Mnogokaliberny sniper contrast

Even during the First World War mnogokalibernye sniper rifle (if it was an English gun chambered for the .600 Nitro Express) should deceive deserve the best reviews. This tool allowed for the destruction of the enemy at those distances, from which he could not properly answer, and then beat him with light armored vehicles. During Interbelluma mnogokalibernaya rifle smoothly turned into anti-tank gun. Combat effectiveness in the defeat of troops and light vehicles eventually even led to the emergence of the term anti-materiel rifle, which is often translated literally — antimaterial rifle. Naturally, in this translation lost a lot of sense (material — the real part, the technique), but it sounds very interesting and even partially true.

Prof. product

Creating a sniper weapon is complex, and only by countries with developed industry. There are small exceptions, but to create a completely new design and new ideas only by lead nations. One of them is Austria. That company Steyr Mannlicher is known by its own set of successful development. Widely known for their rifle SSG59, but at the moment we are talking about a large-caliber weapon. In 2004, the Austrian gunsmiths for the first time presented to the public the latest 12.7-mm sniper rifle with an index of HS .50. Tactical features of the introduction of such tools have allowed designers to greatly facilitate this rifle: it is not automatic, and even shop. The only cartridge charging it through the window in the receiver, as it was on some anti-tank guns since the second world war. As for the HS .50 ammunition cartridge offers 12.7 mm h99, but also quite probable completion under the new cartridge .460 Steyr. It is interesting that U.S. law does not allow ordinary citizens to sell poldyuymovuyu version of the rifle. Version chambered for .460 Steyr, in turn, is available for purchase. Chambering a cartridge and removing the spent cartridges provided by bolt-"hand-driven." Locking is done on the two lugs at the front of the gate. The window for the insertion and extraction of the cartridge sleeve placed behind the Picatinny rail for mounting optical sights. This means that when working with a rifle sight nothing hurts and knocks him down. The most powerful patron claimed to apply a number of measures to reduce the impact. This three-chamber muzzle brake and an adjustable spring-loaded recoil pad. On the butt and a height-adjustable cheek pad arrow. The respective optical sight and bipod can lead sniper fire at ranges up to six kilometers.

Large-caliber sniper contrast

A couple of years after the presentation of the unique HS .50 was created its modification under the name HS .50 M1. Its design endured significant changes. The main thing — an introduction to the design of detachable box magazine for 5 rounds. The gate has remained virtually unchanged. In addition, the top Picatinny rail became longer and the customer can install bars on the edges of the box. Regarding the supply of all modifications HS .50 there is virtually no disk imaging. It is clear only that in 2006 Iran ordered the 700 or 800 of these rifles. Was made an order — is unclear.

Large-caliber sniper contrast

12.7 mm sniper rifle, of course, fascinating, but they do not have to be a rare weapon. Due to their types has long been going on 10's. The same Steyr once experimented with a larger caliber. In the 80 years of the last century Austrian gunsmiths made two fascinating reference. The first of them wore the title of AMR 5075 and was designed by Austrian Russian copy cartridge h114 14.5 mm, and the second — IWS 2000 — Intended for experimental cartridge h169 15.2 mm. Make out the second. Title IWS 2000 stands for the subsequent way: «Infantry Weapon System 2000" — Infantry weapons system, two thousand. Apparently, Steyr planned to start promoting the aforesaid term of his rifle on the market. Uniquely large caliber hinted that the IWS 2000 is not designed to engage manpower, although the effect of entering into the human body without any hesitation will be very noticeable. Since most of the "spectrum" of the objectives in this case there was only lightly armored vehicles, and had to make a new cartridge. 15.2-mm cartridge APFSDS, as the rifle itself is worth a separate story. The fact that it consists of a bullet and the discarding sabot tungsten feathered arrows. With the caliber of the body in the direction of 5.5 mm and a weight of about 30 grams of it at a distance of a kilometer can punch up to 40 mm metal homogeneous armor. If you need to shoot at unarmored vehicles or manpower, the range of effective combat rifle rises to 2-km. Priemuschestvenno it achieved the highest initial velocity — about 1500 m / s.

Large-caliber sniper contrast

Need to see the term "rifle" in relation to the IWS 2000 is not quite correct, so as it has no rifling barrel, and stabilization of the bullet-arrow in flight is obtained by untwisting her plumage. Most of the initial velocity and large caliber claimed comparable longish stem. In 2000 IWS it has a length of 1200 mm. Of course, to maintain or even slightly comfortable-size instrument had to make the scheme a bullpup. Also because of his own originality particular interest is automatic with longish recoil. Chambering the first cartridge from the box magazine (mounted on the right at an angle of about 45 °) is done by hand. After the shot the trunk, along with the shutter is rolled back about 20 cm back. Then shutter turns and unlocks. He remains in the rear position, and the trunk goes along the path throwing out the spent case. When the trunk vorachivaetsya in the frontal position, automatic shutter releases. Moving forward, it shall be sent after the cartridge and locks the gate. After pressing the shutter cycle is repeated. Such a seemingly complicated system was used in order to "stretch" to return some time. Because of this the shooter feels the least noticeable boost than without such a system. Also reducing the impact achieved by the developed muzzle brake and hydropneumatic recoil mechanism. As a result, when firing an arrow IWS 2000 "kicks" not harder, than other mnogokalibernyh rifles. Sniper weapon weighing about 18 pounds for the convenience of a bipedal Rollaway fry. Carrying IWS 2000 is broken down into two bales, backpack that allows you to transport its own calculation.

Large-caliber sniper contrast

Unfortunately for some, the military and fortunately for others, "Rifle» IWS 2000 and has remained an experimental prototype and exhibition. At the current time in Steyr continue to work to improve i
t, lower returns, expand the range of ammunition, etc.

Artisans separatists

First, the article says that the creation of sniper guns only by developed countries. But there are exceptions, it is very worthy of consideration. In the early 90's, when just about worth the wait Chechnya's secession from the Russian Federation, thence separatists have mastered the production mnogokalibernyh sniper rifles to their design. On the surviving Chechen plants in almost artisanal criteria based on serial samples were made rifles family Al-Battar (Arabic for "Sword of the Prophet").

Large-caliber sniper contrast

Large-caliber sniper contrastIn the hands of Russian military as a trophy rifle fell 2-options — Al-Battar and Al-Battar II. Apart they are different caliber (12.7 and 14.5 mm, respectively), and other things related to it. Both rifles have a similar structure with a bolt-. Even bipod fastened to the same place — at the front of the receiver. In turn, the supply depot of the first and second families of different rifles. Al-Battar «staffed with" box magazine for 5 rounds, and Al-Battar II was charged by hand on one cartridge. At the trophy swatches no optical sights. Most likely, this was due to a forced "nature" rifles. Open sights of both "Al-Battar" had only two positions, 500 and 1000 meters, which is obviously not enough for professional sniping, but rather to sabotage attacks. But the bad quality of the sighting systems can be more than offset by the caliber of the gun. With the creation of the most important and difficult part of a sniper rifle — the barrel — Chechen gunsmiths not wise. These parts were removed from a DShK (12.7 mm) and CPV (14.5 mm). There is information that the manufacture of rifles used by Al-Battar gun shot with a padded armor federal forces.

As it is clear from the use of ammunition (bullets 12.7 × 108 mm and 14.5 mm h114) returns both Chechen mnogokalibernyh rifles very, very significant. Relatively low weight of the gun (14-16 pounds) only increases this effect. Not really helped even muzzle brake is installed on both types of guns. According to military journalists Chumaka R. and S. Kolomiyts, after a shot of Al-Battar II «on two minutes you forget how to breathe, and another two weeks with a shoulder're driving a huge bruise." Also fascinating fact about the "Al-Battar" lead the men of the 1st of the Russian units. At the storming of the village of Komsomolsk in March 2000, the federal forces sniper killed Chechen sniper rifle armed mnogokalibernoy. When viewed from the position of the latter were found two dead militants outright lying one on the other. As it turned out from the prisoners, 14.5-mm rifle has such a strong impact that alone cope with it will not work. Because insurgent sniper folded a couple of times in his jersey, it blazed between a rifle and his shoulder, and then on top of it went to the next action. The only way to make up for the terrible impact makeshift weapons. Curiously, SWAT sniper to eliminate all "settlement" of the rifle at the Komsomolsk one bullet. It seems that the impact fee compensation was very high.

And other …

Naturally, in this article have been described far not all standards mnogokalibernogo sniper guns. Well, 12.7, 14.5 or 15.2 mm not even pull on the all-time record. As for the record, the most "cool" small weapons systems now are 30mm "rifles» Maadi Griffin 30 mm (chuck 30h173 mm) and the Russian SP-30 (patron 30h165). But in any reference book on the topic of small tools correctly and clearly states that the instrument has a small caliber to 20 mm, and all that great — is artillery. So IWS 2000 law may be referred to the record in the middle of shooting guns.

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