The body of the sorcerer — this sheath for the blade spirit.
I do not have a teacher,
Life is my teacher.
I have no ruler,
Karna my lord.
I have no weapons,
Unyielding Will — my weapon.
I have no strength,
Unbreakable spirit — my fortress.
And I'm dying again
To be born the way I want.


(Hymn of the Rig Veda — Vedic sacred books).

Topic of the Magi is probably the most available for research and study, because for the last thousand years, the Magi were the most scathing of the population.

Now there are people samonazyvayuschiesya Magi. They do not know the ancient mysteries and do not own spheres of light, but use against themselves the supreme title of dedication. If we continue this vicious practice, you can get the administrative — bureaucratic apparatus, unable to act.

According to extant data, the Magi could rise into the air, walk on it, to live under the water safely be injured, to read in the past, predict the future, become invisible, dying and rising, cure disease, and perform many other actions which we treat as a miracle.

In order to become a magician, it was necessary to achieve recognition of the divine Pantheon, Then all the requests and desires again to connect to it man. For this it was necessary to go through a long process of training and testing, and then the gods covered sorcerer their light and possibilities, and the man became an initiate, ie it acquired magical, divine attributes. In Greek, the name remained Sciences: tavmaturgiya — chudotvorstvo with Gods, in contrast to the Demiurge — chudotvorstvo by their abilities. The man recognized Russian Gods can read and understand ancient books of magic, the ritual. Magus was not the only mediator between man and the Pantheon, but also the creator of the Pantheon. According to ancient ideas, God is not only the spirit, born of humanity, but the plant through which the divine makeup egregore, animal, through which God reveals his will; crystal, through which God sends the magical properties, food, fixing the divine attributes of man, is to be built the force of the universe, determined by the level of followers vestizma Official Gazette.

True wealth in antiquity was considered relationship with the Gods, which gave the man a real force. Because to communicate with God, then, to become God. The names were real wealth. They laid the divine frequency ratio, which penetrate into the body of the man himself transformed in God. Sustainable Russian phrase that parents utter, and uttered before the Magi, "Do not tarnish his name," is not portable, and the plain meaning and it is identical to another Russian phrase, "Do not tarnish your honor."

Any improper action destroys the divine frequency ratio in the human body and leads to loss of the divine power of his name, because the lost relationship with the Gods. And then the name is no longer valid, so it's important to keep his name clean.

The Bible specifically occult invaders imposed ban, calling them "commandments" (the correct name of "commandments" or canons and precepts — is that outside of the Vedas), to stop the ascent of man to the divine ladder of evolution, for without an oath or swearing can not be obtained divine power. If iudohristianskie tales of spiritual perfection certainly lead to the divine power, then for the last two thousand years, we have seen a lot of people-gods.

When the Hebrews stole Vedic precepts from the Aryans, then borrowed them not one to one, and somewhere to change them, and distorted, including throwing away a very important clause. This biblical commandment "Thou shalt not kill 'Aryans have is:' Thou shalt not kill unless absolutely necessary." We Aryans is much wiser, though, of course, in this form of the command you want to think harder and his own head when it's these extreme circumstances, and when not. Because the Jews did not count on smart, they decided to make a full clarity. In their version of 'Thou shalt not kill' complete certainty, to think is not necessary, but the content is stupid. Absolutes and definitely easier, but life is complicated and it is not vtisnesh absolutes, we have to somehow specify the context. Besides, in real life, how many people live, as they violate the commandment and.

For the authors of modern dictionaries faith — a religion, and religion — a faith. In reality, the Russian word FAITH associated with words such as perfection, fulfillment, top of that witness to the faith as a special form of art search of the ideal, designed to improve human rights and peace. Therefore, the purpose of faith was not only the search of ideals (new perfections), but also the creation of the gods in nature, and strengthening ties with existing human gods (ie having a natural origin). That is why the invaders destroy the faith, making up false books of the Bible, which is the basis of three false religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Institute of Vedic orthodoxy, who supported a man faith and religion and helped reach a divine state (contact with the gods and the Lord), but this was still one of its main purposes: to help all the dead people to go back to that life. At the end of XIX century Russian philosopher Nikolai Fedorovich Fedorov, intuitively feeling the ancient purpose of the Magi, in his "Philosophy of the common cause," proclaimed "the resurrection of the Fathers" and "overcoming death." That's what the wise men of antiquity have successfully undertaken to enslave us by the forces of Satan, which we planted the idea of the Savior. Do not do anything, Salvation and all of us in bulk will save. But if the person himself can not save himself, how God will save him? If a person can not quit smoking, as for him, it can make a god?

How much has been said that if we do not save ourselves, no Savior save us will not. To save ourselves, we need to awaken your soul. Listening to ancient music, reading Vedic books, in the end, we find the thing to music or a book that will awaken in our souls the memories of past lives, the soul wakes up, and then the person becomes the owner of the fantastic knowledge of our ancestors.

Christianity will die in Russia is because, despite the stupidity of the masses, the Russian people as a whole was still not as stupid as it could be, and it is pleasing and encouraging. Look at the attitude of the Russian people to Christianity. Despite forcibly impose this alien religion for Russia and 1000 years of Christian stultification, starts from the cradle and from school, the Russian people, with a particular millennial experience with Christianity, retained common sense and healthy skepticism toward Christianity, and especially to its ministers. This is best seen from the main cultural traditions of the people — a Russian folk tales, proverbs and sayings. Almost everywhere in them a negative attitude to the priests, disrespectful and mocking.

In the transition to a new era of war exacerbated the Gods. Most important in the assessment of the current political situation — is that occult satanists, the ruling Christian world, lose control of this world. Why, after all, it would seem, everything is under control? The fact of the matter is that everything is under control at the middle management level, and the higher levels of management have exhausted themselves. All satanic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Communism) exhausted. They have no future, only the present and the short. That is why the Satanists in America frantically 'cook' a new religion, trying to create a new global information warfare.

But it's not that they will succeed. The main thing is that their millennia game unraveled, all their methods are known and all they come up with, is easily calculated. Their knowledge becomes public. And having lost the monopoly of knowledge — they automatically lose and power.

Besides the very satanic control concept based on lies and violence, has no future, and if it does not change, civilization on Earth will simply cease to exist. This is clear by the occult and Satanists. And the general position of the Earth is suitable because of this management to a global catastrophe. The threat of a nuclear catastrophe, environmental disaster, impoverishment and exhaustion of mineral resources, the emergence of the ozone 'hole' in the atmosphere, the biosphere and the threat of degeneration of the individual. This is all the realities of today. Conclusion — the very concept of global governance must be changed.

The most serious blow to Russia's enemies — is the change of the Jewish religion on the Russian national Vedic religion. Nothing is more powerful there. THIS IS A BLOW TO HIGHER PRIORITIES GENERALIZED controls (CONTROL). The new religion takes people to a new information field and takes it out of the trap of the information, in which the Jews were loaded Russian and other peoples of Russia. Switching to Russian national Vedic orthodoxy — a global change of mindset. Reset all the false values that Jews poisoned the minds of the Russian people. No transition to a new information space Russian people will flock bio-robots in the hands of Jewish Satanists and their owners. Restoring the national religion, we connect to our fight gigantic force — our Russian (Aryan) Gods.

In iudohristian a god — it's Satan, we, Russian, — their gods. You can not be both a Russian and a Christian.

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