Living in India Pampa Ghosh third month on a diet of nuts and bolts




Such harsh gurmanke diet does not cause any discomfort, except that after a hearty lunch of zhelezjak woman sometimes torturing heartburn.

"Yes, for three months I eat different, seemingly inedible objects, and I really like it. Doctors tried to convince me to throw this thing, but I can not yet give up their goodies," — says Pampa.

Her mother Bharati real shock when he suddenly became aware of the culinary preferences of your favorite little girl. Seeing how Pampa eats nails, screws and glass, mother of almost fainted, thinking that her daughter's life hangs in the balance. That's when she looked away and pampas to the doctor.

But all attempts to persuade the voracious woman in danger of her behavior so far been unsuccessful.


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