Methods of purification of space and energy security

Methods of purification of space and energy security

If you want to succeed in personal relationships and business, you need to create in your home and in the workplace all the conditions for a good flow of qi energy, have an unlimited life-giving force.

Upgrade the space where you spend a lot of time, energy magically change the entire room and promotes success in all matters. Cope with stagnant negative energy in the room allows inflows of young and fresh energy that fills the house and supports chi energy indoors healthy and strong.

One of the most effective ways to enhance the flow of positive energy is to clean space.


Cleansing space — this is the first thing to do if you want to change your life for the better. Engage in the practice of feng shui, it should be noted that it may not give you the desired results if your house is not open to the influx of new beneficial energy.

Many people start clearing space because they feel stagnant in solving a particular problem. Stagnation, was formed somewhere in the flow of your life, always the kind of blockage in one part of your home, so when the energy in the house is cleaned and re-starts to move, the problem begins to resolve.

It is believed that the walls and the furniture in our house are keeping the story before the events at the energy level. Negative or recurring events are deposited in the energy space and can greatly affect the residents.

When your home is filled with things that you like or use often, they charge you with energy. A debris, in contrast, have a strong negative impact.

In terms of energy, all the events in the room, apart waves in your house, like a stone thrown into a river. Any event, if it is accompanied by strong negative emotions, spiritual experiences, or physical injury, leaving the imprint of the energy of these events differs on the premises, where they accumulate in the corners and crevices, as well as in dark unventilated areas and remote places.

It is believed that children are more sensitive to subtle energy than adults. In the room with negative energy they are cranky, cry and act excited and nervous. Also remember that children are afraid of the space under the bed, they will not sleep in a room with open doors wardrobe, do not like the dark corners. And this is quite a natural reaction!

Each of us makes every day a certain amount of psychic debris that leaves traces on the astral level. Just as in the physical world we need to clean up the room, throwing trash and old broken things, wash, wash dishes, vacuum and wipe the dust, so also at the level of fine perception should periodically clean the space.

As well as space, objects can be energetic cleansing. If you accept a gift or buy a previously owned item to someone, be careful, because with it you get the energy and fingerprints of the holder. And the more the previous owner loved this thing, was fond of her and used it, the more the energy vibration of the subject.

Possessing skills psychometric experienced person can, for example, take the ring belonging to another person, and, by interpreting the frequency of vibration of the ring, to tell this man everything, never even met him. That is why many people want to have something that belonged to a famous person, or to what he touched. Therefore, personal belongings of movie stars, football heroes and the like so highly prized.

Purification of energy left predecessors

From personal experience, I can say that the energy, go to the "inherited" make history repeat itself. Your life can affect not only the stagnant energy that left you in person, but the "tail" left by people who lived in this place before you.

For example, if a couple who lived in the house before, which now inhabit you're divorced, it's possible that this has happened to them, and it is likely that your story can be repeated because the energy is still present there. Moving to a new home, try to find out who is up to you to live in this place, what kind of lifestyle they lead and what events they have occurred.

Methods of purification of space and energy security

Cleansing space — an effective method that is completely "clean" to you or that place, as well as promotes healing on a physical and emotional level of tenants homes.

If someone died in the house, you just need to spend cleaning power. Usually the problem is not dying as such, but in a violent death. Dying — it's completely natural. This is the return of the physical world back to the world of energy. Death your right — it is a great art … So, the problem usually lies in the traces left behind in the house after the death of grief and despair, close friends of the deceased and the purification of the space is an excellent way to remove them so that life could go on.

Cleansing space also creates a niche for personal growth. Use techniques of purification space to develop creativity, improve well-being and quality of life, to attract love and romance.

Purification of space will help you achieve what you want out of your life, because when cleaning areas of the energy field is cleaner and your personal energy field (aura). Thus, the message that you are sending the world, becoming more and more affordable. You create a space in which something new can happen, and the world can successfully fill it with what you want.

So, you need to carry out cleaning at your home if:

— If you want to improve their lives, develop creativity, build relationship, improve the material well-being and health

— If you want to solve problems, which up to this point was not possible to solve.

— If you were settled in an apartment or a house in which you have someone lived.

— If your home was a place of death of any of the tenants.

— If your house there are frequent quarrels, spiritual experiences.

— If you or your family members likely to be depressed, feeling down.

— If you often feel uncomfortable at home.

— If your family are sick or feel weak.

— If your house is a lot of corners, slots, small rooms and dark rooms.

— If your house often have visitors, not all of which rank. For example, you are working at home and taking clients at home or you are visited by relatives, the sincerity of which you are not sure.

Part 2. Methods for cleaning up the space of stagnant energy.

Preparations for cleaning

Before you spend energy clearing space to make the house-cleaning. By spring cleaning I mean not just washing, ironing, washing floors, wiping dust and placing things in their places.

First, break down all the things, and throw or give everything you have not used for over a year. If within one year thing you will not be useful, it is not generally useful ever. Disassemble antrisoli bags and try not to keep any boxes and drawers under the bed, especially with the old stuff.

Remove from the house all the old newspapers and magazines, they often contain negative and outdated information and contribute to the accumulation of negative energy. Refuse storage shelf "one-off" detectives — products of mass production of modern writers.

Point the house is not only the external order. Remove all items from the shelves and cabinets, clean the dust with a clean damp cloth, even where it can not be, do not forget the far corners and roof racks. Movement always contributes to the renewal of energy. Be sure to wash the windows, and how to ventilate the room. Wash all the crystal and glass objects in your home, including lighting. Crystal — a great way to transform negative energy into positive. Light rays passing through the crystal, heals and converted to the life-giving energy of qi.

The best time to clear space — immediately after harvest. Best done in the afternoon cleaning the light of day. Effectively carry out cleansing of the gap between the full moon and new moon. But the best time to perform the ritual cleansing of the space are the last two weeks before the new lunar year.

During cleaning, try to make you one of the way. Ask someone to sit with your children, do not let the appearance of strangers in the performance of the procedure.

Most animals, especially cats, love to be present in the room where the cleaning, as they can capture the movement of energy, so do not turn them. Cats are not afraid of negative energies, on the contrary, they always choose for their pastime places with excess negative energy, which is why they are trying to get into the most remote and inaccessible corners of the room, as well as come to his master "cure" him, lying on the affected part of the body .

By the time the purification of space in a small apartment should take you 1-2 hours. In many ways, of course, the time of purification depends on past the house, as well as on your pace. It is best to keep the purification vigorous pace to energy is not frozen before you have completed the process.

Highlights space purification

1. Do not attempt to space purification if you experience feelings of anxiety or fear.

These techniques are safe, but are designed for everyday personal use.

2. Perform cleaning when you are in good physical shape, emotionally secure and able to concentrate.

3. Avoid cleansing during pregnancy or menstruation, or if you have an open wound.

4. Think about what you want from your life. If you are sharing the space with others, be sure to consult with them.

5. For best results, first of all conduct a physical cleaning of premises: sweep, wash, vacuum it, and scraped away all the debris.

6. Take a bath or shower or at least wash your face and hands.

7. Take away food and drinks in closed containers or cabinets.

8. Remove any jewelry or other metal objects. Work possible barefoot.

9. Work alone, if other people do not fully understand what you are doing.

10. Work in silence, without musical accompaniment. Turn off all fans and other noisy devices.

11. Open a door or window.

12. Find a suitable place of power and place where the tools that may be useful in purifying.

13. Roll up your sleeves and increase the sensitivity of their hands.

Setting up a home

Before you start cleaning the space, take a little time to sit quietly in silence, walk around the house and tune in to its vibration. Mentally state the premises of its intention.

In fact, during the purification of the energy you reactivate the house. It's like cleaning rust: Before you delete, you need it scraped off the surface. When purging is very important how you breathe. Proper breathing techniques can help you get in touch with the energy of the house. When present in the premises by other residents of the house, make sure that they, too, breathe properly. Breathe when cleaning should slowly and deeply. As you and your cleansing accompanying can forget about breathing and start breathing shallow. Try to ensure that this does not happen.

During the cleansing you need to connect with their home, to realize that he, too, can feel and perceive, so watch your dwelling with respect and love.

Most people are familiar with that feeling when going into a room, we think, "It's very nice," or "I would not want to live here." Thus, we catch the energy space, we understand its true nature.

To get in touch with your home, get up close to the main entrance. This may be the front door, go door to your apartment, or Login to your room. Focus, focus all your energy. Visualize your chakras are in a state of equilibrium. Then focus your attention on the surface of your aura. Aura — is your energy field with egg shape. It can scale, and shear force of will (for example, the expression "sweet dream" is our natural ability to attract aura closer to the body when we fall asleep.) Imagine your aura increases to the size of the house. Expand your heart chakra (you can think of flower blossoms, perhaps a beautiful pink) and invoke a feeling of love. Let your love will fill the entire space. Mentally identify yourself and state your intentions.

First, you may have difficulty. You may find that the house did not come into contact with you. But after a while you will succeed. You might even become one of those strange people who came back from work at night, stroking the walls of his apartment and said to her, "Hello." Friendly relations with the house are real. You can also give it a name, to further strengthen them.

Since the purification

Now is the time to interact with the energy of your home on a material level. Starting from the main entrance, go around the room clockwise, feeling his energy. At the same time, use their hands and engage the senses. Get up against the wall near the front door, put up your hand at shoulder height and bend it at the elbow, the hand of this should be ten inches from the door. Bend the brush at an angle of 90 degrees to the wrist, and the fingers facing up, and the open hand facing the door. Let your hand be completely relaxed. Now start slowly "stroking" the energy field of the front door, as if you pet a cat. The motion is carried horizontally at shoulder level in the direction you are facing, ie from themselves. Feel with tenderness. Constantly mentally remind home of their desire to make contact with him in order to carry out its cleansing. At some point, you have a feeling that the energy slightly Gives Way. This means that the house began to open up to you. If you already have a habit of occasionally stroking the walls and furniture, in this case, the house will give way to you immediately. Those who easily gets along with people and animals, as a rule, very successfully "tied conversation" and the buildings. All this time you have to be in a state of increased susceptibility, listening to the house at all levels. Interaction with the house

Spending cleansing your home, listen to his message. Perhaps your home can not wait to tell you about their needs. After all, he was silent for years! However, if you are the type of people prone to flights of fancy, the Moderate your ardor. You may, unwittingly, upload your brains all contrived information. Reality and fiction share a very fine line. Try to see things as they are, and be open-minded at the same time. After making a few stroking movements and assimilate all available information at this stage, start slowly bypass room around the inside perimeter. Use with your hands and all the senses.

Feeling the energy

Keep in mind that your ability to feel the energy of the house washes not appear immediately and not be clear. Do not worry, because the techniques presented here will apply even if you do not feel the energy with which you work.

On a physical level, you can feel the energy is different. For example, you may feel that your hand is immersed in something sticky and viscous, like honey, and she enveloped hundreds of thin webs, hands you can feel heat and cold, you can feel the aching bone pain, or tingling in your hands.

However, even if you feel pleasant, keep in mind that all of you sticking to the energy you need to get rid of. If you have a feeling that you accidentally picked up some energy (and stagnant energy is highly contagious), it should be washed off soon! Take you to note that the energy just stick to the hands and sometimes the forearm. If the feeling is very strong, then shake hands several times to regain their sensitivity.

Light a candle set in the key areas of your home, burn incense, holy water spray or water saturated with aromatic oils, to set the home fresh flowers and plants and say affirmations, mantras or prayers — that you prefer. You can mentally communicate with the spirits of earth, fire, water and air, if you are close. Many people prefer to start the ritual pour salt thin tracks across all doors.

Flowers should be placed as follows: Set the candle in the center of the saucer, put flowers around her head, so that they looked buds out. Try to keep the composition looked most attractive.

Especially important not to overlook the master bedroom and the place near the stove, where food is prepared for all the inhabitants of the house. In Feng Shui center is seen as a symbolic expression of the welfare of the family.

Ideally, these floral arrangements to be present in every room of the house. Initially put on the chosen place a small sheet of paper, and have it put a flower offering. Next put a burning incense stick, then light the candles and sprinkle holy water or fragrant composition prepared using as a "vessel" flower head.

At similar offerings you to reach out to the house guardian spirits and the spirits of the elements. Flowers symbolize Earth Incense — the element of air, burning candles — fire and holy water — the water element. Candle to breathe life into the ceremony, and as beacons guide the beneficial energies. They help to clear the space while working.

After the ceremony did not extinguish the candle and let it burn itself out to the end. If you need somewhere to go, they put out on time, and on returning home light up again.


Cleansing space by clapping

Loud and resounding claps his hands are excellent stimulant for the resolution of stagnant energy. Clapping their hands, go around the perimeter of the house, feeling the energy, as described above, with an outstretched arm. Each time to the corner, make a few quick and energetic claps to disperse stagnant energy. However, after the slamming not forget to wash your hands under running water.

When performing claps best "prohlopyvat" all angle from top to bottom, beginning to make popping below the waist and ending overhead. During the procedure, imagine how this place is perfectly clean, and after claps progladte energy of this place his hands to calm the flow of energy.

If you make a complete cleansing of the house, open wide all the cupboards, wardrobes, doors and drawers in the house and applaud. Methodically going through all the corners and crevices of a step-by-step. At some point you will begin to feel so much energy that you can determine exactly where still remained stagnant energy, and where she had left her home place.

Do not overlook electronic appliances, especially monitors and TVs, as well as other places where static electricity.

When you have already done three quarters of the way through the house, it is often a hearing effect resembling an echo. This means that this stage of purification is almost complete. If such a response is no, then you need to repeat your way. Perhaps you have not been sufficiently included in the process or the work was too much. It happens that all the clapping sound the same, but do not let that discourage. Better so than not to clap at all! Usually a single bypass enough.

If you have at home is a very close and tight corners, which probably stagnant negative energy, and the places in this corner is so small that make sweeping cotton is not possible, fold his hands, palms together and tuck into a narrow space. Then spread your hands, just as the crocodile opens its mouth, and make cotton.

Very, very important to remember to wash your hands under running water after you finish clapping. In this case, rinse the whole "psychic debris" that could attach itself to you. As a result, you will feel refreshed and ready to go immediately to the next step.


Cleansing space using bells and singing bowls

Creating a sacred circle of sounds

So, you start to bypass the building a third time. Select a bell with the deepest sound, appropriate space, you are going to clean (the larger the room, the greater must be the sound.) Getting up in front of the house, call him once, and then listen. Having done this a few times in different rooms, you will immediately realize that you have installed contact with the energy of the place from the first time or you need to call again. If in doubt, repeat the procedure two or three times.

Walk around with a bell, make sure that it corresponds to the sound room. The more spacious building, the deeper must be sound. Begin the bypass door, holding a bell as close to the wall, but so that he bumped against it. Place it above the waist — is better for the heart. Moving forward, to ring the bell so that the sound is not for a moment ceased. In the course of its movement you create a sacred ring sound. Visualization helps to enhance the effect of this ring is a circle of clear shimmering light. You carry with clean energy, and, once in place, where the sound of the bell is distorted, stop and call for as long as the results are not satisfied. If you listen closely, you may well determine where there is stagnant energy. Thus, in the future, you will know what place should be given special consideration.

Returning back to the starting point, draw in the air bell figure eight, located horizontally. It is a symbol of infinity, which encourages energy to the continuous motion on the circle you created. This provides a more lasting effect of cleansing sound.

If during the traversal something distracts your attention, energy level usually falls. In this case, you have to start all over again. With the advent of the experience you will be able to determine whether you can use the energy once again. However, if in doubt, I recommend you play it safe and make a detour to the bell again.


A bit of singing bowls and bells

Different buildings require different kinds of bells and space in these buildings can be very different from each other. In one room, you may feel the need to ring the bell very vigorously, while the other to do it gently, in a slow rhythm. Listen to your feelings. One day, after you've worked with enough bells, you will learn to understand exactly what is going on with the energy of space at the sound of a bell.

Complement the bell or even completely replace it can so-called Tibetan singing bowl. This is a powerful meditation, has healing properties as well as the strong cleansing properties. The cup is made of several kinds of metal, so that its sound has infinite flow of overtones that make the sound spiral, rotating around the main audible sound. The sound of a cup is much deeper and thicker than the sound of the bell. Lillian Too argues that the possibility of the bowl so large that even just having her in the house of the owners brings happiness, as the singing bowl — is a powerful activator of any sector of your home. However, when the cup starts to sing, it does not just clean the old stagnant energy, and she generates a new living and clean energy, diverging from it flow. Take a walk with a cup of your house, and fill it with new energy. In this case, imagine, as with the sound of the bowl rays coming flow of positive energy, and fills the entire space. Do not forget to breathe properly and to think only of good.

Before you can use the bowl, carefully potreneruytes play it, or at key times your cup can not make a sound. To singing bowl, place it on a special pad or Donets on the outstretched fingers or fist — it is important that the contact area of the bowl with a pillow or a hand was the smallest, but it has not moved. Then the other hand take the stick (a wooden stick of hard wood) and start to drive them to the outer edge of the bowl with a large overall pressure. The easiest way to extract the sound from the bowl, poured some water into it and leading to the very edge of the Stick bowl so that the stick came in contact with it its middle part. When the walls of the bowl will begin to vibrate, the bowl will begin to "sing" and the whole room filled with amazing buzz, which supposedly will not come out of the bowl, and from anywhere.

Part 3. Home energy protection after cleaning.

When cleaning the house is finished, and you make sure that your apartment is left dirty energy, it is necessary to protect this space and give it a positive energy to the old energy has not returned and settled in again, not just polished corners.

To protect the space needed to put on his energy shield. Always start with pootdelnosti every room, and then to defend the whole apartment or house.

To install the shield stand in a corner of the room with his back to the wall. Take a deep breath and raise your right hand over your head. The palm of this should be fully disclosed and is parallel to the wall. Now exhale and quickly dropped his hand, describing its wide arc (palm still parallel to the wall). By doing this, visualize a shield of vibrating light from the tips of your fingers and extending along the entire wall surface. Increase efficiency, provided that you publish on the exhale whistling sound, letting the air through his teeth.

Move your hand down, visualizing a shield. Now go to the adjacent angle counterclockwise, turn 90 degrees and lower the shield along the next wall. Do the same in the two remaining corners. So, you are back at the same angle where they started. So, you shielded all four walls of the room. To put the board on the floor, stand near one of the walls, some to its center, and present a brilliant carpet of light spread out beneath your feet and go up to the other end of the room. Now, in the same way Confine ceiling. Then stand in the middle of the room and clearly visualize everything you have created posters.

If you ever become necessary to get rid of shields, then just imagine how they dissolve into space.

Different types of shields

The best kind of general purpose shield is the shield of the clear vibrating light. At first, when I first started barrage, we experimented with a group of friends with the effects produced by boards of various colors. One of us stayed put a shield, and the others at this time left the room. Back in the room, we tried to guess which of the colors chosen by our colleague. After some time, we are so adept at it that tried to catch each other using color combinations, such as yellow, "smeared" on top of the blue, or white with pink polka dots! It was fun, but most importantly, our fun proved to me that the protection was not the result of my sick imagination. These shields erected by us, were very real. And other people who are susceptible to such things, they could feel or see.

Blue color for creating an atmosphere of calm and relaxation. If you want to experience the rush of tender feelings, put on the wall panels pale pink. To recreate, use green. For healing perfect combination of yellow and green. Purple and blue contribute to a better sense of the world and provide more energy close relationship with them. Avoid red and orange colors, as they can lead to overstimulation, and this in turn causes differences and disputes.

Filling the space with good intentions, light and love

After the elimination of all unnecessary items at home and install barriers to conserve space in its newfound cleanliness should fill it with something really good. Purification of space allows you to open a new chapter in his life, so it's important, what will be your next steps. If you do not make a conscious decision about what to put in the void, the risk of getting back all that stuff, of which just escaped.

There are many types and levels of sanctification of space — depending on how much time and effort you want to spend on this process.

Harmonizing balls

The best way to get good results when making the next step — is to resort to harmonize (bioenergy) balls. They are made of metal and the rotation made a soft chime. Chinese use similar balls with chrome finish for medicinal purposes. A couple of balls to roll in the right hand to get the desired result.

Sit quietly, close your eyes and hold down the "singing" the ball in his hands. Breathe deeply and evenly, focusing all attention on the heart center. Allow the love from your heart to spread throughout the body, to pass on your hands and finally reach the ball. May it be filled with your love. Now your focus is at the center of "singing" the ball. It focuses everything you want to bring into your life. If you are head of the family and can speak for the others, then think about all the most secret wishes of your household were executed. Let your intentions come from the depths of your heart. Think of a picture of the future as possible, realistic and colorful. Breathe life into them. Let them be filled with scents, sounds and sensations. Certainly to include images of yourself and those you love. You all lucky. You are happy and healthy. Know that all your secret desires — is the signal lights of your higher 'I'. They point you the way to the goal, for which you came into this world. If you have a vague idea of what you want, imagine what your life brings clarity. Finally, say, "So be it, or even better. Let it be good to all who have to do with it. "

Now, without releasing the ball from the hands of harmonizing, as last go around your home on the inner perimeter, starting the path from the main entrance. What used to be concentrated in the ball, now evenly distributed throughout the space at home. It is important to move in brisk pace. Energy emanating from you to be as lively and rich. You may want to add to the first ball of the second — the sound is fuller. In going over every room, imagine how it is filled with delightful, flowing light from "singing" balls. Breathe deeply and evenly, filling his lungs with new life. By the time you return to the front door, your home will be ready to give you what you previously could only dream of. I have found that visualization becomes much more effective in combination with the "singing" balls. Thanks to them, you get a real experience of the energy that fills the space when moving from one room to another. If you have kids, give them to the ball. Let them help you. They will love it! If you do not "singing" balls, use them instead of ringing a small bell or just squeeze the hand during imaging, forming a ball of energy between your hands, which you then dissolve in the space of your home.

Tips for clearing space:

Regularly check at his home. At first, the process of cleansing your home will resemble spring cleaning. Do it as soon as possible thoroughly and carefully! Ye have nourished your home life-giving, pure energy! Over time, it will go down, and in its place build up a heavy, long-term energy. So do not forget to regularly check the condition at this time is your home.

Some homes and people accumulate stagnant energy faster than others. It depends on the feng shui of your home (the movement of energy around it), the events of your life, your character, and so on. Most people, I would recommend every month or two after the first cleaning repeat the exercises to increase the sensitivity of the hands, and then to rotate the building to verify its energies.

You can carry out a full purification ceremony every week if you have a one wanted, but in reality this is not necessary. This is usually done once or twice a year, except when you need to get rid of a particular energy, or when your life is a lot of change. To maintain a beneficial atmosphere in the house in between the large cleaning is sufficient to carry out the duty Clean once a month, as well as a little "ginger" space after the weekly physical cleaning.

So, here's the basic procedure of purification of space:1. Tune in to the space. Mentally state your intention.

2. Starting from the main entrance, go around the inner perimeter space, feeling the energy present there. To do this, use your hands and senses.

3. Light a candle, burn the incense, sprinkle holy water. Presented flowers guardian spirits at home, as well as the spirits of earth, air, fire and water. Refer to them in prayer. Call upon the angels and your personal tutors and assistants (if any).

4. "Prohlopayte" angles to disperse stagnant energy there. After that, do not forget to wash your hands under running water.

5. Clean the area with singing bowls or bells.

6. Protect space shields.

7. Fill the space with good intentions, light and love.

Based on the book, Karen Kingston, Lillian Too, Natalia Pravdina.

Orange is also great for cleaning the space.

After a brilliant cleaning and clean up very well because while cleaning the negative energy can settle on you, so then just need to take a shower or a special bath. Most suitable for this orange bath: dial water 37-38 degrees, add the juice of one orange and 4 a ring of orange (you can just add a few drops of a bath of orange essential oil). This bath is not only cleanse you from bad energy, but also gives vivacity. After this procedure, wrapped herself in a towel, light a lamp with an aromatic essential oil of orange or lemon, relax in your favorite chair, close your eyes and sit for a while. This holiday you deserve.


Peeled orange!

For the cleaning procedure you will need:

— some oranges

— A large bowl. The material does not matter.

— 100 gr. alcohol wine, vodka or gin from the bottle at the same time and can posimoronit … (You can do without alcohol)

— Fresh bouquet of flowers. Only need three serial replacement bouquet of wilted.


If you strictly follow the tradition, before the procedure is necessary to add hands in mudra (hands folded in front of chest as in prayer) and read a universal protective mantra:


You can use any prayer that fits your beliefs. Essential purity of intention and sincerity.

Pour into a bowl of water so that there is a place for the orange peel, add to the water spirits. Clean all the oranges and throw the skins into a bowl of water.

Attitude and visualization

Now proceed to the procedure.

First of all, put fresh flowers in a vase and place the bowl in the part of the apartment or house that you think intuitively center.

Take a bowl filled with water and alcohol from the skins of oranges and approach the door to the apartment. Ask for the blessing of the higher forces for a good cause. Focus on what you want to get in

a result of their actions. The main thing is to have a good mood during the procedure.

Bypass facilities

So, focus on the good, and begin to crawl spaces. If you feel that this area has accumulated too much negative energy, then move clockwise. If you wish to improve what you already have, then move clockwise to symbolize a new beginning.

While moving vigorously spray water with orange skins around the house. In this process, the main thing — your sincere desire to improve their lives. Constantly visualize the old negative energy fade, dissolve, melt. At this time in his every gesture you fill the space with light, freshness and joy.

Greatly enhance the process, if you sing any mantra, such as: OM MANI PAD ME HUM or prayer.

Gently and carefully go through your entire house, without skipping any items. Sprinkle orange water to all corners, cabinets, walls, stove, window sills, desk and so on.

After passing on the perimeter of the apartment you are back to the front door. It is very useful to complete the procedure that you are describing a hand symbol of infinity, or a horizontal figure eight, saying something like, God be health! or God be Bountiful. It will be great if you stand at the front door, facing the apartment and imagine that your whole body is filled with light, which grows and spreads throughout your apartment. Then the light of your aura will protect the house while you are away.

Then you can pour the water out of the remains of an orange bowl. With thanks of course! Orange peels left on the floor should be removed only in a day.

Open the window

After the procedure, open the windows, and imagine that you let in the fresh wind of change in their lives.

Changes colors

One bouquet that in the beginning you have set, must be replaced at the first sign of decay. You have to buy two more fresh bouquet and replace existing whenever wilting. Thus, it appears that you have used all three of the bouquet for the entire procedure.

Congratulations! You made a very important job to remove the old negatives and to attract fresh, sparkling energy in my life! The results will please you!

It sometimes happens that after a purification procedure bulbs burn out, or even deteriorate electrical appliances. Do not let that scare. This is a signal that there was a shift of energy, and therefore you have achieved your goal. Safely replace bulbs and thank the Universe for what you have heard.

After cleansing, you probably got tired, so it's time to go into the bath with sea salt and orange to cleanse your physical body. When you lie in some water, then it seems like all the problems and troubles leaving your body and dissolve in water. The next day you'll be fresh and cheerful. Just do not leave the impression that you did something great!

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