Lower-Bureisk power plant is ready to drain the pit of the main structures of the station

On being built in the Amur region of Lower Bureyskaya plant has completed the construction of impervious element jumpers pit (the "wall in the ground"). All project wells in the number of units spudded in 1187 and filled with a special mixture.

Services provided allow for water resistance jumpers and start draining the pit of the main buildings of Lower Bureyskaya HPP.

The basic structure of Lower Bureyskaya HPP (spillway dam and powerhouse) are constructed in the river bed in the trench, which is created by dumping the water special temporary dams — jumpers. To prevent the water filtering through the jumpers are arranged antifiltration element — the "wall in the ground."

Today is checking the quality of work performed. Specifies the number of additional wells that will be drilled if necessary to ensure complete impermeability of the "wall" at the "corners" of the pit and landfall.

Already folded two of the five drill complexes. In connection with the completion of the concreting of the "wall in the ground" is made alterations to the concrete plant manufacturing glinobetona the production of concrete mixes to be used in the construction of the main structures of the station.

In parallel, the mechanized assembly is complex designed to pump water from the ditch — drainage pumps and piping. Drainage of excavation is planned for May-early June 2013, after which it will begin full-scale concrete works.

Lower-Bureyskaya GES — counterregulator Bureyskaya plant, the second station Bureyskiy hydroelectric complex. The design capacity of the plant — 320 MW (4 hydraulic), the average annual output — 1650 million kWh In addition to generating electricity, an important function of the Lower Bureyskaya plant is uneven alignment within days of discharges from Bureyskaya HPP. Construction of Lower Bureyskaya plant started in 2010.

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