Lukashenko on the Customs Union: We are located in the standby mode

Belarus has never had a "selfish interests", developing the Customs Union "three" and going on integration, including — in the Union of Belarus and Russia. This was stated by President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko met with the executive secretary of the Customs Union Commission Sergei Glazyev.

According to Alexander Lukashenko, the Belarusian side is to blame for the fact that the Union of Belarus and Russia not everything. Like, the Belarusian side does not have the resources to its braking, the union was created, "to set an example, as long as they achieve the opposite." According to Lukashenko, Belarus will not interfere with other integration education, but will be based on national interests.

According to him, "when we begin to openly show that you are on the bench replacement — we do not accept this approach and, if possible, we struggle with that." If it is absolutely unacceptable to us, we will find other ways.

"We will demand that our partners to fulfill those promises and our arrangements. Indeed, when it came to the Customs Union — Belarus will join, do not join. And if you do not join, we have here the tilt. How do you tilt if we with Russia in this regard too far and it is all under contract? How can we build a border, if we are not members of the Customs Union between Belarus and Russia? Then we have to denounce all the agreements that we have. That is, no one looks at the the treaties, if not, we have to bend over and so on. We it is very alarming. We are working on it, while in sleep mode, to make it better. "

Sergei Glazyev told about the formation of the Customs Union. It is expected that within five years the GDP growth in the Customs Union will be about 15%. Receive a special benefit businesses in the area of industrial cooperation. Like, the "transition period was not without roughness, but the whole process came to a tough track." Mr. Glazyev believes that in the next few months can these "shurpatastsi" eliminate.

What caused the meeting with Alexander Lukashenko Glaziev? Political analyst Alexander Klaskouski said:

"The fact that a representative of Moscow, Minsk came to reflect the current major problems in the construction of the Customs Union. Indeed, although the paper and signed, but not untied knots of contradictions. And now there is this phase of the satisfaction of the interests behind the scenes. Though these interests are so different, that is not a fact that they will be peaceful. And here is a very cautious rhetoric Lukashenko. He does not hide that Belarus took the position of expectations. And before Lukashenko sharply said that the Customs Union of Russia, this is not necessary, and if that — we will be to blame for its demise. This is just in case underlain straw when it bursts rather wryly raised integrative structure, for which the first traces the interests of Moscow. And the phrase, that is Belarus has no selfish interests, has a subtext, since it is easy to guess who may have selfish interests under this sign. "



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