Mediators in our lives, or how degraded humanity

The life of modern man is impossible to imagine without the mediation, which, I believe, was the reason for our millennial degradation.

That's how it was before? The man lived in close proximity to nature, is directly received from nature food, energy sources. Worshiped directly wood, earth, sky, fire, water, moon, planets …

And then what happened? Later in life began to appear intermediaries. Appeared agriculture and people do not take to nature for their natural food. Now he is given food, not free of course, farmers, peasants, shops … for agriculture, has become a business, destroyed forests, destroyed biodiversity. If the system crashes, many people will die of hunger — they are completely dependent on middlemen.

And it is very difficult now to find a natural food — most of the products that we feed — weakened unnatural selection, stuffed chemistry, undermining our health, stripped of unripe fruit and vegetables, meat, obtained by mass murder living in hell our four-legged "friends" with legal status of movable property.

What about energy? Here, too, we have completely lost their independence: we can not go into the forest and free to take ours by right tree. We have to pay our brokers pushed around-monopolist. Mediators lodge us in vertical boxes, taking himself horizontal space they ruthlessly exploited, depleted, turn the land into a desert. Here, too, the system will fail, the vast majority of us, especially those who are estranged from nature, will have a very difficult life.

What has become of our faith? There intermediaries. First we came up with himself, or rather — for us to come up with — every grandparents, uncles and aunts, we called them gods, and who worshiped forgetting about nature, about living, about the real. Then, very quickly there were other uncle, who became the mediators of these mediators, and pushed us further away from nature. So much so, that we kiss their hands, and they teach us how to live by the laws of "Gods of intermediaries", invented their caste. We believe all this. We believe that man must build himself a paradise on earth, but that he must make the remaining lands in hell, especially for other living beings.

Not all agree to live by those laws and principles. Many people, all of them more, back to nature. They are often declared insane. Mediators squeal hatred to people and people who want to lose their yoke.

Let us respect, love nature, to protect it. Protect Life. And not because someone said so, but because it is — right.

The film contains a number of archaeological evidence that people around a lot longer than is commonly believed. It explores how these materials relate to the evidence drawn from the Vedic scriptures.

Translation and voice over: Alexander Zhelnin

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