Media statement about the beginning of the ice age in 2014 are unfounded

 Statements of imminent "ice age", reprinted in the media is unfounded and inconsistent with current understanding of climate change, experts say.

Earlier, some media reported that Russian scientists predict the beginning of "Ice Age" in 2014. According to the authors in the journal "Natural Gas Industry", observed with the XX century the increase in global average temperature is out of the "Little Ice Age", followed by re-cooling followed caused the minimum of solar activity.

"All these catastrophism — should still be a level of evidence. And now people are using other people's results and said it expected (" Ice Age ") since 2014 … You can not feed the people and disaster and scare, we must first consider and adequately evaluate (the situation). I do not see convincing arguments ", — said the director of the Institute of Atmospheric Physics, RAS name (IFARAN) Igor Mokhov.

According to him, the importance of the Article "natural" factors, such as solar activity cycles, is not denied, and they are studied in detail climatologists, however, "only solar activity does not explain the recent changes." Moreover, growth temperature, and even local cooling are possible, but they do not eliminate the "general warming, at least at the present level of understanding of the situation," said Mokhov.

Coordinator of the "Climate and energy" of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia Alexei Kokorin also noted that part of the article on the problem of climate change, "is a" mess "of bits of information gathered by non-professionals" who are not climate scientists and do not have "no papers, not even speaking in the scientific community of climate scientists."

"This is nonsense, to which serious newspapers should not react," — said Kokorin.

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