Minsk residents will be referenced in the satellite towns

The authorities are going to make 2020 out of Minsk about two dozen industrial facilities, as Infraskanny perimeter of the Belarusian capital "looped" satellite cities, which plan to lure tens of thousands of residents of Minsk. What are the objectives global relocation project?

The revised master plan for the Minsk 2030, the population in the capital should not exceed 2 million. In Minsk now home to about 20% of all inhabitants of the country.

As the head of the Urban Planning Committee of the Minsk City Executive Committee of Architecture Sergei Kozlovsky, to correct the imbalance, were offered two options: to build from the ground in an open field and a new companion — or "sealed" coming from the city of Minsk, creating there living quarters "by the standards of the capital." The first experiment to be implemented in Smolevichy area — the city will soon begin the construction of residential quarters for 10,000 inhabitants, near the village of cottage there for 14,000 people:

Sergei Kozlovsky

"In the first phase, which is the period of 2010-2015, we plan to implement two pilot projects in Smolevichy area and in the city itself Smolevichy. Second phase will cover the years 2016-2020, and as the satellite cities of the same pre-defined, may Smolevichy ( second stage), because the potential is there site allows you to build a residential area far more than 10,000 residents. Also, as the potential of cities where we can carry out the construction, selected Zaslawye, Logoysk Fanipol, Dzerzhinsk, Rudensk, Columns, Bridle, Zhodino . "

In the queue for housing and improving housing conditions are 270000 Minsk families. Many are waiting for two decades and are ready for the fact that so did not wait. But as they say in the Minsk city executive committee, will now willing to offer housing for new standards in the satellite towns. To motivate people to move, developed a long-term concessional lending. However, the mass of people to lure unlikely: Given the newly created infrastructure cost per square meter is comparable with Minsk rates.

Also planned gradual withdrawal of some industrial enterprises of Minsk. The procedure, in the words of Mr. Kozlowski, also designed in two phases, 2020. First of all, from the capital leave 12 production sites:

"This is not accidental dozen, beginning with 2005, a set of measures to prepare for their transfer is initiated. Among them: Minsk printing on the administration of President Avenue Dzerzhinsky Machine-Tool Plant named after Kirov plant and the October Revolution, the enterprise" Stroytex "in the guerrilla zone . Additional airport "Minsk-1" and the Minsk Aircraft Repair Plant, a subsidiary of "Menablgazu" in the streets of Gursky. moves yeast plant, Distillery "Cristall" factory "Belarusian wallpaper" on the street Melnikaytse and Joint Stock Company "Cloth" on the street Zetkin. Second stage: Pilot Plant production equipment, factory "Galanteya" on Zetkin, Minsk furniturny pilot plant with Starovilenskaya "Menskmeblya" and "Menskpraektmeblya" on Kalvaryiskaya. "

The famous Belarusian architect Leonti Zdanevich welcomes the intention to stop the proliferation of Minsk. However, it says: Forced to move to the periphery of Minsk is unlikely. On his belief that the peripherals are not sought in the capital, you need to create the conditions for business and making money not only in Minsk, and in equal:

What is now a nod to the satellite towns — all campaigning …

"I also believe that we can not repeat the mistakes that are made in other metropolis. Example, Moscow — is no longer possible for the life of the city. Take the problem of traffic jams, etc. Minsk should not be convened under its walls half the population the whole country. It's worth a laugh. But why not develop the settlements that exist — cities, district centers? Because it can be done only when people will be work, will be able to grow their business. That is the main problem. Why not develop our towns, historical cities, including? After all, there is no work in humans. Policy in such a state that there is no work. What is now a nod to the satellite towns — it's campaigning. After all, you must understand: just over 40 kilometers to the bed of his people whether or ride will be. And it is hardly advisable to take your father away from children, mothers of children … "

During the past 10 years, the population of Minsk increased by 146,000 people, while the growth of the urban population in the country amounted to half the figure. In the Minsk region, where plans to develop major satellite cities, people become less by 2.8%.


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