Mankind protects environment by only 12% of the land surface

Reserves cover only 12% of the land and 7.2% of coastal areas, said the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) on Monday.

More than 180,000 protected areas currently occupy 12% of the Earth's land area and 7.2% of coastal waters. They play an important role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and help people adapt to climate change — leads IUCN log data Solutions.

As noted by an environmental organization, conservation areas absorb almost 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions. For example, taiga forest and peatland area of 1.63 million hectares in Russia's Komi Republic absorb about 71.5 million tons of CO2-equivalent. Reserves of tropical forests, the total area of 24 million hectares in Bolivia, Mexico, and Venezuela, "eat" about 4 million tonnes of CO2-equivalent. The cost of this useful work done by the tropical forest, is assessed at between $ 39 to $ 87 billion.

As explained by the RIA Novosti news program manager biodiversity WWF Russia Vladimir Krever, as agreed at last year's meeting of the International Convention on Biodiversity, about 17% of the land and 10% of the Earth's marine areas should receive protected status in 2020.

According to him, in Russia and about 12% of the land included in the system of protected areas and marine reserves now occupy less than 1%.

In principle, the land near the Russian normal levels, but often the area is protected only on paper due to lack of funding. Even worse is the situation with marine reserves: there are two of them — the Far East and Commander, while the waters have a lot — added Krever.

He noted that WWF Russia 3-4 months finalize plan for protected areas of Russia.

"The fact is that the climate is changing, and we also adjust their plans. Changed the situation in the Arctic, for which we used to be cool. Due to the beginning of the active development of the region and the increase in temperature, there can be problems with preservation of the Arctic nature" — Krever said.

Ministry of Natural Resources comments on the current situation of protected areas (PAs), and plans to change their areas RIA Novosti has not yet been obtained.

According to the Ministry of Natural Resources in September, in Russia there are 98 territories with a reserve status and 42 national parks. The total area of protected areas at the federal level is 55.6 million hectares, including 45.4 million hectares are on land and inland freshwater and 10.2 million hectares — in marine areas.

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