Meteorologists canceled after keeping 90 years record heat on Earth

Experts from the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) officially recognized as invalid established 90 years ago in Libya's record of the highest temperatures in the world — 58 degrees Celsius, in the opinion of scientists, record temperature was measured with error.

"Now, the official status of the hottest places in the world belongs to the National Park" Death Valley "in California, U.S., which has the same importance to meteorologists, like Mount Everest for geographers," — said the WMO.

As previously thought, the historical maximum surface temperature was recorded exactly 90 years ago, September 13, 1922 in the Libyan town of Aziziyah, 40 kilometers south of Tripoli. The measured value is then — 58.0 degrees Celsius — was the highest temperature since the beginning of regular measurements in 1880 and to the present.

Data from the Italian weather station, were recognized throughout the world as a record of temperature. However, in the 1950s, some scientists after studying historical records, meteorological instruments and climatic conditions "heat pole" expressed doubt of its truth. Some, in particular, to consider that the temperature in Al-Aziziyah was about 56 degrees.

Since 2010, the WMO committee composed of experts of climate from Libya, Italy, Spain, Egypt, France, Morocco, Argentina, the USA and the UK conducted a thorough investigation into the circumstances in which we measured the temperature record.

The research, conducted in dangerous conditions in the Libyan revolution in 2011, have shown that the error in the measurement was around 7 degrees.

WMO Evaluation Committee concluded that in 1922, the observations conducted an inexperienced observer, not training to work with the device, "evidence of which could be easily misinterpreted and incorrectly entered in the record book."

The global archive of extreme weather and climate events, supported by the WMO Commission for Climatology, invalidated the extreme temperatures of 58 degrees, measured in Aziziyah in 1922. Now, the official record of the highest surface temperature was 56.7 degrees value, which was registered July 10, 1913 in Grinlend-Ranch (Death Valley) in California (USA).

"This study shows that due to constant improvements in meteorology and climatology expert climatologists can now conduct a second review of past weather data in much more detail than ever before. This results in an improved climate data sets for the analysis of important global and regional issues variability and climate change, "- said Randall Cervinia (Randall Cerveny), Rapporteur of the WMO climate and weather extremes.

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