Modern Marvels / Modern Marvels 31 — 40 movies to watch online

Modern Marvels  Modern Marvels 31 - 40 movies to watch online
Many years 'cycle'Modern Marvels"- Perhaps the most popular in the channel" TV-3. "Cycle is devoted to the history of virtually everything that surrounds us. Because this topic is truly unlimited.
Modern Marvels. Era digits triumph of ingenuity, scientific thought and imagination — "Modern Marvels" with characteristic ease and wit are the most interesting stories of scientists, visionaries and pragmatists behind the creation of everyday items, technological breakthroughs and man-made wonders of the real. How is the movie? Who invented the telephone? Are computers think? Paying tribute to our curiosity, the show opens furtive things and their production, showing the impact of technology on the past, and the true human civilization …

Modern Marvels. Video Games / Modern Marvels. Video Games
Before us is the main attraction of the day with car chases and shootouts — is a video game. Games have existed since ancient times, but these games are made using sophisticated computer technology. They do not just play, they upravlyayut.Seychas in the program "Video Games"

Modern Marvels. Phone / Modern Marvels. Phone
It can connect you with the kind of person even through a global network. Since its invention, many implicit, but now we can not do without it. Entertainment center and unrivaled means of human communication. But there is no guarantee of confidentiality. Now in the program "Phone"

Modern Marvels. Airports / Modern Marvels. Airports
Fasten your seat belts, return the seat to the upright position. You will travel through the pages of history airports. From farm fields to the many kilometers of runways. Now in the program "Airports"

Modern Marvels. Bombs / Modern Marvels. Bombs
From cometary combat troops to destroyers bunkers from guided bombs to hydrogen. They were transformed into the device ready to erase the population of the earth to the ground. Now in the program "Bombs"

Modern Marvels. Glass / Modern Marvels. Glass
Telescopes and glass for windows, different dishes and light bulbs. Glass everywhere: in the core of a volcano, in the telephone band, you and now look at it. Now in the program "Glass"

Modern Marvels. Las Vegas — Vegas / Modern Marvels. Las — Vegas
Among the deadly deserts of Nevada revealed a luxurious look. Medieval Britain, imperial Rome, ancient Egypt, New-york. Eleven of the 12 biggest hotels in the world, the gateway to the endless amusement parks. Now in the program "Las Vegas"

Modern Marvels. Dwarfs and giants (huge and small) / Modern Marvels. Big & Small
Some people — just big, it seems to you that saddled dragon. Other — tiny, it seems to you that you go over the ground. This magnificently. One need tons of fuel, other gr. Some carry the whole town, the other — the only adventurer. And what would happen if they met face to face? Mediocrity in this program will be. Most large and small cars, planes, ships.

Modern Marvels. Helicopters / Modern Marvels. Helicopters
The program introduces viewers to the coolest helicopters in the world: you can visit the cockpit of the deadliest helicopters "Apache Longbow" and learn how to manage one of the most "intelligent" helicopter "Black Hawk." On board the Coast Guard helicopter we go to the venue of the rescue operation in the northern part of the Gulf Coast. In California, trace the creation of extensive vserasprostranennyh helicopters "Robinson", and learn how the police uses them to catch fugitives. Also, we open ourselves helicopters "Bell" at the cost of several million dollars, which are equipped in accordance with the requirements of the customer virtually everything — from bars to-date navigation system. The program also tells you how to build your own garage helicopter and demonstrate unmanned remote controlled helicopters that can shoot movies as well as to settle scores with opponents.

Modern Marvels. Third parties are not admitted! / Modern Marvels. Keep Out
In this program there you will see how the world's best safecracker penetrate into the bank vault, and learn about the banking system and ATM protection money. We will visit the state of New Mexico, where the government plans to keep the public away from the nuclear waste for the next 10,000 years, and during the tour in the company "Master Lock" will see the production process of the locks. The program will also tell about how the system determine the facial features, iris and vein pattern "hacks" bio codes. Together with the staff of the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection, we will witness how the security officers check suppress illegal and smuggled into the United States. At the end of applets, we learn what the iron boxes and other deterrents are used for protection against sharks.

Modern Marvels. Chrome / Modern Marvels: Chrome
Chrome around its own splendor. We'll see how the masters of "Crome Shop Mafia" will add a little "bling" with a semi-trailer truck, and will drive on this treasure of chromium. You'll learn how to get car parts shine through galvanization as chromium protects the steel from corrosion, as well as the company "Harley-Davidson" is used in chrome and decorative purposes, and to protect the fundamental parts motor bike. The transfer will also tell about how the Chrysler Building, a skyscraper in the art deco style, was the first skyscraper in the world, constructed with the use of stainless steel and chrome.

All about everything. What? How? Why?

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