Mi-35M — rebirth «Crocodile»

Mi-35M - rebirth

Mi-35M — it is a profound modernization it proved transport-combat helicopter Mi-24, which received the troops nicknamed «Crocodile». Currently, Mi-35M is done both for export and for the needs of the Russian army. The helicopter is designed to destroy enemy armored vehicles, fire support of ground forces on the battlefield, landing and evacuation of the wounded. In addition, the helicopter can be used for transportation of various goods in the cockpit and on the outside of the suspension. The release of the company is engaged in helicopter «Rosvertol», located in Rostov-on-Don.

In 2010, the Defense Ministry has ordered 22 Mi-35M helicopter to be delivered in 2010-2015. As of August 2012 in the Russian army had 12 Mi-35M. Later, it was concluded another contract for the supply of additional 27 Mi-35M helicopters for the period until 2014. Besides RF eksplutantami the helicopter are Venezuela — order 10 helicopters (Mi-35M2 designation Caribe), Brazil — an order for 12 helicopters (AH-2 designation Saber), Azerbaijan — an order for 24 helicopters.

Thanks programmke modernization new Mi-35M has become multipurpose shock machine that is capable of doing combat tasks around the clock, even in the most adverse weather conditions. Helicopter resettled mobile double-barreled gun mount GSH-23L 23-mm caliber and armed with anti-tank guided missiles such as «Storm». One of the design features of the Mi-35M has been the introduction of shortened wings and lightweight fixed landing gear, which positively affected the weight of the helicopter. Undergone configuration and X-shaped control screw that now provides great maneuverability helicopter immediately to reduce the noise level. Received machine and more than a massive engine that will allow increment altitude.
Multi-purpose attack helicopter Mi-35M is equipped with an upgraded surveillance and targeting system OPS-24N, which is compatible with night vision, avionics and can be used both day and night in the criteria. Helicopter thermal imaging surveillance system was also night vision devices, which allows to detect and identify targets at a distance of several kilometers at any time of day. In addition, the helicopter is equipped with advanced satellite navigation system, which is connected to a computer onboard the helicopter. This reduces the time route calculation, determining the navigation performance issue route on the monitor-command more than 2 times.

Besides combat helicopter version may be used as: assault, cargo and sanitation. In the embodiment, the troop helicopter can carry in the cargo cabin to 8 Marines with personal weapons. The transport helicopter version can carry up to 1500 kg. ammunition or other cargo inside the cargo compartment. With all of this Mi-35M resettled outer suspension system and out of the cargo compartment can carry goods up to a total weight of 2400 kg. In the ambulance Mi-35M can do transportation 2 bedridden and 2 sitting the wounded or unhealthy accompanied 1st honey worker.

Features of the Mi-35M

Upgraded Mi-35M is created on the basis of the export version of the Mi-24 (Mi-35) for the introduction of more advanced weapons around the clock. Purpose helicopter modernization undertaken is to significantly improve its flight performance features allow for a more efficient use of all possible types of weapons (including precision-guided weapon) around the clock and in a variety of physical and geographic criteria. Including the introduction of machines in the criteria for hot-and-high.

Mi-35M - rebirth
Mi-35M Venezuelan Air Force

To provide round the clock combat missions on the Mi-35M were established:

-new surveillance and attack system OPS-24N, which includes own composition gyrostabilized optronic station GOES-342;
-sighting and computational complex PrVK-24;
-complex navigation and electrical indication KNEI-24;
-lighting equipment that is adapted to the use of night vision goggles.

Installation on the helicopter has allowed these systems: provide laundry machine detection and both ground and surface targets; produce guidance guided missiles; determine the distance to the object of attack by means of a laser range finder; Aiming to produce a clearer using gunnery mobile and motionless arms, also rockets; ensure incarnation flight on this route in the automatic mode; reduce the physical burden on the crew of the helicopter in the machine control and the use of existing weapons.

Introduction of night vision goggles (NVG) has led to the fact that the internal and external lighting equipment Mi-35M has been specially adapted for them. NVG application allows you to find objects when covering more than 5? 10-4 lux. OHB work in the spectrum of wavelengths from 640 to 900 nm. Application of night vision devices enables the helicopter:

— possibility of piloting at altitudes ranging from 50 to 200 m with a visual control over the underlying surface;
— detection of targets such as «Tank», «mast Wire», «road», etc.;
— perform takeoff and landing, flight and approach, and performing landings touchdown on unlit and unequipped sites;
— perform different kinds of search and rescue operations, and surveillance of the terrain at night.

The Mi-35M armed NPPU-23 — mobile cannon bow permanent installation with a gun «GSH-23L» (two-barrel). Depending on the variant weapons, the helicopter can be a carrier of weapons following:

— anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) «Attack-M» and «Storm-In» to 8 pieces, kitted out different types of warheads, depending on the type of targets;
— 2 or 4 blocks B8V20-A with NAR C-8 (unguided missile caliber 80 mm);
— Attachments cannons, which consists of 2 containers UPK-23-250, filled with guns «GSH-23L.»

To improve the technical characteristics, aircraft performance characteristics, as the aerodynamic properties of the Mi-35M it was installed brand new carrier system. She cut one in a new rotor blades which are made from composite materials, the screw has a new aerodynamic profile. Propeller blades possess the smallest mass and increased technical resource. Their survivability in combat damage was increased. In addition to the helicopter used brand new rotor head with elastomeric joints that do not require lubrication, main details sleeve made from titanium alloys. Managing a four-screw with bunk X-shaped arrangement of the blades are also made of composite materials and was equipped torsion bar suspension. Besides the number of points was reduced lubrication control helicopter rotor hub.

Brand new helicopter carrier system provides car: highest property maneuverability, low acoustic visibility also increased combat survivability. Installed on the Mi-35M rotor blades made of composite materials, allow you to save them until the end of the flight performance even in case of defeat artillery shells and 30-mm. With all of this composite blades of both propellers (main and control) equipped electrothermal de-icing system.

In addition to the Mi-35M helicopters were equipped with modern engines VC-2500-02, increased power, is an anticipated development engines TV3-117. Introduction of new engines VC-2500-02, who own high-rise and a huge inflated in comparison with engines TV3-117 resource (up to 60,000 hours) allows excellent use a helicopter in the criteria of high mountains and high temperatures, also provides safety of the flight and landing of Mi-35M with one engine inoperative.

Mi-35M - rebirth
Mi-35M Russian Air Force

The design of turbine engines VC-2500-02 were used modern heat-resistant materials, electro-mechanical control system of the engine has been strengthened drive the first stage compressor. All this has allowed increment gas temperature before the turbine and compressor free turbine, increasing the speed of the turbocharger. Were implemented on the engine modes of operation «MAXIMUM» and «extraordinary» that are used in the case of flight only 1 engine running.

The Mi-35M received a new shortened wing kitted beamed holders DBR-HC, which enable you to install multi-seat helicopter launchers APU-8/4-U used for fastening guided missiles. Besides shortened wing with new holders allowed increment manufacturability equipment Mi-35M various special cargo under the established mechanism in the wing to lift.

Got a new helicopter landing devices that are designed to absorb and withstand the loads during takeoff, landing and
implementation on the ground taxiing machines, configurations clearance helicopter parked. Also, the machine is equipped with a fixed landing gear, which ensures the safety of the helicopter at the maximum low-level or in case of an emergency landing.

So Makarov, one could argue that the Mi-35M, by equipping a digital computing system and modern avionics, night vision goggles 3rd generation, began around the clock, all-weather helicopter with an extended range of combat tasks.

Aircraft performance properties of Mi-35M:

Dimensions: main rotor diameter — 17,2 m, width control screw — 3.84 m, length — 17,49 m, height — 4,16 m
Empty weight — 8360 kg, the usual — 10 900 kg., Maximum take-off — 11 500 kg.
Engine type — 2 VC-2500-02, HP 2h2200
The highest speed at the ground — 300 km / h, cruising — 260 km / h
Operational range — 450 km. (Without PTB) and 1000 km. (With drop tanks).
Hovering ceiling — 3150 m, dynamic — 5100 m
Crew — 2 people
Armament: 2h23-mm setting NPPU-23 (450 rounds), up to 8 ATGM «Storm-In», «Attack-M», 2 or 4 blocks NAR C-8, etc.

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