Missile cruisers Project 1164 «Atlas»

Missile cruisers Project 1164
Project 1164 missile cruisers code «Atlas» (NATO — class «Glory») — Russian class, later Russian cruisers, which occupy an intermediate position between the ships of the project «Ushakov» (Approx 1144 «Orlan») and destroyers of «Modern» (Project 956).

After the collapse of the USSR missile cruisers of the «Atlas», armed with massive missiles «surface-to-surface» concept became part of the Russian Navy. Was built just 4 ships of this type was introduced in build — 3 units. Missile cruiser «Moskva» is the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet, «Varyag» the flagship of the Pacific Fleet, «Marshal Ustinov» considered as part of the Northern Fleet, at the present time he is undergoing renovation and modernization.

Missile cruisers, etc. created in 1164 to strike attack groupings and large enemy ships, to support combat search and persistence of anti-ship battle groups, also tasks of collective defense compounds and convoys in the remote areas of the world ocean. Subsidiary puzzles ships of this class is fire support of landing, the fight against submarines, shelling the coast occupied by the enemy.

Total Russian fleet was going to order 10 warships of this type (4 to the Pacific and the Northern Fleet and one for the Black Sea and the Baltic Fleet). Beginning with the fifth series of the ship (the October Revolution), cruisers were to be built by the project refreshed 11641. Data Court were to have an elongated body at 6 meters, also armed with cruise missiles «Volcano» (Instead of «Basalt»), 5 combat units SPAR «Dirk» (Instead of 6 units AK-630M), as the new radio equipment and two helicopters. Besides cruisers Project 11641 heavy planned change and massive crane on lighter owning the smallest dimensions. But because of financial constraints the Ministry of Defense of the USSR in 1990 declined from the upcoming construction of ships of this project.

Missile cruisers Project 1164

The critical manufacturing for battle cruiser and hike of just 12 minutes, cruising achieves 30 days, seaworthiness is not limited. Implementation of major weapons systems of the ship can be in the presence of lateral tilt to 15 degrees and pitching up to 5 degrees, and winds of up to 20 m / sec. The diameter of the circulation of the ship is 655 meters. On the ship used a special damping system pitching — CC 134-6, which has 4 automatic wing total area of ​​6 square meters, with high speed rudder.

Description of the construction of the cruiser

According to the construction of the cruiser, etc. 1164 — this Court dlinnopalubnye advanced trehostrovnoy superstructure, tower-like pyramidal foremast and mainmast. To improve the stability and seaworthiness missile cruiser frames possess strong housing collapse, and the stem has a strong inclination. Throughout the cruiser has a double bottom (where the fuel tank). Top cellars ammunition spaced around the cruiser, broken bulkheads and equipped with irrigation and flooding. These measures are focused on providing buoyancy and survivability of the ship and provide unsinkable ship sinking in all 3 compartments, excluding machinery spaces. The cruiser has a set of protection to the physical fields as local structural protection in the area of ​​cellars ammunition, battle stations and SCE.

Missile cruisers Project 1164

In the first compartment of the ship at the bow collision bulkhead are storage and ancillary facilities. 2nd compartment below the waterline posted en closure sonar «Platina» above the waterline — Shpilevaya, chain locker and storage. Third compartment of the ship almost entirely occupied by a turret room and cellar for 130-mm artillery mount, also battle stations and fan. Fourth compartment is reserved for cabin cruisers and Kubrick with aggregate facilities in the hold. In the fifth compartment, except dwellings, is the cellar of ammunition for depth charges. In the sixth compartment cruiser is CICS, combat information center, which connect to the conning tower commanding a special lift. In the seventh section includes support mechanisms cruiser. In the eighth compartment taken nasal engine room with gearboxes, turbines marching, TUK and auxiliary steam turbines mounted on a common rail. In the ninth compartment placed auxiliary machinery. In the tenth compartment located aft engine room with reheat turbines. In the eleventh compartment again auxiliary machinery. In the twelfth compartment — SAM cellars below deck «Fort» missiles with launchers drums, freight elevator and drives and cellars jamming system PC-2 (on each side). At 13 and 14 compartments placed Kubrick team, service and ancillary facilities, torpedo cruiser. In the area of ​​300-310 frames are cellars and PU for SAM «Wasp.» Aft compartment cruiser, in the main, is used for storage of towed antenna device and systems for lifting his arm and also here vygorozhena afterpeak (ballast tank).

The design of the ship shall be used together with steel and aluminum alloys. Cruiser superstructure elements in the areas of exposure to an open flame are made of steel, while the upper structure to facilitate made of aluminum alloys. At the lower tiers posted cabins senior officers wardroom flagship command post. Units ship superstructure own technological cuts so that they do not cut into the overall strength of the hull and not burst due to stress meander. Developed dymoprovody cruiser own air intake system and placed across the cruiser. Immediately behind them mounted crane owning payload of 8.5 tons.

On the main deck aft part as a separate island is a helicopter hangar, which is crowned by a large 30-ton antenna SAM «Fort», is further aft helipad systems provide landing and takeoff. Also set of life-saving appliances on the ship are working boat etc. 1402 and Corporate commander boat etc. 1404.

Missile cruisers Project 1164

Gas turbine plant missile cruiser consists of 2 units of M-21, each of which includes two afterburning own composition (or main) reversible turbine engine, which run on a one-sided, the coupling gear, marching as one reversible turbine engine that runs on a two-speed gearbox . Afterburner engines are in the aft engine room on the single-stage damping, sustainer engines are in the engine room and the nasal own two-stage damping.

Reducers 2-afterburning and sustainer GTE connected to one lane using nondisconnectable shaft couplings soundproofing. Manage GTD done from the control using a mechanical system. Waste heat (about 400 ° C) is selected using the heat recovery loop — TCA and then served on a special steam boilers, which move further mounted steam turbine running on the propeller shafts through a reduction gear together with sustainer turbine engines that can achieve the growth feed on shaft power with 6400 to 8000 hp and leads to an increase in efficiency of the main device 12 percent. This is the most difficult and the combined gas turbine plant used on modern warships.

Armament cruiser

The main armament is a complex missile cruiser strike missile guns P-500 «basalt» management system «Argon-1164», which is the antenna post on the nasal side of the foremast. This complex is designed to engage the fundamental group and single surface targets and able to lead and a single salvo firing. The cruiser has 8 double nenavodyaschihsya PU CM-248, which are placed at the board with an inclination of 30 degrees. Ammunition cruiser is 16 anti-ship missiles. Issuance targeting shooting made using disk imaging satellite reception «Corvette-5» also receiving disk imaging on their own ship helicopter reconnaissance and target either Tu-95RTs. The greatest range of fire is 550 km. Warhead missiles can be as high explosive or nuclear-cumulative (up to 350 km).
On 3rd Ave missile cruiser 1164 «Red Ukraine» at the present time — «Varyag» instead of «Basalt» was first installed complex P-1000 «Volcano», which owns the largest range of firing 700 km. Recharging missiles «Basalt» and «Volcano» likely only on the basis by using special rocket-handling devices. These cruisers are among the more massive in its class, particularly due to its anti-ship missiles, owning a large firing range and high power warhead. These missiles can hit and kill even a highly secure and larger goal as an aircraft carrier. For this reason, these ships from time to time called «aircraft carriers killers».

The main anti-aircraft armament of the ship — a complex of SAM «Fort» (C-300F). The complex is designed to defeat maneuverable, fast and small targets across the spectrum of heights, and marine purposes of medium size. Ammunition cruiser — 64 missiles. The composition of this complex comes under deck PU drum type with 8 drum units on 8 transport-launch containers. Range of up to 90 km in height — 25 km. Short-range SAM acts presented with 2 single-channel systems «Osa-MA», which are designed to self-defense cruiser from low flying helicopters, planes, missiles, and destroy surface targets at distances from 1 to 15 km. and at altitudes of up to 5 km. The complex is set at the board, the total ammunition — 48 missiles.

Armament of the presented double-barreled gun mount automatic caliber 130-mm AK-130, the maximum rate of 85 rounds per minute, range of fire — 24.1 km, 360 rounds of ammunition on the trunk, the vitality of each barrel in 1500 shots. To combat low-flying air targets at the turn dostrela also liquidation floating mines, defeat lightly armored objects used rapid-fire 30-mm six-barreled AK-630M — three batteries composed of 2 units and one SU. Rate of fire up to 5,000 rounds per minute, the highest range 8 km height range of fire — 5 km, total 48 000 rounds of ammunition.
Antisubmarine armament ship contains HOOK «Platinum». Detection range submarines using this complex under appropriate criteria is up to 15 km. When you turn on a special antenna variable depth towed implements the ability to «listen» horizons below the thermocline. The main anti-submarine weapons are two five-funnel ship torpedo PTA-53-1134 533 mm, total ammunition 10 torpedoes. Also for anti-submarine warfare may be used Ka-27 shipborne.

Also in the armed cruiser includes 2 jet bombing RBU-6000 (total 96 ammunition jet depth charges). Guns depth charges in the main designed to protect the vehicle from torpedoes, submarines, underwater saboteurs method embodiment salvo firing. Range of up to 6 km, depth bombs 500 meters. Also this plant can be used for firing at shore targets.

On missile cruiser set 2×2 PU interference PC-2 and 12×10 PU interference system PK-10 also has a full set of complex radar equipment MP-152 «The Ring», which is designed to detect radar and radio, homing missiles and their direction finding, oppression tracts missile guidance and other countermeasures, in other words, the ship has the offensive capabilities of EW, which also allow him to «hide.»
Cruisers, etc. 1164 «Atlas» principles into practice impactor spacecraft capable of operating without a reliable air cover. They connect within themselves the highest maneuverability, seaworthiness, speed and can operate in remote areas of the world ocean without warranty of its own air cover. Using its strong air defense system, the ship is able to approach the aircraft carrier group to the distance of the enemy’s own acts RCC and destroy it. An informal assessment of ships of this project is quite high, using his weapon and EW equipment, cruiser able to withstand at least a half-hour battle with what the enemy compound, knocking over this time period to 40-45 missiles attacking the ship. With all of this for inflicting unacceptable damage to ships of this type, according to Western professionals, requires getting a 6 and anti-ship missiles, «Harpoon» (227 kg warhead) or 3 «Tomahawk» (RoM warhead 454 kg of explosives).

It is appropriate to quote the words of the South American professional Thomas Bernhard, who has been researching Russian art. According to him, the computer ships of this type has more gears than watch his grandfather and built with the expectation to withstand electric pulse of a nuclear explosion, which is able to destroy the more modern computers. For each automatic system exists on the cruiser duplicate the mechanical system. Russia come from the most disgusting scenario, the development of which would continue to ship the gun to shoot even when the flag had already gone under water.

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