Lightweight composite material reduces the load on the aircraft

Lightweight composite material reduces the load on the aircraft

The Israeli Company Kanfit presented in passing in the current time in Singapore Airshow hybrid metal- material, significantly reduces the weight of the military component.

Shahar Fain (Shachar Fine), Director of Business Development, said that for the production of the material, which is about 20% lighter than conventional materials used in the manufacture of aircraft parts, used hybrid structure, combines within itself iron frame with a composite filling.

"This development is a universal and can be used to at least what the aircraft," — explains Fine. "Our solution provides a far superior structure."

For the manufacture of products company injection technology uses a polyester resin into a closed mold (resin transfer molding, RTM). The result is integral structure.

The company's products contain: guided bombs, motor cover UAV, RTM antenna, satellite dish, shops thermal traps and much more. Company is a particularly strong position in the production of thermal traps and stores, in their words, the system had no 1st failure due to lack of seams, welding or assembly.

Company representatives report that thanks to this material is "only" light products, the least sensitive to changes in temperature, the least noticeable on the radar and able "to withstand the most extreme weather conditions during the flight."

Customers include Boeing, Elbit and AgustaWestland, a Kanfit acts as a second or a third party under contract with other manufacturers (such as Singapore F-16 used parts of this stuff).

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