Military tradition FOREST

The main differences from other systems of the battle:

1. Lack of racks
2. The lack of blocks
3. No reception
4. The Wave Principle of strikes and movements
5. Transportation, care and strikes are made by mixing one or more "cores," and not by the movement of the legs or arms.
6. Education is not by memorizing movements and the adoption of motions based on intuition and intelligence of the body.

7. Present nine style of warfare such as "Bear", "Wolf", "boar", "horse", "Kochetov", "hedgehog", "cat", "Snake" and "The Raven." (This is not a style, and manner of combat using common principles of "The Forest")
8. There is work with the elements: Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Spirit.
9. Instead of learning the infinite set of individual techniques in the study of the tradition of "The Forest" comprehended the basic principles that can be to turn out, adapt and use in combination depending on the circumstances. That is the tradition of "The Forest" in the first place is a school of tactics and strategy.

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