Modern Marvels / Modern Marvels 11 — 20 movies to watch online

Modern Marvels  Modern Marvels 11 - 20 movies to watch online
Many years 'cycle'Modern Marvels"- Perhaps the most popular in the channel" TV-3. "Cycle is devoted to the history of virtually everything that surrounds us. Because this topic is truly unlimited. Triumph of ingenuity, scientific thought and imagination -" Modern Marvels "with characteristic ease and wit represent the most interesting stories of scientists, visionaries and pragmatists behind the creation of daily things, technological breakthroughs and man-made wonders of the real. How is the movie? Who invented the telephone? Are computers think? Paying tribute to our curiosity, the show opens furtive things and their production, showing the impact of Technology at the past and the true human civilization …

Modern Marvels. The era of digits / Modern Marvels. Epoch numbers
The zeros and ones, on or off. This is a brand new wave of devices and all sorts of electric bells and whistles. Text editors and other new-fangled stuff. From phones to flat-panel TVs, from CD to MP3. We live in a digital world. Now in the program "The era of numbers."

Modern Marvels. Technical innovations / Modern Marvels. Novelties
You can call them unusual. Can you name them unintelligible. But certainly they are not worthless. Now in the program "Gadget."

Modern Marvels. Camouflage / Modern Marvels. Camouflage
Camouflage suits and invisible fighters, painted warships and ways to detect targets hidden beauty of the town and the military. Now in the program "Camouflage."

Modern Marvels. Dinghies / Modern Marvels. Pleasure craft
They are inextricably linked to the world of luxury, romance, adventure and sports. Sailing and motor, from the high-speed yachts to chic great palaces. Now in the program "pleasure craft"

Modern Marvels. Thomas Edison. Moving pictures / Modern Marvels. Thomas Edison. Moving Pictures
In 1890, the story has to be static. People have learned to save and play back motion. In what — that way, they overcame the time. There was a brand new entertainment industry. There is a new art form. Who invented the movies? Now in the program, "Thomas Edison. Moves the drawings."

Modern Marvels. Casino / Modern Marvels. Casino
For the neon signs of these buildings, taking guests around the day boils business last a long way. From conventional gambling houses, to multi-billion dollar industry. Now in the program "Casino."

Modern Marvels. Sverhtehnologichny sex / Modern_Marvels. High-Tech sex
You think you know all about sex, you need to know. Maybe your knowledge obsolete. New inventions are changing the essence of our ancient pleasures. Now in the program "sverhtehnologichny sex."

Modern Marvels. Remote control / Modern Marvels. Remote control
Pressing the button, you can win the race, dim the lights, talk to a computer pet, talk to the machine or simply switch the program from. Now in the program "Remote Control".

Modern Marvels. Limo / Modern Marvels. Limousines
You can arrange discos and ride off-road. In an unsafe situation, they can keep you out of bullets, principal, you are going to work or have fun. All this can be done directly in the cabin. Now in the program "Limousine"

Modern Marvels. Computers / Modern Marvels. Computers
They are different. From cyclopean units so that rescue the world, to devices that can compress reality. Quickly changed operating systems, mouse and VIP — menu. Now in the program, "Comp."

All about everything. What? How? Why?

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