was that in such a big country like ours, light airplanes were presented ruler of only 3 cars. Sports-training option — Yak-18, Yak-52, and day-to-worker — An-2.

Changes in the best possible way.

Of course, time does not stand still. And it would be stupid to think that the situation in the country will go on forever. With the emergence of personal business in Russia, many eyes in respect of small aircraft have been revised. Russian businessmen would not look worse zabugornyh own partners, and there, in the west, is considered commonplace arrive for talks on a private jet. Here then remembered about our Russian light aircraft. But it is necessary to admit that even if the recycle some of them under the version of the business class, so he still will not. And from here the first problem — the lack of the usual in Russia production of small-engine aircraft, and rapidly overcome this barrier is unlikely to happen. Our country needs light- aircraft various classes designed for specific tasks.

Understandably, the 1st desire not fly a lot, and some steps have been made to ensure some relief to the fans of small aircraft. Well, first touched the configuration of legislation, adopted a notification system for low-flying aircraft. In general, this practice has long been active in the world, and is considered to be quite comfortable. It is necessary to hope, that now in Russia and light aircraft will gain the same popularity as, say, in America, because the area of the implementation of small aircraft at the present time more extensive than it might seem at first glance.

Variants of using a light aircraft.

If we recall what is known our mighty power, the first thing that comes to mind — is, of course, expensive. And more precisely the lack thereof. Accordingly, to solve the problem of roads in Russia can be partially implemented as a ton concrete light aircraft. After all, there where you can not get there by car, you can always fly. However, the machines we fly I can not yet. Those remnants of roads, scattered throughout the Russian Federation, and yet still in the normal state can be used entirely for the runways. In general, modern light- aircraft at the moment may well have to soar with the soil. It would seem, for the development of an air taxi RF just made all the conditions, it remains to occupy this niche.

But here, waiting for a little disappointing, not only in Russia but not roads, coupled with no roads to the same infrastructure, and this is serious. No matter what technique is in need of maintenance, even modern technology. And our government not only did not build factories for the production of small aircraft, but it is also not intended as such devices can be operated on our area. And it turns out that many fans of aircraft required to keep their light aircraft in garages for cars, city cars refuel at gas stations and soar off the motorway. Well, the very fact, do not build the same by him for this purpose their own airfields.

Naturally, there is a patrol aviation, which was established to serve the oil and gas pipelines, inspecting forests from the air ambulance aircraft, capable of delivering patients from all points of the country directly to the doors of hospitals, agriculture and sports aviation. But without using harsh country then there's a very long time did not move from their seats.

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