Little about the prospective attack helicopters

Little about the prospective attack helicopters

Few years ago on the shelves with the teams of models of military equipment appeared set with sonorous title. In the box labeled «Ka-58» Black Ghost «» supplied some parts of the helicopter with breathtaking in appearance and mysterious features. Soon after the sale of these models began to disperse rumors about the details of the mysterious project Ka-58. There were a variety of guesses about the technical and flight data, consisting of equipment and weapons, etc. And after a couple of years after the start of sales and nothing appears 1st official reports of the existence of the «Black Ghost», but it became clear that the Ka-58 was invented by designers one firm producing the composite model. As a result, quite mysterious project ran into the category of curiosities.
Yet, after the story of hypothetical Ka-58 was unpleasant sediment in the form of questions about promising military helicopters. Fully understood that in the coming years should seem new types of attack helicopters Ka-58 and — if it existed — would fully qualify for a «title.» But completely understandable reasons, to replace today’s Mi-28N and Ka-52 will come in the future very different machine. Even in the midst of two-thousand years in the beginning of the press open a discussion topic helicopter fifth generation, designed in the future to change the current technique. It should be noted the term «fifth generation» with respect to a helicopter, to some extent uncertain. Unlike fighter aircraft, which has long been divided into generation, to helicopters such systematization is not applicable. At the same time, if you wish, you can find certain patterns and share rotorcraft for generations, but this is unusual and systematization not completely fair.
First rumors about the work on a promising attack helicopters belong to the middle of the two thousandth’s, but then, of course, it did not go further discussions. Smallness more information appeared in 2008, when the Commander of the Air Forces General Zelin said to start developing a new helicopter, which will have the best properties in comparison with existing ones. Noteworthy that in 2008, officials have restricted ourselves to the most common phrases and wording. New data on the progress of the project came from a half years after the redundant statements commander of military aviation. Middle of 2010 Chief Designer of «Mil» said that the research and design work on a brand new project will begin in about a year.

In addition, in 2010 it became clear on the participation in the program both leading helicopter companies of — design bureaus «Kamov» and «Mil». According to reports, in the first half of the year in Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute conducted a purge of several helicopter models, differing from each other fuselage, wing configuration and design of the main rotor. Assess the prospects and the ability of both traditional screws and coaxial. Results of the research works in the public domain is not mentioned, but it was announced that the final choice of the assembly, and general appearance will be made first in 2011, and until then, the two design organizations will work together.

Recent reports now promising attack helicopters belong to illumine 2011. Then the CEO of «Russian Helicopters» A. Shibitov said about the ongoing work on the program and the existence sazu 2-projects of both companies involved and it. Go with it and fall of 2011 lasted work on forming a promising type rotorcraft. Such delays look amazing, but they can explain the difficulty in determining the values ​​and traits relevant species. Yet, at the end of 2011 the situation with a new attack helicopters looked to diversify and had every reason to believe that the new helicopter, in the best case, will rise into the air only during the second half of this decade.
In the process of lighting and official statements and discussions during the project time appear different information and rumors about the properties and capabilities of the new helicopter. With all of this only some of them have been proved by official sources. For example, according to the officials, «Helicopters of Russia» and the firm «Mil» clear that the new helicopter should get the latest avionics with more features the highest compared with the available, including to automatically return to its own airfield in case of injury or death of the pilot. Also new helicopter must have the ability to create goals out of hiding attack, hold the highest flight data, not only achievable visibility in the radar and infrared spectra, etc. In addition, the helicopter was announced ability to fight with enemy aircraft.

Based on available data, it is hard talk about the timing or completion of the project clear properties of a new helicopter. Perhaps the new rotorcraft will be significantly revised the existing technique. That have specific prerequisites. For example, the inability for the creation of low-profile radar helicopter proved its main feature — the main rotor. Constantly spinning blades, which are also fundamentally can not be omitted, the coffin on the vine all efforts to decrease visibility. For this reason, lowering the probability of detection can be achieved only in the infrared spectrum, with the help of special devices, cooling emission turboshaft engines.

As for weapons promising attack helicopter, it also hardly severe pereterpit configuration. Like the old machine, the newcomer will have to carry the mobile unit with an automatic gun and a specific range of guided and unguided weapons. Maybe in the armed helicopter enters a promising new anti-tank missile complex «Hermes-A» or a similar system available destinations. Needless to say, the possibility of introducing continue unguided munitions. To ensure this work sighting and navigation system promising helicopter must be equipped with their own radar and optical-radar stations. Needless to say, at the present time there is no disk imaging on a clear part of the equipment of the new helicopter.

In general, the program of development of the helicopter «fifth generation» at the present time is one of the greatest mysteries of our times. Official information is limited to only a few statements of representatives of defense organizations, and in addition, the latest information about the project appeared more than a year back. Maybe the recent defense industry and the military department slightly open Zahav lurking on a new attack helicopter and amuse the public the first details of technical nature. If, of course, the project will not be closed for any reason harsh, as so often in recent decades.

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