Midgard-Earth cosmic confrontation between good and evil

The ancient name of our planet — Midgard-Earth. It revolves around the Sun Yarily that came Zimun constellation (Ursa Minor) as the eight stars. Constellation Zimun located in the Galactic stellar systems, called Swati (no equivalent in modern astronomy). Swati galaxy looks like left-Svastichnogo cross — Kolovrat. At the bottom of one of the branches and is the constellation Swati Zimun. Yarylo Sun-called Trisvetlym as covers three worlds: Jav, Nav, rules.

In the Hall of race is a system with Zlata Sun (Beta Leo). On Earth, this solar system there is a biological life, similar to life on Midgard-earth.

Deliveries of the Slavs and Aryans living on Earth in the solar system, Zlata, call your Sun also Dazhbog-Sun, and the Sun Yarovelikim because it is brighter on the radiation flux, larger in size and weight than Yarila-Sun.

One of Earths orbiting Sun Zlata is Ingard Earth. Its orbital period — 576 days. Ingard Earth has two moons. Most of the moon with an orbital period of 36 days and Small Moon with a period of 9 days.

Midgard-Earth in the very early days was at the intersection of eight heavenly space paths that linked the inhabited earth in nine star systems Light Worlds, inhabited only by our ancestors — Arias and Slavs. Therefore, in ancient times, our ancestors first settled the Midgard-Earth, where there was only the flora and fauna, and there was no human life form. And Ingard-Earth system from the Sun in the constellation Zlata beta Lion is an ancient ancestral home of most of the Cosmic Slavonic-Aryan Clans who moved to the Midgard-Earth.
The forces of darkness, to battle with the Forces of Light, try to master the natural resources of the Land of Light of the Worlds, and then to destroy themselves and Lands (for lack them). Since either the Earth revolves around the "" Sun (Star), the destruction of the Earth will inevitably lead to a breach of the harmony of the entire solar (star) systems and, potentially, to the destruction of the Sun (Star) as light source. For example, now is the summer of 153370 Assy Dei (the battle of the Gods of Light against the forces of darkness in the world Dei), which resulted in the fifth planet in the system Dey our sun has been destroyed. Instead, between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter is now in the asteroid belt.
Dei turned around at that time two of the Moon: Fatta and Lyutitsiya. Light Forces on 'End conducted through the Earth (planet) Explicit World, did not allow residents dark worlds up the Golden Way, as their evolutionary level of the upward call disrupts the harmony of the Worlds. All this led to the beginning of a new Great Assy, during which the forces of darkness were driven out of the land of the World Reveal that are in kings Mokos, Rada and Race. As a result, only in the world of people living on Earth in our arm of the galaxy Swati, it became possible to climb the dark spirits and souls of the Golden Path of Spiritual Development. Especially important was the Midgard-occupy our lands, which are halfway between light and darkness. That is why it is now concentrated opposition of light and dark forces, which involves people from different worlds, Lands and Peoples.

SVETOMIR (three Leonid), Elder "Slavic tribal communities of Wisdom", Rostov-on-Don.

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