Living sun

Photo of the Sun in X-rays.
Photo taken from the rockets "Aerobee-Hi," April 19, 1960
Photos from the book Struve "Astronomy of the twentieth century", 1962
(The picture used in the book by AN Dmitriev, A. Rusanov "CROSS OF LIFE" (Novosibirsk, Tomsk, 2000)

In the picture clearly shows a heterogeneous structure of the Sun: The inner core (hard cold planet), hugs PLASMA SPHERE.

It is for this model is rapidly evolving Jupiter as a future star — in the orbit of Jupiter's moon Io plasma torus is formed ("donut"), which will soon turn into a plasma sphere.

Comment known Siberian scientist, global ecology and fast geophysical phenomena, doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences, leading researcher of the United Institute of Geology, Geophysics and Mineralogy SB RAS (Novosibirsk Akademgorodok) Alexis DMITRIEVA:

— At the present time, the Earth and the entire solar system has entered a period of enormous change: an era of FIRE, THE AGE OF TRUTH. Stormy energy conversion are all the planets and the solar system on the Sun (the Sun outbreaks of unprecedented power — devices rolls, they were not designed for such a power of reporting).
Cosmic Hierarchy of plans to transform the world in a new turn of events in time and space are already under way across the solar system. On all but the Saturn, the planet celebrated the accelerated growth of energy-intensive processes. The process of "new generation" come with increasing energy costs and more flexible. In the chain of transformations enabled solnechnosistemnyh and Earth. Of our planet has entered a period of global space physics changes that prorevizuyut and human composition, and all its activities — economic, cultural, mental, emotional … The investigation is Space.
Uranus is 30 increased energy electromagnetic processes. Rate of movement of air masses on Neptune reached two sound speeds — about 2.4 thousand kilometers per hour. On the Moon began to form the atmosphere.
And only one planet in the solar system — Saturn — ENERGY decreases. And Saturn itself, and fans of this planet (Saturn's day — Saturday) lose their former position.

On Saturn, there is a sharp descending order of energy-intensive process. Over the past 17 years the rate of hurricanes on the planet has decreased by almost half (from 1,700 to 900 kilometers per hour). In addition, the rings of Saturn observed a new type of non-equilibrium processes, indicating a change in electrostatics and electrodynamics in the interaction of the dispersed particles rings. Fine particles of Saturn's rings begin to aggregate, that is to stick together. The result will be the formation of large agglomeration of the particles and their deposition on the surface of Saturn (Note that in the inner ring, this process has already started). Recall the post of Helena Roerich that Saturn can go into a pile of rocks, gravel and sand (the ring land on the surface of the sand and stone rain), which will inevitably lead to an overall change planetofizicheskih processes on this planet — especially the magnetosphere, while elektrosfernyh — that there is already marked decrease of the aurora. Saturn will lose a functional role in the sharp decrease of its planetofizicheskoy activity in the solar system — something like obscuration (Saturnine problems in the solar system is complete and well characterized astrologers).
In "The Secret Doctrine" (ie II) HPB says «Perfect Way» Dr. Anna Kingsford:
"The Gnostics were right, calling the Jewish God" angel of the Matter, "or those who breathed (conscious) life into Adam, and the planet is — Saturn.
"34. And God has girded his loins [the rings of Saturn], and the name of the zone — death. "
In anthropology, this "belt" means the human body with its two lower principles. The three men died, while the inner man is immortal. "
Processes on Saturn, will also involve the transformation of the lower — natural — principles of man .. Esoteric Belt of Death — The rings of Saturn are undergoing unprecedented change … This will inevitably impact on the earth and humanity.
But above should bring some judgments about the phenomenon of death (in the Christian religion profile this phenomenon absolutes only negative — in the form of "MAGNET fear"). From the position of the Agni Yoga, death — is not nothing but a change of clothes consciousness. Thus, death is not treated so tragically, as presented in the current system is not pagan religions. For life itself is unacceptable fear of death. And planetofizicheskoe disbanding "death zone" of Saturn are marked on a range of earthly humanity psychophysical transformations in physical bodies. Saturn will take all belonging to him.
In the Living Ethics says:
"Religion, uchaschaya death, die, they die all that will die … Who recognizes the potential of fire in his invisibility, he understands the outward appearance of disembodiment" ("Signs of Agni Yoga", 333).
In this sense, changes in the functional significance of Saturn in the solar system is also a creative act of the Cosmic Hierarchy and a sign of further increasing control over the function of some components of Saturn, is the means of communication with the worlds of the lower planes, and therefore harmful to the evolution of the solar system.
Due to the decreasing influence of Saturn planetofizicheskogo on earth processes will increase the role of higher evolutionary planets (Uranus, Jupiter and Venus).
Now it becomes clear what has caused an unusually rapid increase in energy consumption processes in Uranus and Neptune. According to the teachings of the "Living Ethics", the opposition of Uranus and Saturn ended with the victory of Uranus (Uranus is the volitional center of the solar system, the Sun is the heart of the solar system), which is already detected signs of decreasing energy intensity of direct atmospheric and electromagnetic processes on Saturn, and the destructive processes in its ring system.

Speed of hurricanes on Neptune, as already mentioned, has reached incredible quantities, in addition, the planet is in a strong magnetically with Uranus. A magnetic reversal is happening not only on Earth, but on Uranium-Neptunian pair. So that the gravitational interaction of Saturn and Neptune still requires interpretation and judgment: synchronous reversal on several planets is an indicator of severe magnetic changes in the solar system in general and the management of evidence of evolutionary processes from the Hierarchy (Natural Law have their author, Consciousness pervades all space and adjusts processes in the body: Space is under control of higher powers).
I stress once again that the scientific data and conclusions presented in order to show the scale and depth of the processes in the solar system, which control over the space of intellectual structures, and all that is now unfolding on our planet, is part of the global evolutionary transformations.
And in this respect the "Agni Yoga" ("Living Ethics"), projected from the center of the Himalayan (representative of the Government of the solar system in the world), is a method and a means of entering the human mind and form a new phase state of the Earth and the solar system. But it is voluntary inclusion of every person in this fiery doctrine mark the act of baptism of fire, and thus escort at a time when the spatial light touches the qualities of each of the inner fire embodied humans. Training the mind, and therefore all of his being, in the Teaching of Fire and mark a "get safe conduct."
In the views of Hindu religion, as well as the American Indians, the Sun is a habitable planet, her perfect people live more than a star, and we light of their conscience. And the earth becomes a star, when conscience earthlings will be as clean as the Dweller in the SUN.
In "Living Ethics" states that uninhabited worlds are destroyed. Even from this we can conclude that all celestial bodies are inhabited, but otherwise they would have collapsed … Very serious sources say that the Sun is inhabited, like any other star. Talk about it and the Mayans (more about this in our book "Cosmic Dance of Change" — thought Jose Arguelles-Men Star), and ancient books of India say that, and GI Gurdjieff, and the "Living Ethics" given to us people of the sun. Helena Roerich said that the Sun Fire live in the consciousness of the higher-level bodies.
Sun is a magnetic plasma sphere, which is firmly cold core — planets, there exist all three modalities of consciousness — are real, on-air and fire. Earthlings is a disservice to the inveterate habit of interpreting the universal life and mind entirely in the Earth's human form. Life goes far beyond her species represented a form of human bodies (or terrestrial biosphere). In the Ocean of Fire Space vital process far more exalted and intense. Version anthropocentric conception of life in the cosmos strongly impoverish range considering real possibilities of life.
Vivid — everything! .. From the atom to the universe! .. And reasonable — everything! In varying degrees.

Prepared An. Rusanov


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