Mironov: the relationship with the leadership of Belarus difficult

Russian Federation Council Speaker Sergei Mironov, answering questions from readers of "Parliamentary papers," the last of the Belarusian-Russian opposition, has estimated the current relationship with the leadership of Belarus as a "difficult":

"The most important thing is that any statements to the media, some documentaries do not run counter to the fundamental interests of our two fraternal Slavic peoples", — said Sergey Mironov.

"We have a Union State. Unfortunately, the subjective factor, which, for example, is in the position of leadership of the country to be present. Mr. Saakashvili Post a podium — it nesymetrychny response Belarus. God judge them? But I am absolutely convinced that this is not the direct interests of our fraternal Slavic peoples. need to work on over the rapprochement of our positions on the construction of the Union State, "- said the speaker.



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