Mikhail Evdokimov today would have been fifty-five

In Altai museum will open the memory of famous artist and head of the region Mikhail Evdokimov — Reporting.

Today he would have been fifty-five. None of the Russian governors do not become such a really popular as this Siberian peasant. To tears on stage funny, serious and honest in the offices of power. The region is still debated — whether Evdokimov a good leader and who is to blame for his tragic death.

Report correspondent of Channel Maxim Urazaeva.

That's the guy with the red Siberian face Evdokimov burst onto TV screens. If just out of the bath — once on the main stage of the country. A kind of Lomonosov. Michael, too. Also from the village. Only on the modern stage.

Alexander Pankratov-Cherny, People's Artist of Russia: "He was there for an artist, it does not count. Bully. Well, wow and Mishka portrayed and depicted Petka. People's Artist of the present. "

People's Artist of Evdokimov was never awarded — was well deserved. But he earned more valuable — people's love. It seems right for all games played in the movie Siberians parodied politicians and outswing artists — Kobzon Vysotsky Leshchenko.

Vladimir Vinokur, People's Artist of the RSFSR, "parodied life Misha was impossible, because he had a higher rank — people man!"

Same popular guy Evdokimov come to power, but power itself came to him. Visiting the dumplings looked Vladimir Putin. Is said to this day, to the comedian with a serious offer. Run.

But the governor was able to more people, going round to visit Altai field, a sip of water in a simple way out of the hose and protocol — their soul to try wheat by heart. During this Altai forgave him everything — even after the flood torn sowing campaign. A fellow officials demanded one — retirement.

Alexander Mikhailov, People's Artist of Russia: "He went to a national idea. If he had not left so early. He would become a rallying point of the country. I know whereof I speak. "

Apparently, the people knew. Therefore took to the streets — to collect signatures in support of its governor. But it was impossible to know what Evdokimov, to remain in politics, a few months passes away. And the life of his family, as well as the entire region, the impact on the highway under the Barnaul to share before and after.

Alexander Pankratov-Cherny, People's Artist of Russia: "He was killed, just removed. This is one hundred percent. I'm not even sure. There edge deputies allegedly chosen, whose face no one knew, even by name. Misha was in this business deal. "

Relatives and friends Evdokimova still versed in the facts and do not believe that the death of the last elected governor in the country to blame only the case. However, Altai collect other facts — the facts of life of the artist. In the Upper Ob — native village today Evdokimova open museum. Exposition called "The Soul of Russia", and remember countryman — Misha — will be all the edge. And to celebrate — the seventh birthday without a people's governor, artist and just the natural man.

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