Minsk City Council to sue the company Tell the Truth

July 29 Minsk Economic Court of Minsk City Executive Committee will consider the claim for annulment of the lease of the educational institution "Moving Forward" with limited liability «Tina Vlati". Thereafter, the court will hear the appeal on the decision of the court of first instance on the elimination of the "Movement forward."

July 20 at the Economic Court of Minsk held a preparatory meeting with representatives of the Minsk City Executive Committee and the educational institution "Moving Forward," which launched the campaign "Tell the Truth." In early July, the city government has demanded to eliminate traffic, but lost the process. On once they chose the new claims facility: According to city officials, the organization leased area supposedly not suited to the "administration." According to the director, "Tina Vlata" Irina Polishchuk, "in the claims of Minsk City Executive Committee has no logic."

May 18 in the offices of the institutions "Moving Forward", as well as in the apartments of more than 20 activists of the "Tell the Truth" were searched, seized computers, documents, money. Head of the organization Nyaklyayeu, activists Sergei and Andrei Dmitriev Wozniak was arrested and spent three days in the detention as suspects for "spreading false information about goods and services." The charge on the case no one brought up still. Computers, media, documents and money too no one returned.


"Tell the Truth"

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