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Matrix world — an illusion, existing only in the infinite dream doomed humanity. Cold world of the future in which people — only the battery in the computer systems.

The trilogy consists of three features:

the movie "The Matrix":

Matrix 1 — The Matrix

Clerk of one American company Thomas Anderson discovers that the world is all that is around, just a product of a computer program — the Matrix. In reality, the world has long been ruled by machines, which are grown men on special plantations and used as energy sources. But if the people who oppose the machines, they live in a single city, and to which the machine has not been able to get to, and from time to time included in the Matrix. Thomas Anderson gets a new name — Neo learns that he is elected and that he will destroy the Matrix, to free people from the power of machines.

Matrix 2 — Reloaded

To fulfill its mission favorite Neo must meet with architects, those who created the Matrix, but find a way to architect very difficult. Meanwhile, Agent Smith has found the possibility of spontaneous copy, and now Smith ready to take on any Neo alone, now Neo must fight with an army of Agent Smiths. Machines all continue to look for ways to get into town people — Zeon, hunters prowl everywhere. Neo is the last hope of humanity, if it will fail in the human world will cease to exist.

Matrix 3 — Revolution

The machine starts the last decisive assault of single people — Zeon. Forces defenders is not enough for you to reflect this pressure, they only die defending his city. Neo decides to go to the heart of a car to prevent the fall of Zeon and perform predestined him. Now it is not the Matrix controls the Smith and Smith controls the Matrix, he is out of control machines. If Neo can resist Smith, then in humans and Zeon has a chance to survive, but if Neo can not cope — it's all over.

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