Live Thread: Error Darwin watch online

Live Thread: Error Darwin watch online
In the museum Waldenburg in Saxony kept mysterious and strshny exhibit. In GDR times this tube with the monster was in the store and was banned. Academic Hausdorf, known UFO research work, told the scientific world about this puzzle. But what has the body of a UFO freak. In 1735 twenty-eight housewife Johanna Sophia Schmidt, the mother of three healthy kids, gave birth to a terrible kid. Relatives sent for the best doctor. Dr. G. Fridericia of Leipzig, the first to see what is now referred to as the human-chicken or Valdenburgskim monster.
According to the views of the Hausdorff man-hen evidence of genetic tests intruders. Ill-fated lady said that for the first 9 months before the birth of the monster, survived the attack. Details she remembered vaguely.
But neuzh something 300 years ago, the alien intruders visited our planetoid and conducted experiments to create a hybrid race. When did it all start? And what about the utter science?

UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and phenomena

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