MEP will develop criteria impact of climate change on health

Criteria effects on health and mortality effects of climate change (drought, destruction of permafrost and others) will be developed by July MEP in 2013, according to the Government of the Russian Federation.

"Development of criteria parameters (thresholds), the conditions of the Russian Security under climate change with regard to the health of individual social groups (an increase in morbidity and mortality), droughts and wetlands, forest fire, permafrost degradation, ecological imbalance, infectious and parasitic diseases, increasing the cost of electricity for air conditioning in the summer, "- said in a paper published in the government database.

These criteria will be part of a plan to implement the climate doctrine.

The Russian government in April 2011, adopted a plan to implement the climate doctrine until 2020. The plan calls for measures such areas as information, socio-economic and scientific climate policy, operational and long-term measures to adapt to climate change, operational measures to mitigate human impact on climate and the international cooperation on climate change.

Climate Doctrine of the Russian Federation was adopted in 2009. The document provides for the need to allocate resources to monitoring of negative phenomena and the creation of a rapid response to such emergencies.

The doctrine also identifies areas for action, which Russia intends to undertake in the field of climate change. This, above all, about energy efficiency of the Russian economy and technological upgrading. However, in a climate doctrine reflects the view of scientists that "the proportion of the human impact on climate change remains difficult and uncertain computable."

The head of the climate program of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia Alexei Kokorin told RIA Novosti that, in his opinion, it is important to begin the development of criteria is "a medical (health), they are better than the others see what impact (climate change health) there is a great and, of course, negative. "

"The document is very necessary and good. Basically, all this had been done according to the plan implementation Climate Doctrine, but it's … it says. Pity … that this is done frequently (in the world) when there Krimsky or New Orleans" — concluded Kokorin.

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