Modern Marvels / Modern Marvels 21 — 30 movies to watch online

Modern Marvels  Modern Marvels 21 - 30 movies to watch online
Many years cycle "Modern Marvels" — perhaps the most popular in the channel "TV-3." The cycle is devoted to the history of virtually everything that surrounds us. Because this topic is truly unlimited.
Modern Marvels. Era digits triumph of ingenuity, scientific thought and imagination — "Modern Marvels"With their inherent ease and wit are the most interesting stories of scientists, visionaries and pragmatists behind the creation of daily things, technological breakthroughs and man-made wonders of the real. How is the movie? Who invented the telephone? Are computers think? Paying tribute to our curiosity, the show opens furtive things and their production, showing the impact of technology on the past, and the true human civilization …

Modern Marvels. Tractors and tugs / Modern Marvels. Tractors and tugs
You flew into the ditch? You need to pull the barge languid? Idea is to find someone who could assist you to? Either can be translated house? To you need a lift or truck? Please contact. If you need that — that move, drag or tow. Working with weights has now become of the ordinary as ever. Now in the program "Tractors and tugs"

Modern Marvels. Gasoline / Modern Marvels. Petrol
For the production of this water build a large factory. And to take her to every corner of the world created a strong infrastructure. 120 years ago, it was listed as liquid low value product of the distillation of oil, and at the moment not do without it. Now in the program "Petrol".

Modern Marvels. Icebreakers / Modern Marvels. Icebreakers
These mighty ships make their way inexorably through thick ice. They are distinguished by reinforced hull design and powerful engines, coupled with extremely high precision control. Now in the program "Icebreakers".

Modern Marvels. Magnets / Modern Marvels. Magnets
They attract, they repel. Without them impossible to imagine modern technology. They are in your car and computer, high-speed trains and modern gallakticheskih devices. The introduction of this force of nature is amazing. Now in the program "Magnet"

Modern Marvels. Working odezhka / Modern Marvels. Working clothes
From everyday jeans that miners use to space suits used by astronauts. In the work clothes can be done any work. Now in the program "working clothes"

Modern Marvels. Weather Forecast / Modern Marvels. Weather forecast
Hurricanes, tornadoes, lightning, if you know where they hit save lives. Weather forecast — taming tornadoes, it's magic today. Now in the program "Weather Forecast"

Modern Marvels. Tower Bridge / Modern Marvels. Tower Bridge
One of the most recognizable bridges in the world. It is a sign of the capital of England. He was already more than a century. The unique combination of vegetarian tradition and modern technology. Now in the program "Tower Bridge"

Modern Marvels. Dungeon / Modern Marvels. Dungeons
Dungeon — the energy, spirit, temper. Thousands of kilometers of pipes, wires connect the various aspects of our world zhizni.Realny on the ground — modern city under our feet. Is not it magic? Now in the program "Dungeon."

Modern Marvels. Wheel / Modern Marvels. Wheel
Wheel — this is the most fundamental invention in the history of mankind. The development of civilization began with the wheel. We travel to work the land, fight, fly, and even measure time. Now in the program "Wheel"

Modern Marvels. The pyramids and their creators / Modern Marvels. Pyramids and their creators
Lofty man-made mountain. Once a year, millions of people visit these attractions. And after four thousand years, we still tremble before the majesty and mystery of Egyptian pyramids. The answer to their mysteries to be found in the distant past

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