Lukashenko was friends with Hafez, is friends with Bashar

In Belarus the first official visit to the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Today he met with Alexander Lukashenko, tomorrow will take part in a bilateral economic forum.

Encountering Bashar al-Assad, Alexander Lukashenko said that Syria and Belarus can make significant progress in the political, economic and trade areas:

"You are our friends, and friends we are able to build relationships. Assume that you are our friends, and we are ready for you to do whatever you want."

A. Lukashenko visited Syria twice — in 1998 and 2003. The first time he had met with the father Bashar al-Assad, Hafez, who ruled Syria 30 years, until his death in 2000, and was able to hand over power to his son.

Today A. Lukashenko warmly remembered his meeting with Hafez Assad:

"My first friend in the Muslim world in general and in the East was Hafez al-Assad. Still remember the time spent with him. He told me a lot was going on in the world, the relationship between the USSR and the countries of the East. I remember it with great warmth, because, for me, a young politician, it was a real political lesson. As a result, I looked at a lot of things with different eyes. "

Alexander Lukashenko has found a common language with Bashar al-Assad. In particular, he said in an interview with him: "We have exactly the same views on the world order." And he Bashar Assad called Belarus and Syria friends who pursue independent policies and can rely on each other.

Minsk political scientist Alexander Klaskouski is estimated as follows unity of views:

"This has long been the declared principle of the Belarusian diplomacy — to build bridges in the first place with those countries that do not impose problems to the Belarusian authorities on human rights. Because so many contacts with the countries of the third world countries undemocratic. Authoritarian regimes are rallying. In today's world where stronger democratic trends, they have to establish their authoritarian International, to resist these trends. "

Together with Bashar Assad arrived in Minsk delegation of Syrian business amounted to more than 100 people. Tomorrow they will take part in a meeting of the Board of bilateral business cooperation. Prepared to sign an agreement and projects in the fields of engineering, agriculture, education and tourism. Raw wants to buy in Belarus buses and agricultural machinery, Belarus proposes to create on Syrian territory assembly plants of its equipment — MAZ, MTZ and MWTP — but expects the Syrian investment.

Trade turnover between the two countries is small — last year it was $ 58 million, including imports from Syria — about 2 million.

Independent economist Yaroslav Romanchuk consider joint projects with Syria useful in times of economic crisis:

"Let these contacts are developing, though there will be more, but we must not forget that all this is in comparison with Russia and the European Union, Poland, Ukraine — nothing."

Yaroslav Romanchuk noted that, among other things, Belarus sells weapons to Syria, but the information about it remains closed.


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