Military Secret of Igor Prokopenko. 02/04/2013

"Military Secret" — everything related to security and defense capability of the state: the secret services, secret pages of history, unique archives, new developments in the field of military technology. Their secrets with the lead and correspondents programs are divided politicians and the military, scouts, spies and saboteurs, terrorists and the security services. The authors of this program always know more than they can tell the viewer, but each of their story — a sensation and a revolution.

1. 100 days in his new post: How did the Russian army after the change of the minister?
2. Armored duel: as Russia's "Tiger" ate Italian novelty?
3. Deadly jump: Special Forces from space.
4. Farewell dream all the homeless veterans of America.
5. Death in the name of love: Mark Antony and Cleopatra.
6. The Story of a betrayal: domestic development as a unique cut for scrap.
7. "Stalingrad on the Don": the forgotten battle.
8. All the secrets of the best weapons in the world.
9. Hit me in French: French Boxing unique techniques.
10. Mystic Ruins: who built the city in the middle of the desert?

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