Lightweight 105 mm howitzer Hawkeye technology reduced recoil

At the meeting in October, the benefit of annual exhibition of the Association of the U.S. Army (AUSA — Association of the US Army) a wide audience for the first time was introduced light artillery system Hawkeye. In fact, this is a modern 105-mm howitzer, which owns the reduced recoil force. This instrument was installed on the platform of a military truck Mack. The proposed system has virtually no rivals on such indicators as a tactical mobility, firepower, strategic deployable, command and control. Thanks to its own low weight and low recoil this gun can be mounted on a wheeled, tracked, aqua and even aircraft platforms.

The announcement was made by U.S. company Mandus Group on the Protection of Mack Trucks, because tool was mounted on a platform of a military truck Mack. Presented tool Hawkeye — a lightweight, modular, high-performance 105-mm howitzer, which is designed for installation on different types of combat platforms. Thanks to its use in the development of new technologies, this howitzer is able to set new standards for modern light artillery.

At the current time Hawkeye could be a good candidate for these types of weapons as the 120-mm mortars, 106 mm recoilless guns or standard 105-mm artillery systems, thanks to such indicators as the price of destroying the target with the first shot. Light howitzer has incorporated an innovative modular design. Due to the low impact strength and low weight, it can be installed on a wide variety of military equipment, it means that a similar system may be deployed on land, water and air ways that are inaccessible for the military.

In a modular, lightweight and small-sized howitzer Hawkeye implemented to develop low impact (soft recoil — myagenkaya kickback). This development provides a lowering load and allows the use of lighter materials are 50% lighter than the standard systems using feedback. This howitzer has a severe ergonomic benefit of keeping good access to the rear of the breech of the gun pointing at all angles, making it easy to take advantage of available standard 105-mm NATO ammunition.

Lightweight 105 mm howitzer Hawkeye technology reduced recoil

Digital Automatic and semi-fixed MSA 105-mm ammunition can reach frisky loading and short time to production of the first shot. Besides light howitzer is a fairly easy transport platform that provides firing in all directions. Howitzer even the least demanding level of logistics, in comparison with conventional 105-mm guns, due to the simplicity of its design, which also helps improve service and reduce the size of its calculation.


Howitzer presented at the October show in the U.S. — is a modern revival of the technology, which has already been approved by the U.S. Army in the 70 years of the last century, but did not go into mass creation. So called reduced return used to reduce the recoil force howitzers through bargain counter rolls back the speed of the gun before the specific ignition charge. With this technology, we can reduce the impact force by 70%, which in turn leads to a reduction in the load on the carriage through the pins, allowing significantly reduce the overall weight of the howitzer.

At the very beginning of the cycle reduced recoil rolls back all of the guns are in position in the middle of the length of the barrel. In this position they are kept under pressure Locked exchanger filled with nitrogen. At that point, when the handle is lowered descent (there is shot), the stopper is released and the mass of the heat exchanger to roll back part guns, including barrel starts to move forward. A special sensor is in control of the speed and movement of these parts, and in that moment, when he sought a certain speed, ignites the charge.
The recoil energy, which appears at a shot, first stop, and then forces the moving parts of the trunk and sliding devices move in the direction of working. As a result of the recoil energy is reduced by 70%. Energy balance is used to return the device and sliding the barrel to the starting position for the next cycle of the shot.

With all this in such a system there is quite a lot of problems that are associated with security work. Initiating a charge must be accurately linked to the production of a shot and the speed of the barrel. Installed speed sensor must be reliable and accurate. Even the difference of 40 ms between the response of the sensor and ignition charge can lead to an unacceptable scatter in range. With all of this in this case, if the charge is initiated (in the case of misfires), system rollback should be able to suspend the movement of sliding devices and trunk without gathering the fired position. And in the case of a prolonged shot when the shot is in one hundred percent "racked" position of the barrel, recoil system must be able to cope with full dedication.

Lightweight 105 mm howitzer Hawkeye technology reduced recoil

Lightweight 105 mm howitzer Hawkeye

Mandus own company with the newest 105-mm howitzer light for a long time avoided the promotion of the South American market of such guns, preferring to position your child in a niche of a 120-mm self-propelled mortars, which took its place firmly in the international market. Common standards such mortars are made by companies GDLS Stryker Mortar Carrier, International Golden Group Agrab, KADDB VM3.

Howitzer Hawkeye unlike mortars offers enormous capacity for small and most effective range, combining within itself the possibility of fire from concealed positions at a distance of 11.5 km and the ability to direct fire at close targets (short range fire from howitzers limited distance , necessary for arming the fuze projectile). In addition to the rest of the howitzer has a higher reaction rate due to the highest speed of the projectile. Naturally, 105 mm projectiles contain less explosive than 120 mm mortar, but with modern thin fragmentation munitions this error can be compensated. In comparison with the same common howitzers, Hawkeye has a highest rate of fire.

Light howitzer Hawkeye uses a standard 105-mm barrel M102 and M137A1 swinging part with a barrel length of 26.6 caliber, with all this on the disk imaging developer of stem length can be increased by the customer. The estimated range of fire standard ammunition the M67 fragmentation is 11.5 km, and the active-reactive M927 ammunition with the same charge — 16.7 km.

Initially, it was planned to establish a howitzer on the chassis Renault Sherpa 4×4, creating the very same light and highly mobile artillery pieces, created for the action on the battlefield. But ultimately own choices designers have suspended a military truck Mack. The estimated weight of the howitzer, including wheeled carriage and towing device, swinging part of the drive is a bit less than a ton (998 kg). The company also is developing a lightweight version of the howitzer for the introduction of airplanes "ganshipah." This howitzer has a frontal placement of pins, does not have the mast and can be installed on-board the aircraft installation. Length of at least some version of howitzers of 3.3 meters, width — 0.96 meters and height when towing the vehicle — 0.99 meters.

Lightweight 105 mm howitzer Hawkeye technology reduced recoil

To control the fire Hawkeye can be fitted with a telescopic sight, and electric, or their composition. Presented at the exhibition layout equip artillery positioning system Selex Galileo LINAPS, which contains an integrated receiver GPS, laser gyro inertial FIN3110, which are also used by the army guns L118 England. In addition to that used in conventional indicator LINAPS firing from concealed positions, light howitzer is equipped with a telescopic sight, which allows you to fire point-blank range. This sight is equipped with a computerized reticle imposed ballistic computer.

In accordance with the concept of sales and the opening of the gate is charged by light howitzers Hawkeye is completely in manual mode, but the developers are already considering the possibility of creating a hundred percent automated "digital" version, equipped with automatic loading, and drives. With all of this drives the horizontal and vertical guidance are digital, which makes it likely that the full stabilization of the guns on the platform — right up to the capacity of fire in motion. The Company has also argued that in case of need they can create a Hawkeye in the caliber of 155 mm. With all of this, even the properties of the system in its present state provide an advantage over all existing self-propelled mortars.

Among Mandus Group believe in the potential of their own offspring and subsequent ability to develop its own system. Benefits from it can be a lot more realized when used with more powerful tools, first on ballistics. For example, with the L118 light gun barrel length which is 37 gauge, and the greatest range is 17.2 km., Or with 105-mm/57 howitzer Denel LEO, which with the help of the active-reactive ammunition can hit targets at a distance of 30 km .

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