Lukashenko wants to report


Man: "For the sake of the elections. He's always at this time passes. This self-promotion. Advertise election. They will be announced, possibly this year. In November and December."

Man: "Well, elections soon. And he wants to say something to that effect. And what exactly — I do not know. Time will tell. Pursues he, of course, some their interests."

"Soon will start the campaign — will treat this issue., You understand that there is not only steers Lukashenko, but also his team. She will do anything that might have a greater legitimacy to remain in power. And, most likely, it will be . Sorry. "

"In order to prepare for the next elections. He anecdote:" Dakole you, Alexander G., will be in charge? "Well, the answer is:" Before Kohli, to Kolya. "

Man: "Well, the report wants. Because they made the deal."

Young people: "In order to define further the goals and run for another term. Such is the tradition has developed. Already somehow nowhere to retreat. Just do not need anything extra to state, that is, in any case, this event is covered on television. And it is clear that additional efforts No need to make. "

Two young men: "In order to start his campaign. To increase the votes themselves. Will any law to the same pension pensioners raise. And then they vote for him. Students pension …"

Young Man: "In order to raise the confidence of the people. Situation is now such, and with Russia, and other countries are not very good. Deteriorated. Showed well at ONT and other channels. People also need to explain anything."

Woman: "Probably to prepare for the elections. Mark, what our country has achieved under his rule. Put the focus on the successes."

Man: "Maybe for the elections. Maybe a new term."

Man: "It's his politics. It also periodically conducts such meetings. Soon elections. Even though it is so obvious that he will go to the polls. Term is appropriate. Wow report. Tasks Put everything to be better and better."

Man: "The elections soon to raise the rating in the eyes of the people. According to tradition, to the same 90 percent."

Young people: "In connection with the election to persuade even more."

Man: "Discuss current issues facing the state. Main buyer of our products who? — Russia. Main energy supplier who? — Russia. Perhaps these questions will be discussed."

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