LM Dovator — the famous leader of the Cossack cavalry

Unusual case, but even in the age of metal machinery and huge lumbering war machines, which fought on the fronts of such forces, the practice of implementation which would seem to have long since had to retreat into the past. So, during the Russian majestically preserved cavalry troops, and not only preserved, and successfully fought the war, led by their heroic commanders. One of these officers was Lev Dovator.
Leo Dovator Born in 1903 into a poor farming family, who lived in the small village of Vitebsk.

LM Dovator - the legendary leader of the Cossack cavalry
The horsemen of the 2nd Guards Cavalry Corps of the 16th Army of the Western Front, in the center with a map in hand-commander Guards Corps Major General Lev Dovator

From the Lion of early youth accustomed to hard work of farm laborers, a bit grown up, worked on the Vitebsk factory.

Obviously, like any farmer, who had not seen since childhood is nothing except poverty and endless drudgery, Dovator met the news of the October Revolution, with undisguised pleasure. He helped organize the committees of the poor in his native village, he studied at the provincial Party School.

Reddish Army Leo Dovator volunteered to come in 1924, and serves as a kind of time, zaveduya warehouse in the 7th Cavalry Division of the Western Military Area, stationed in Minsk.

After graduating in 1925 from Moscow Military chemical courses Dovator already served himvzvoda commander in the 7th Cavalry Division.

Dovatora in understanding the persistence of military affairs, but there was no limits: in 1926 he finishes Leningrad-Borisoglebovskay Cavalry School commander of the Red Army.

All the 30 years Dovator moving on military cavalry ranks, but continues and Professor teaching in 1939, he cums with a difference Military Academy. MV Frunze and gets into the heads of mission of the Special Cavalry Brigade headquarters in Moscow. Before the war, Leo Dovator appointed Chief of Staff of the 36th Cavalry Division Bovo.

LM Dovator - the legendary leader of the Cossack cavalry
General Dovator. 1947. Oil Moyseenko Evsej Evseevich

DOVATORA war had met in the hospital infirmary, and only a week after the war doctors dared him to write: Leo, just having to say goodbye to his family, went to the headquarters of the Western Front (since his home division was encircled, and it does not break was no power).

Already in July, the first year of the war Dovator was awarded the Order of the Red Banner for the differences in the fighting on Solovevoj crossing.

In August 1941, Leo Dovator lead separate group of cavalry on the Western Front, which consisted of several Cossack regiments (included in the Don, Kuban and Terek Cossacks). From the first battles Dovator showed himself a good commander, who not only skillfully organized the daring attack on the courage, and with fatherly affection toward his military wards, trying in their ability to not risk the lives of the brave Cossacks. Under the command of Lev Mikhailovich this horse could break the connection to the rear of the Germans, striking the enemy's communications, destroying the headquarters, destroying warehouses and military convoys enemy.

About 2-weeks long this truly magnificent Russian cavalry raid in the German rear to: increase by 100 km Cossacks killed more than two thousand soldiers and officers, 9 tanks, about two hundred cars, they have captured a lot of trophies. For military exploits during this operation Dovator Leo was promoted to major general and the Order of Lenin.

In autumn 1941 on the basis dovatorskoy group formed the third Cavalry housing The 16 th Army Rokossovsky (a bit later it was renamed the 2nd Guards). Housing led the defensive battles at Rzhev-white stripes, covering the approaches to Moscow from Volokolamsk direction.
Dec. 11 housing General Dovatora was deployed to the area and Cuban women, pursuing the retreating German troops, went to the river Ruza.

Unfortunately, the courage and bravery of a cavalry commander Dovator played a brutal, fatal "joke" …

In December 1941, the vanguard of the 2nd Guards Cavalry Corps was in the vicinity of the village Palashkino, which at that time housed a large force of German troops. Leo decides Dovator position opposite the village marching headquarters body, with all this, he decides to look around the German units fighting positions on the other side of the river in person, and here the Germans opened by what they had seen crowds of people barrage … Survive, who was in an open space Dovatora had no chance …

On the same day, December 21, 1941 Lev Dovator was awarded the "For courage and heroism in battle against the Nazi invaders," the posthumous title of Hero of the Russian Union.

The memory of this hero of the Russian monument was immortalized in the town of Ruse, the obelisk on the shore of the reservoir Ruza (in the place where he died), and ordinary people remember about DOVATORA due to the huge number of naming streets after him on bolshennom the former Soviet Union.

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