Modern Marvels / Modern Marvels 1 — 10 movies to watch online

Modern Marvels  Modern Marvels 1 - 10 movies to watch online
Many years cycle "Modern Marvels" — perhaps the most popular in the channel "TV-3." The cycle is devoted to the history of virtually everything that surrounds us. Because this topic is truly unlimited.

Modern Marvels. Models / Modern Marvels. Models
Sverhtehnologichny models and concept cars gallakticheskih ships. High-speed steel road in miniature copies of the big ships once plied the sea, spaceships hovering in distant galaxies, and much more. All of this series, see the "Model".

Modern Marvels. Gun / Modern Marvels. Guns
They shoot the metal nuclei and nuclear missiles, they have changed the ways of war, and in the modern weapons they have smortonosnee. All of this, see the series "Guns."

Modern Marvels. Satellites / Modern Marvels. Satellites
They are designed to work in a languid criteria for open space. They are fairly high-strength, to run them into orbit. Quite equipped to transmit the messages, and 10's of thousands of cell phone calls at once. By controlling the movement of troops and equipment, those eyes sky ensure our safety.

Modern Marvels. Landfill / Modern Marvels. Landfills
What is currently the landfill? How to recycle trash? What it is made? And try to reduce the number of landfills? See this in a series of "Waste".

Modern Marvels. Monster Trucks / Modern Marvels. Truck-Monster
Tremendous power, a loud roar, feral force throwing everything in its path. They are huge, steep, echoing. Now in the program "Monster Trucks"

Modern Marvels. Axes. Blades. Knives / Modern Marvels. Axes. Swords. Knives
They cut, cut into cubes, smash and dissect. It is the oldest, most effective and lethal weapon. The last millennium, and they still do Edged Razor. Now in the program "Axes. Blades. Knife".

Modern Marvels. Weird gun / Modern Marvels. Strange Weapons
Since ancient times, people have invented tools for the storming of the Bastille, the destruction of the walls and towers. From an old ram, to the medieval catapult, from guns and tanks, to guided missiles computer. Now in the program "Siege weapons."

Modern Marvels. Gallakticheskie station / Modern Marvels. Space Station
International gallakticheskaya station orbiting platform, the gate of the world population in the solar system and research center. Now in the program "Gallakticheskie station"

Modern Marvels. Soup / Modern Marvels. Gadgets
Soup — they appear and disappear here. But some things are necessary. They shaved clean, cleaner and more! They scatter the darkness and overcome the wind. They generate a rhythm and easy to fall into her hands. Now in the program "Devices."

Modern Marvels. Hangars / Modern Marvels. Hangars
They hit their own simplicity. And hit their size. These stores various aircraft. Now in the program, "Angara".

All about everything. What? How? Why?

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